Moms a life saver

My mom is awesome! I mean it. She’s truly a blessing to me.

She offered to take me to lidals, to get what I needed, which was fruit for the week, shampoo, milk and a couple other bits and bobs.

I was going to go on tuesday morning with my PA Frances. But if I do that it costs me as I have to take a taxi there and back, which is the bones of 15 euro.

Mom offering to take me saved me that money. I really appreciate it too as I know mom isnt really able to walk up hill, she gets out of breath since she has COPD.

She struggles. But she did it. I helped, by carrying the shopping trolley with the goods in it.

We did it, together we managed it. And now I have my groceries that I needed, thanks to my amazing mom. Love her so, so much.

Thanks, mom, I know you dont read this but thank you and I love you dearly.


Update on moms health

Hi everyone. A quick update on moms health.
she went to the doctor last night. And as she thought, she has a severe chest infection. The doctor said he wouldnt give her steroids for now, but he did give her an antibiotic, penicillin, and he told her to keep doing her nebuliser and to take extra puffs of her ventolin if she needs to do that.
He told her if she isnt feeling right in a few days, to come back and they’d prescribe the steroids for her.
She had an ok night, she told me she managed to sleep, but she kept waking up due to not being able to breathe very well. This morning she still isnt feeling too good, but she got up, and she even went to the bank with me, which I told her that she shouldnt as she really should be resting as much as she can!
She’s in bed now, resting for an hour or two.
Thank you all so much for all of the kind thoughts and prayers. Your all so sweet to think of my mom and to do that for us all.
If you could continue to send good thoughts prayers wishes to her for a quick recovery that would be great.
I’d really appreciate it. I’m going volunteering this afternoon as I normally do, but once I am home I will make sure mom is ok. God, her phone just started ringing, you’d think they’d let her rest and stop annoying her.


Prayers are needed for my mom

My mom is very ill. She has a bad chest infection. But she also has COPD on top of that. She’s on her way to the emergency out of hours doctor as I write this.
If you pray please pray for her. Or send good vibes, thoughts etc if you are able to. I’d really appreciate it.
I think she’ll need steroids and an antibiotic to clear it up. She’s very short of breath and she’s coughing up a lot too.
So if you can, I’d appreciate any good thoughts for her for a quick recovery.


More loss. Another friendly call client of mine died this past week

So I just found out on the drive to work that another of our clients died. Her name was CAtherine. She had COPD and she had been in hospital since jan 1st. She passed away on wednesday in hospital.
She was only 72. She was one of my favourite clients. She’d been a client of friendly call for about 7 years.
She was always so grateful to get a call and she would constantly tell me how grateful she was and how wonderful I was for doing the job that I do.
I am going to really miss her. I got really friendly with her over the last 7 or 8 months. We built up a great rapport.
We’ve had so many losses lately in friendly call, 3 clients in two weeks. I hope we dont have any more now for a while.
I am kinda shocked that Catherine died so suddenly. She will certainly be a huge loss to all of us.


Update on mom

so turns out mom is gonna be ok, thank goodness.
they ran tests in the ER, she had a chest x ray and some bloods taken to see if there was a clot in her lungs. there wasnt. and the doctor said the x ray showed no signs of infection in the lungs either.
he told her she shouldnt have tried to go out this afternoon to get groceries, that she should have stayed home and rested after seeing the gp.
anyway, he said he’d send her an apt to go to the COPD outreach clinic, that will take about a week to organise.
So in the meantime he told her to contine to religiously take her inhalers, and also she is to finish her course of steroids.
I’m so glad she’s ok. Thank you for all of the prayers and kind thoughts you sent earlier today. They were very appreciated.
carol anne

Prayers guys

my mom is in the ER. She has COPD and she had a couple of breathing attacks today so she went to her gp and the gp gave her steroids. She’s had two courses of steroids over the last month. Anyway when she came home from the gp’s she went to try to do her grocery shopping with my sister. But when she got there she started to have another breathing attack. So my sister took her to the ER. I think she’ll be there a while, she said they are very busy. I’ll update as soon as I have news but would appreciate if you’d pray for her.
carol anne


so mom just got out of the doctors office. i had told her to call me once she was out and so she did.

the doctor put her on an antibiotic and some steroids. she has a chest infection that is aggravating her COPD.

she has to take the steroids for 5 days, she is to take 8 of them each day. i told her she is probably not going to be able to sleep while she is taking them,they have a habit of making you wired.

she asked about going on a nebuliser but the doctor said she would have to get her own gp to authorise that. the doctor she saw today was just an emergency on call doctor.

has anyone taken or is taking steroids for chest related issues? do they give you side effects? I’d love to hear from anyone who has experience of taking them.