Those damn leg cramps

Well, its 4 AM! I am wide awake. My legs are hurting again. They are all cramped up!
Its definitely the zyprexa that is causing it. This is only my second night taking it though. Maybe sarah my cpn is right, if I wait it out and continue to take it for the weekend perhaps the cramping will subside. I really hope so.
I cant sleep because I cant keep my legs still. I tried to put a pillow underneath them like my blog friend Bee suggested, but I still kept moving them it was involuntary too, I just couldnt keep them still. RLS or restless leg syndrome I’d say.
So now I am reading blogs. I also made some food and took a shower. I thought the hot water might relax them. It seems to have done the trick. I am feeling a lot calmer now and my legs arent hurting as much.
At least I have nowhere to go today, so later on this morning I can sleep if I need to sleep. Or maybe not, lol. Me and sleep we arent on good terms right now!