Monday meet and greet

Hi everyone
How are you all?
So I thought I’d have a meet and greet on my blog because its monday! And monday is a great day for a meet and greet!
The rules…
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Visit other blogs and have fun!

Hope you’ll join in!
carol anne

and he wants out now?

my dog is a clown! i’ve been trying all night since 8 pm to let him out. i fed him at 6:30. i let him out just before he was fed. normally he goes out for the final time to pee around 8 or 9 pm. tonight though he had other ideas. he wouldnt go. he literally went into his bed, sat down in it and refused to budge, no amount of coaxing him, calling his name, patting my leg to get him up, nothing would coax him to go out. so i quit after a while because i was feeling frustrated. so 2 hours went by. at 11 pm im in the bedroom, and in he strolls, tail wagging, comes up to me, i was on the bed on the computer, pushes his wet nose in my face, and starts whining. and im like, dude, you want out now? at 11 pm at night? thank god i have a back yard and i dont have to bring him out on the street! i’d be so scared and nervous if i had to go out on the street with him. so yeah im really thankful for my little back yard. it means i can let him out and stand inside and not worry about him running off, i can close the door if i need to, wait for him to finish and then call him back inside. tonight though when i finally let him out i stood at the back door and listened to see if i could hear him doing his business. i couldnt, all i heard was cars passing by. eventually i called him back inside, and now he’s cuddled up in his bed, happy again. im happy too. he wont need to go out now until at least 6 AM tomorrow morning. i was thinking if he didnt go out tonight he’d probably wake me up at like 3 or 4 AM wanting out then.
carol anne