Massive success at weigh in!

I am just home from being weighed in! I had a fantastic result when I stepped on the scales! I was down 4 pounds! I couldnt believe it! It just goes to show doing all the right things and being on plan pays off. I am thrilled. I am determined to continue my sttreak of good luck. I am determined to have another great week, I am not actually sure if we’ll have a weigh in next week, but I am determined to go on as if we will. It has really boosted my confidence to have this fab result. I am delighted. I am on air…on cloud 9. I came out of there beaming from ear to ear. Its exercise, lots of water and fruit and veg for me this coming week. am determined to keep this up, I know I cant lose 4 pounds every week, but even 1 or 2 would be good next week.