omg guys i am beyond frustrated. so i run a group on groups.io. for people with did and trauma related issues. well we have a spoofer on there. how they got there i dont know. they are sending messages or they were, that looked like they were coming from me, and two other members, of course they were not from us at all. but it looked like they were. horrible nasty messages. upset a lot of people on the list and triggered the hell out of me. just to think that someone was saying things like deal with it get over the trauma and get off your arses and acting like i said them well that sent us into a downward spiral. i was going to get rid of them if it was the last thing i did. so while i was awake last night i looked into their IP addy. they are from singapore, and they sent the messages using a blackberry phone. i was able to figure out that much with the help of a friend. so first i changed my groups.io password and my google password. then i told all my group members to do the same. you see i think what really happened is one of our accounts was compramised. because i know all of the members on the list, i am familiar with all of their email addys and no one new joined recently so no unfamiliar email addresses are on the list. so anyway. after changing my passwords and figuring this shitheads IP out i was stumped. now what. so i then had to put my entire list on moderated status. for now. until this dies down. because this morning another message had come through looking like it was from my email address. and it said well guys have you all gotten over your trauma yet? and a few other cruel things that i cant quite remember. so now the list is moderated, it means i have to approve every message first. before they can go through. that should solve things i hope. i really really hope so. its a lot of extra work for me but if it fixes things then i will leave it thatw ay for a while. just until i know the spoofer is gone. for good. fuckhead. dick. fucktard, yes he is. ok it could be a she too i guess. but anyway. so am pissed. totally pissed. you shoulda seen me earlier, spazing out. freaking the hell out all night. just unable to come up with a solution. then i finally did. so thats been my day. happy freakin day and heres to idiot spoofers.
carol anne


jokes for the littles and anyone else who likes funnies

i send these to the blog cuz i think theyre funy and i like jokes and i hope someone else will like them too.
ericka i am 8

What did the spider do on the computer? It made a website!

What did the computer do at lunch time? It had a byte!

What does a baby computer call his father? Data!

Why was the computer cold? It left its Windows open!

What do you get when you cross a computer and a lifeguard? A screensaver!


i’ve had a frustrating morning at college. we are doing stuff for the skills demo part of our module. for the skills demo we have to use google plus accounts. everything we have to do is done through google. as a blind person i am finding google plus really hard to navigate. adding people to a circle is proving very difficult. its a complex process. i spent a long time this morning working on trying to navigate my google plus page. if it keeps going like this i think i will find the skills demonstration part of this module very difficult. the next thing i have to do is create a blog on blogger. i hope that wont prove as difficult as adding people to a circle was. i just had lunch and was never so glad to get away from the computer. i needed the 30 minutes to ease my frustration. thank god i am leaving at 2:30 today to go to therapy. i really cant take much more of doing this.

100 days of happiness, day 2

Day 2

Today I helped another visually impaired student. I gave him some encouragement as he was struggling with being able to use jaws, which is the screen reading software blind people use to access the computer. It made me feel so good to be able to help him out. I also got feedback from my instructor that made me feel good and boosted my confidence.

productive Monday

I’ve had a really productive but very busy day. I started my mock exams in excel. There are six different tasks to do in the exam. It seems a lot but some of them are quite easy, easier than I expected to be honest. There are some tricky formulas and the way some questions are worded is a bit tricky too. I did the first task and got my instructor to correct it and she said I did it perfectly so thats encouraging. We also got told about our project today, the project is worth 40% of our grade, our instructor handed it out today and told us to start it tomorrow. She’s not in tomorrow so we just have to keep working on our own. The exam is next wednesday, not Friday like I thought. I dont know where I got Friday from! Good news though…we have this Friday off because of the staff christmas party. So we decided since we’ll be off that we’d have our own class christmas party, so I just got off the phone a couple minutes ago. We booked a nice chinese restaurant and we’re gonna have a meal. Most of my class dont drink due to taking medication and stuff so it will just be the meal with no alcohol which is cool. I cant wait for Friday to come! I think it will be a nice finish to the busy week. Now to just tackle the project? I’m struggling a little with it but my instructor just told me to do the theory question tomorrow and leave the spreadsheet part until wednesday when she’s back so she can help me with it. Its bucketing down with rain outside. I am not looking forward to going out in it. 30 minutes till we can go home, yay.

This relates to college

Our exam in excel is next Friday the 16th. I am so nervous about it. I found out today that we have to complete 25 tasks, in 2 and a half hours. Our instructor said some are easy and some are more difficult. I think the exam is going to be a lot harder than the ones we had for word processing. I keep going over the lessons, because I am having trouble with some concepts in excel. We have 2 more lessons left to do and then we will be doing revision and the mock exams. We also have a project to do while we are revising. Both the exam and project are worth 50 percent each of our overall grade in the module. I seriously need to sit down and reread everything. I just am finding things difficult and hard to grasp. I definitely have struggled with this module. If I do well I’ll be very surprised!
carol anne