techy stuff

so I’m having techy issues and its making me crazy.
I’m trying to change my email client to windows live mail. I had to read all of my email accounts, yes, I have more than one, in fact I have about 6.
I did that. now its downloading all of the messages from the accounts, its taking a while though and I am on limited data.
I hope all of my data doesn’t get used up.
I like computers and enjoy working with them but I hate having tech issues.

email problems

ive spent the last hour having problems with my email. i use outlook express for an email client. and windows 10. my inbox got corrupted. i couldnt delete messages. i tried loads of things to fix it. eventually i did. thank god. i did not want to have to delete everything from my inbox. i did end up having to delete some recipes that i had saved. oh well. at least the messages work again now. i hate when i have computer trouble. i get frustrated. i want to keep going with fixing problems until i’ve tried absolutely everything. i dont want to give up. hence the frustration when things dont work for me.

Training another disabled person

i’m excited to start my new volunteer role today.
I’ll be training another blind woman in how to use her laptop!
I hope I can be a good teacher! I’ve never really taught another blind person, I hope she wont think I go too fast!
I will try to take it very slow. I will just first ask her what she would like to learn, like so then I can maybe taylor the training to the things she’s most interested in learning.
I’m pretty sure she’ll want to learn to use the internet. and she needs to know about the screen reader, like the commands for using it and how to read documents, save them, print them etc.
It will be an interesting two hours!

laptop update

well guys. my laptop is officially dead. thanks to all of you for your suggestions on how i could try to fixit. i tried everything. nothing worked. i think i’ll have to take it in somewhere to try and have it repaired. more money that i dont have sigh. luckily i have a win xp netbook and that will have to tide me over for a few days until i can see if i can get the laptop sorted. i hope it can be sorted as a lot of important files are on it. please pray it can be fixed. otherwise i dont know what i’ll do.

New opportunity

so you all know I volunteer on Tuesday at the cork city partnership, this is an organisation that works with vulnerable, and elderly people, and people living in disadvantaged areas.
Last week my supervisor said she had two blind people, who needed training in how to use their laptop and I phone.
she asked me if I’d be interested in doing it since I am blind myself, and could give them first hand experience.
so I jumped at the chance.
Well tomorrow I start the job. One of the girls who just got a new laptop will come to me from 2:30 until 4:30. I am excited. But nervous too.
Will I be a good teacher? Will she like my style?
She already knows me. I know her boyfriend, he teaches at a local centre for the blind near where I live.
Well I hope she’ll enjoy it and get a lot out of what I try to help her with learning.
And hoping I get and gain a lot out of it too.
At least I have patience and don’t mind going over things…that helps, right?

tired but not gonna sleep

looks like its gonna be another sleepless night. i napped earlier. i had to. i couldnt help it. i was wrecked. i couldnt keep my eyes open.
i was falling asleep today during volunteering.
my supervisor gave me a glowing reference for the preschool. i had to get 3 references for them. she said lovely things about me like that i am reliable, honest, friendly, hard working, etc. it was so lovely to hear.
it wasnt too busy today at my volunteer job. i left an hour early. i had to go to my moms and pick up a net book computer. my friend sold me a net book with windows xp on it. i know thats ancient but i wanted it to just do email and word processing on it, not really for the internet.
its a nice little machine. i like it.
carol anne


omg guys i am beyond frustrated. so i run a group on for people with did and trauma related issues. well we have a spoofer on there. how they got there i dont know. they are sending messages or they were, that looked like they were coming from me, and two other members, of course they were not from us at all. but it looked like they were. horrible nasty messages. upset a lot of people on the list and triggered the hell out of me. just to think that someone was saying things like deal with it get over the trauma and get off your arses and acting like i said them well that sent us into a downward spiral. i was going to get rid of them if it was the last thing i did. so while i was awake last night i looked into their IP addy. they are from singapore, and they sent the messages using a blackberry phone. i was able to figure out that much with the help of a friend. so first i changed my password and my google password. then i told all my group members to do the same. you see i think what really happened is one of our accounts was compramised. because i know all of the members on the list, i am familiar with all of their email addys and no one new joined recently so no unfamiliar email addresses are on the list. so anyway. after changing my passwords and figuring this shitheads IP out i was stumped. now what. so i then had to put my entire list on moderated status. for now. until this dies down. because this morning another message had come through looking like it was from my email address. and it said well guys have you all gotten over your trauma yet? and a few other cruel things that i cant quite remember. so now the list is moderated, it means i have to approve every message first. before they can go through. that should solve things i hope. i really really hope so. its a lot of extra work for me but if it fixes things then i will leave it thatw ay for a while. just until i know the spoofer is gone. for good. fuckhead. dick. fucktard, yes he is. ok it could be a she too i guess. but anyway. so am pissed. totally pissed. you shoulda seen me earlier, spazing out. freaking the hell out all night. just unable to come up with a solution. then i finally did. so thats been my day. happy freakin day and heres to idiot spoofers.
carol anne