Laptop fiasco!

My dog is not in my good books!
He just sent my laptop flying but thank god its ok and not broken!
He was in the kitchen, and I was sitting at the kitchen table with my laptop, it was plugged in and the wire was going from the plug across the floor, he came in and got all tangled up in it and I was out in the hall so didnt realise.
Before I knew it I heard a loud crash!
And the laptop was on the floor!
I quickly picked it up and checked that all was working and it was.
I would have cried if my laptop broke!
I mean I have another computer and all, but I love this laptop and it has lots of files on it that I hadnt backed up yet.
I got mad and said a few choice words to Nitro but then I felt sorry for him as soon as I got cross with him. He went to bed and put his head down as if he was upset. Poor thing. I couldnt stay mad at him and so we came and I sat on my recliner instead of at the kitchen table and he’s sitting by my feet now.
Thats his second time knocking it off the table! So lesson learned, dont sit at the kitchen table when the wire from the laptop has to go from the plug which is up high on the wall across the floor to where the table is.
Its really my own fault and not poor nitros!