Did assessment again

So yesterday I saw Dr. Barry. I asked her if the lady whose organising the did assessment had called her, she hadnt. Dr. Barry said she might have called, but since she’d come back from leave she had tons of messages to go through, and it would take her up until Friday to go through all of them. She said if there was no message from Patricia that she’d phone her on Friday.

I told her the plan, that patricia had contacted Eileen and the assessment is due to happen on September 28th, Dr. Barry said that unfortunately she isnt available on that day, she’s actually on a day off on the 28th.

She said we should still go ahead and have the assessment without her being there, and that maybe Remy could phone her later on in the week to have a chat to her. I thought this was a good idea. I want to do the assessment as soon as possible, and I think towards healing the organisation who funds my therapy does too.

So we’ll probably go ahead with it. It’ll be very different, since its all going to be done over zoom. It isnt going to be as personable as the last one I had. At the last one, eileen and Dr. Barry were able to speak to Remy alone, then with me, and they were also able to talk to him individually about my progress and any worries they were having.

Covid has ruined any chances of us having an in person assessment, so it’ll be happening over zoom now.

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