A late Monday peeve!

Am joining in this week, a few days late, with the Monday peeve, which Paula does each week on her wonderful blog!
Check it out here!

This week I am complaining about my tv!
I still am unable to access my recordings. The tv company, sky tv, are actually baffled as to why I am unable to access the recordings on my phone.
We’ve tried everything to get me up and running!
I am beyond frustrated!
I just want to be able to record stuff and watch it back when I feel like it!
It irks me that it isnt working out for me.
I am glad I am not paying for the multiscreen service, which enables you to watch recordings on your phone. Sky offered it to me free of charge, because I am blind, and unable to access the recordings from the tv like sighted folk.
Considering the service only worked for an hour after I got it, I sure am glad I am not shelling out 19 euro a month for it!
I am really pissed off however that I keep having to call tech support to try to resolve the issue.
The nice guy I spoke to on the disability line on Monday is supposed to fix it for me by today thursday and he’s meant to call me today to let me know when he’s fixed it.
Here’s hoping he will!

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