I had a win

I just won 66 euro on the lotto. I do six euro worth of lotto tickets each week.
My numbers just came up. I’m delighted.
It means I have some extra money to spend on my holidays next week. Yay.
I was not going to do the lotto next week, but now that I won, I can, so now that I’m doing it I might be lucky again. But even if I am not, I’m happy that I won tonight.

I’ve reached 1250 followers, so I’m doing a giveaway to celebrate

so i’ve reach 1 thousand 250 followers. And to celebrate that marvelous fact I’m going to run a give away!
what you can win is a cookbook, I havent chosen which one yet but it will be probably by darina allen, who is a chef from cork where I live.
What you must do to win is email me at
I will keep the give away open for 2 weeks, a winner will then be chosen at random from all the emails I have recieved.
so get emailing!
and good luck!
carol anne