I didnt win in the lotto tonight

No luck tonight guys! Not a number! Not a sniff at a prize!

I wasted 6 euro! But as they say and I guess its true, if your not in, you cant win!
Better luck to me next time!
Do you every play the lotto? If you do have you ever won anything?

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Played the lotto!

So today while out shopping, I bought a ticket for the lotto for tonights draw. Its 6 million euro for the main lotto draw tonight. There are lower prizes as well. And a plus draw, so there are a few chances of winning. In the plus draw the top prize is half a million euro. There is also a lower prize of a quarter of a million. I could also get 5 numbers plus the bonus and win 25000 euro. Or get a small prize for 5, 4 or 3 numbers.
I’d love to win something! It would be amazing if I did!
Fingers crossed!

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A book giveaway!

My blog friend Erika, over at the wonderful fantastic blog dorky mom doodles is giving away her ebook, she is having a raffle for it.
If you want to enter the giveaway, click below.
First, heres her blog post where she talks about it.

Next, heres her raffle link if you’d like to enter!


Have fun!

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