Work went well today!

had a great shift at friendly call this afternoon! went in around 1:30 or so. another volunteer had done some of my calls for me. so i only had half the amount to do that I’d normally do. All of my clients were in good spirits! One lady had just come out of hospital, she had a mini stroke, she’s doing a lot better now, another of them was in hospital, after being shifted in there on Wednesday, she’d been very ill last week and my supervisor had gone to her house and taken her to the doctor. Other than those two though mostly everyone was ok, and doing well. I was happy to hear it. I got to speak with one lady who I hadnt spoken to in a few months. She’s gone into a nursing home now but she still gets a call each day. Today when I phoned her she picked up, usually she doesnt. So I got to see how she was doing which was so nice. It was so nice to touch base and hear her voice. She got a little confused and kept calling me the wrong name, but I just let it go. I knew she was just confused and its part of her illness. There is a girl on placement in the office at the moment for 12 weeks, a student, she’s studying to be a public health nurse, she’s really nice. She asked me today if I’d be willing to be interviewed for her research she’s doing, I said I would help her out if I can. So over all a good day. I got home around 4 PM, ate dinner and now am going to just chill for the rest of this evening.
carol anne


Extra shift at work

I got called in today to do an extra shift on friendly call.
I had a text from my supervisor when I got out of therapy. I managed to go home, eat a quick lunch, and then my supervisor picked me up at 12:45. I’m in the office now.
I’ve managed to get through to most of my clients. I will be here for another hour at least.
I’m glad I was able to come in. It got me out of the house. And out of my func. I had a tough therapy session. i will write some more on it later, but for now I need to reflect on it.
For now I need to get back to making calls.

Fibbing Friday, March 15th


What would a Friday be without the chance to fib? So, put on your thinking caps and prepare your biggest whopper.

Here are this week’s questions:
1.What did the fox say? ” Who knows, I cant make it out, hehhehe!
2.What really ran Grandma over? Her range rover, she’s too old to be driving!!
3.Those aren’t elves in Santa’s workshop…what are they? Fairies! How else does he make hundreds of toys so quickly?
4.What were the milkman’s confessions? I deliver more than just milk 🙂
5.The Mad Hatter wasn’t really a hatter, what was his occupation? Psychiatrist!
6.What is your favorite sandwich? Ham and pineapple, lol, oh that’s a pizza! Haha!
7.What do you like to curl up with on cold winter nights? Some things should be kept private. 😲
8.Davy Jones doesn’t have a locker…what does he have? ahem, I cannt say, its too rude!
9.Blackbeard was a not a pirate…what was he? A zookeeper!
10.What are the real directions to Neverland? I’ll never tell.
11.Why do people in old tv shows and movies spend so much time sitting on their front porch? They’re so bored, and they cant figure out what else to do!
12.What really happened to the three little pigs? one went to market, one stayed home, and the other went wee wee wee all the way home!
13.What really is Trump’s Space Force? The space between his ears.
14.Who brings the Easter eggs? Oh now, that would be my Nitro furbaby! He loves chocolate!
15.What is down the rabbit hole? Bunny Poop!

If you’d like to fib, head on over to “The Haunted Wordsmith” –

Loss of another of my clients

I am in the office now about to start my shift.
We lost another client. I just found out on the way here. In the car.
She died of natural causes. My supervisor thinks she died of a heart attack. I had only recently started talking to her, so I didnt know her that well.
She’d been a client of friendly call for a while though.
But she was only on my list for the last few weeks.
She was in her sixties. She was ill with stomach issues, her stomach was quite swollen, but nobody really knew why, she didnt even know.
she’d seen a few doctors about it. She also had mental health difficulties.
My supervisor said they’d done some work for her around the house, like cutting her lawn and a few other little things like fixing her tv and stuff.
Its sad she passed away so suddenly. It was a shock to me when I found out.
I hope she’s at peace now and in no more pain.


Volunteering today

so volunteering went well. i had a quiet shift today. i got all my calls done relatively quickly. all of my clients were doing well. one of them was ill, and one was in hospital, but other than that, they all seem to be fine.
some of them are so sweet. one of them said i was his favourite volunteer. he said he liked hearing the sound of my voice.
another one told me to have safe travels this weekend, and she said she was thinking of me last weekend when I had to do college work, the weather last weekend was bad and she said it was a good thing it was bad when I had to work.
the clients always make a point of asking me how i am, if I am busy, what I’m up to for the weekend, etc.
its so sweet. they love to know about me, and I enjoy sharing some stuff about myself with them.
Also today, my supervisor asked me if I could do some extra shifts, she said if she’s short staffed, would it be ok for her to call me, so I told her the days and times I could do, and that I’d be free to come in.
Its nice to know I am needed, and I dont mind having to come in extra days, I enjoy it very much.


An evening ramble

I am exhausted tonight. Volunteering today went well. All of my clients were in good spirits. We lost someone else this week, but I didnt know them, they get a call in the mornings, so I had never spoken to them. Apparently she was in her 70’s and she had a brain tumour. They tried to operate on it but she didnt make it out of surgery. So sad for her.
I came home from volunteering at around 5 PM. My colleague trish dropped me back to mom and dads. We had a nice chicken stir fry with noodles for dinner. I am being very healthy lately. I know I’ve put on a few pounds since being away so I am doing all I can to lose it again.
I am going to go to bed soon I think, and read for a while. I have to be up early tomorrow as I have college so I will have to be leaving the house by 8:45 AM. In the afternoon tomorrow I will see dr. barry. I also have to get my 3 monthly shot of trevicta. Then tomorrow evening mom and my sister and me are going to see a commedian in the local theatre.
That will be fun. I am looking forward to it. I love commedy. And this commedian is a very famous irish commedian named brendan grace.
I just had a nice bubble bath too which I was able to relax in. It was very nice. So I will sign off now and say good night to you all.