Thinking of moving house, a big decision

So I’ve been thinking a lot this evening. I am seriously considering moving. Moving out of my house I am in now. Moving to an apartment complex that is secured, that is gated, and that is nearer to where my mom lives.
I am really seriously considering it. For one thing, if I did that then it would be much safer, I’d be much more secure, there’d be no way any cult abusers could get in or contact us.
We’d be about 3 minutes from our moms house. We could actually walk there in minutes. I think I’d be a lot safer than I am now. Plus mom doesnt drive, and for her to get to me right now, she has to get a ride.
I am not sure if I can do it though. First I need to talk to my supervisor at friendly call. She knows a lot more about what goes on in the community than I do. She would know how I’d go about applying to the complex if I want to move there.
I also need to speak to dr. barry. If I move, then technically she wouldnt be my doctor any more as I wouldnt be in her catchment area any longer. Well as you can imagine I am not willing to lose dr. barry. So I would need to ask her if we could bend the rules a little and if she’d keep me on as a patient if I was to move. Of course I’d also be telling her my reasons for wanting to do this.
I would hope that she could. I think she could, but I’d need to make sure of it before going ahead with any of this.
Do you think I’m mad doing this? I’ve lived in my current house for 9 years. Its a local authority house, that means it belongs to our city council, if I moved to this complex, I’d be paying a little bit more rent, but it would be worth it for the extra level of security I’d have.
There are also community activities run there, there is a lot of community involvement, everyone knows everyone, etc. I grew up in the area, I lived there my whole life, the other thing is my neighbours would all be middle aged to elderly, I dont mind that at all though, in fact I’d almost prefer that.
So what do you think? Thoughts anyone?


volunteering and christmas party!

Am at the office now volunteering. My shift is going well! I am enjoying it! A lot of my clients arent answering their phone though! I always get nervous when people dont answer! I wonder if that means they are not ok! I hope I am wrong!
Tomorrow it is our christmas party for friendly call! We’ll have a dinner and some music and some raffles. All of the volunteers had to buy gifts, we had to buy two or three items each to raffle off! I bought some bath stuff and lip glosses and chocolates! I think all of the clients will end up getting a present!
I am excited to go to the party! I think it will be fun!
Well I’d better get back to work! I still have about 10 calls to make! And its almost 4 PM now! So I’ll be heading home soon!


Doing the radio documentary

so today we did the documentary for the radio, the one that is featuring the work of friendly call, it was myself, my supervisor and two other volunteers. Two producers came from the national broadcaster in ireland, RTE, and interviewed us. It was really cool. They were very nice and they did a great job. We all got to talk about the work we do. We got to tell them a little about ourselves and how long we’ve been volunteering, and what brought us to be doing it. Then they asked us about the work and the clients and stuff. It is going to be broadcast the week of the 17th to 21st of december. The producer told my supervisor she’d text her the date when we’d be featured, it will be available to listen to online on the podcast so when I know more I will let you all know so maybe some of you can listen to it.
I am very happy with how my interview went. I wasnt even nervous. The girl interviewing us really put me at ease!
I am glad we did it. I am glad that friendly call is getting lots of exposure. They deserve that.


Radio documentary

So today my supervisor in friendly call got a call from the local radio broadcaster here in cork. They want to do a radio documentary about friendly call. They want to talk about how people are experiencing isolation and loneliness, and about the friendly call service. My supervisor asked myself and 2 other volunteers to take part in it.
So on Sunday afternoon, we are going to do it. We’ll all be interviewed, and a documentary will be made for the radio. When it airs I will share it here with you all.
I am so excited! This is a great opportunity!
Its also a great opportunity to get the work of friendly call out there, and show off our great service!


Busy afternoon

Its been a busy shift this afternoon on friendly call. I was the only volunteer heretoday trish is here, and one other volunteer came in for an hour. But other than that I was on my own! I had tons of calls! Lots to do! I am exhausted now. I am still in the office. I wont be finished up until around 5 PM. I cant wait to go home and get some food! I am starving. I have a lovely chicken curry for dinner today. I will enjoy it as I am really hungry. All of my clients were in good spirits today. It was really nice to see that. I was delighted that they were all doing so well. It made my day. I might have to come in again tomorrow. I don’t normally do Wednesdays but they are short staffed at the moment, so I said I’d help out if I was needed. I’m waiting for Brenda to email me back. I offered to come in if she needs an extra bit of help. Im free tomorrow afternoon anyway so it really doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to me if I have to come in. We’ll see though what Brenda says when she emails me. I’m tanked up on coffee now lol. I’ve had 3 cups this afternoon. I’m just happy the shift went off ok. I feel accomplished and very productive.

A little worried…

Im a little bit anxious. I havent heard anything back from school yet. About whether I got a place on the mental health in the community course or not. I handed in my application form two weeks ago. And the course is supposed to start on december 5th. So any day now we should know. I was feeling so anxious about it today, but my friend Denise also applied and she hasnt heard anything from them either. So that is positive I guess. Maybe they are still processing our applications and will be in touch with us next week? I emailed the lady who deals with the funding for the course, because she’s in charge of it well I think she is anyway. So hoping she gets back to me tomorrow morning, she’s out of the office now for the evening so it will be the morning before she will email me back.
I so hope I get on this course! I really want to do it!