Work changes

I found out yesterday about some changes in our office at work. Right now, there are 3 services working out of the same office, all services that the cork city partnership offers, one service is the local employment service, this service offers CV prep, and employment advice to clients. Well, I found out yesterday that the two girls in our office who work for the local employment service will be moving offices in 3 weeks time. This is going to really impact my supervisor, as she used to get help from one of the girls to do things like write out clients birthday cards, and other small jobs that she didnt have time to do. Also the girl who did admin office stuff is applying for a new job as a community development worker, and if she gets it she’ll also be leaving, and this is going to really throw us off, as if we needed an extra pair of hands to do calls, if we were short staffed, she’d always fill in for us. Also she did shopping if we needed coffee, tea, etc, and she was just an all round awesome person. I do hope she gets the job, but man I will miss her. She worked alongside me and we’d have some amazing chats, and she’d always make me coffee and we’d just have a lot of fun times. If I needed to vent or talk about a client I could always talk to her, if my supervisor wasnt in the office, as she knew all of the clients really well. My supervisor said she’s stuck on Mondays, and she asked me if I could fill in on Monday afternoons, so I said of course I would. I wont see her being stuck for staff. I love the job and am happy to fill in for her where I can. The office wont be the same though with the two gone from the local employment service, and then trish gone from admin if she gets that job. Its going to feel so different and I just hope we’ll be able to get everything done that we need to do. From now on it will only be the friendly call service working out of that office. Its going to be so strange. The organisation is doing it to save money, I get that. But I wish they wouldnt have done it. I hate change, but maybe, just maybe it will be ok. We will hope so.


This is the hard part about my job

Found out today at work another of my clients is dying. He has cancer. He only found out last Monday. He’s been in hospital for a while now having tests. He’s almost 80 years old.

I felt very sad for him. He’s had no quality of life now for a while. He’s been really ill, and he’s had a few falls also. He’s been in and out of hospital for a good few months now.

My supervisor said she was taking him off of our service. She said he’s too sick to talk. So I never got to say goodbye. That was hard. I wished I could have said a final goodbye to him.

I guess this is the hard part about my job. Things happen suddenly. Clients get ill and die. And there really is no closure.


Quote of the day and my thoughts…

We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say, “It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.” Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.
Fred Rogers

I agree with this quote. Its so easy to say, not my responsibility. If more people took more responsibility for their actions the world would definitely be a much better and nicer place to live.


friendly call got nominated for an award!

I am at work, and I just found out this afternoon that friendly call was nominated for a national award, yippee. Its a huge thing. The national awards are huge. People from all over ireland will be there. Different organisations that work with the elderly. Our organisation is small, so its a huge achievement to have been nominated. The awards ceremony is in november. It takes place in dublin, on the 14th of november. My supervisor asked all of the volunteers if they wanted to go. She said that our hotel accomodation would be payed for. I said I was definitely interested in going. It will be a fantastic night. If we win it will be even better lol. But to be nominated at all was huge. We’re all thrilled. I’ll keep you all posted on how things progress and if we win I’ll let you all know. Fingers crossed for us guys!


I got nominated for volunteer of the year!

so I found out yesterday that my supervisor nominated me for volunteer of the year. Our local volunteer centre holds a competition each year and crowns the volunteer of the year and the organisation that they volunteer for gets recognition and I think they also get some money and then the person who wins gets a trophy and a certificate and there is a day out at a posh hotel and food and all that sorta thing.
I would so love to win! But just being nominated is awesome too! Just the fact that she thinks I am worthy of the volunteer of the year is huge to me!
I will keep you all posted! I am not sure when the competition is over and when the winner will be announced but I think its going to be soon!
fingers crossed but even if I dont win I am so thankful to just be nominated!


Paying me compliments

I went back to work today after a few days off. I had been off last friday, and then again on tuesday.
I got my list of clients to call, and the very first lady I called, said something very beautiful to me.
I said hi to her, and asked her how she was.
she said she was ok, and then she said, are you? I reassured her that I was.
Then she said, I thought you’d quit working for friendly call!
I missed you when you werent here last week and I thought you might have given up your job!
As if! I didnt say that to her though.
I just thanked her for the kind compliment that she’d missed me.
Its so nice to know people think of me when I am not there.
She was one of two clients today who said they thought of me last week, as I usually call them on fridays.
What a nice feeling to be thought of! I must be making a difference in their lives, and for that, I am so grateful!
I was delighted to be back at work! I missed not being there!


Back to college on the 4th

We’re going back to college on September 4th. I cant believe we’re going back so early. I thought we wouldnt be going back until the end of sept. But its next week, so one week of summer vacation left…boo!
Myself and my friend denise had to go talk to the people who are funding the course, that is, the cork city partnership. The organisation that I work for. We wanted to let the funding organiser know that we’d had some issues with the course coordinator, and with members of our class plajurising our work.
She was not impressed with all that as you can imagine! She gave us an opportunity to tell her everything, and then we made a plan. She said next week on our first day back, she’d be coming into the class, to hand out evaluation sheets, and she told us to document everything on the sheet, and hand it in to her the following week, and then she’d be able to address these issues with the coordinator.
We’re happy with that. Its the best she can do for us.
I hope the next 3 months go by fast. I’m sure they will. I’m a little irked that our results for the first two modules havent been posted on blackboard yet, we were meant to get them mid august, but our learner log hasnt even been corrected yet, and we have no results and I dont know when we’ll be getting them.
We will have lectures until the first week of december, and then we graduate in january.
We’ll graduate with a level six certificate in mental health in the community. I enjoyed the course so far but I wish there hadnt been so many issues, the coordinator is not the best, she said she was always contactable but that wasnt my experience of her.
Oh well. I am going to go back next week, work hard over the next 3 months, and hope I can do well and get my certificate. I’m sure it will all work out.