#weekend meet and greet, all bloggers are welcome!

Hi everyone! 😀
Welcome to my weekend meet and greet! All bloggers welcome!
Please go ahead and leave your link, either to your own blog, or to another blog or blogs you love.
I want to give as many bloggers as possible exposure!
So please dont be shy!
Lets all meet and mingle, waves a big hi to everybody!
Hello from Ireland! I am excited to meet you all!
carol anne
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I reached another Milestone on the blog

Today I reached 2500 followers on the blog. I am so proud. I love my blog. I am very proud of it. I love all of you my readers. Your all amazing.
Thank you so much for following me. It means the world to me.
I couldnt do this without you. You are the reason I continue to blog. You keep me going on my darkest days. Thank you each and every one of you.
I couldnt be happier today. 😀

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When we share…

When we share laughter,
There’s twice the fun;
When we share success,
We surpass what we’ve done.
When we share problems,
There’s half the pain;
When we share tears,
A rainbow follows rain.
When we share dreams,
They become more real;
When we share secrets,
It’s our hearts we reveal.
If we share a smile,
Then our love shows;
If we share a hug,
Then our love grows.
If we share with someone
On whom we depend,
That person becomes
Family or friend.
And what draws us closer
And makes us all care,
Is not what we have,
But the things that we share.

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Reblog. The geeky guide to wordpress…pingbacks and how they work

Simon has written a fantastic post about how to use and create a pingback, go check out his post to learn more!



Blog share#2

Another new blog, and blogger to me, go on over and check him out and say hey and give him a follow!


He says about his blog…

Hey all! Im BRAND new to this whole thing. I want to blog about my own mental health struggles and how I overcame then. Because Im other side, I can now delve into my interests and hobbies again. My blog is going to feature mental health stories/advice, fashion tips and travel stories/tips. The main focus is how to do it all on a budget. Only have my first post done, but would LOVE LOVE LOVE any advice from you seasoned veterans!