well i had a good afternoon. volunteering went well. I didnt manage to get hold of all of my clients though. some of them didnt answer their phones. i did talk to a few of them though and we had a nice chat. I am pleased with how the day went. Now I am sitting here with all of my calls done. I have to sit here for the next half hour, since my colleague Trish cant leave the office until 4:45 PM. She is going to drop me home then though. I dont mind having to sit here though, there is plenty of things I can do online for a while until its time to go home. There was one incident with one client today, he was drunk, and he didnt know what day it was or where he was going, he does this a lot, drinks heavily, and gets himself lost and into such a state that he literally cant find his way home. Its awful for him. The first time it happened and I was on the phone to him I was really concerned. But my supervisor told me not to be. So now when it happens I am not too worried. He always gets home in the end. My supervisor has spoken to him on a few occasions, and told him that maybe he shouldnt be drinking so heavily but he never listens. Anyway besides that the afternoon went fine. Everyone else was ok and happy and in a good mood so that was nice.

At the office

well I am here, at the office. i got here 45 mins early. so i am just having a coffee and messing around on my laptop until 2 PM when I start making my calls.
My sister dropped me off. Mom came with her and she walked me from the car into the office. then they’ll go back and pick up my nephew from school.
I have extra clients to call today. A good few extra. I dont know any of them. But I am sure I’ll get to know them once we chat a few times. Some of them I have never called before.
Anyway, coffee is calling, chat soon guys!

Yet another death of another of my friendly call clients…will the loss ever end?

well guys, bad news, more bad news.
my supervisor told me today on the drive to the office that another client died. His name was daniel. He was in his 80’s. He was one of my regular callers. He was such a kind, gentle man. A very genuine warm kind caring person.
We arent sure what exactly happened to him. I talked to him last Tuesday afternoon, and then I couldnt get through to him on friday, but it turns out that by then he was already dead, we just didnt know it yet. My supervisor went on rip.ie which is a site where you can find out whose died. She saw his name on there.
I am heartbroken as I knew this guy really well. I am saddened at his loss. I will really miss him. He always made me laugh, and I looked forward to our chats every week.
We’ve lost four of our clients in the space of 2 or 3 weeks now. Its so sad. I really hope we dont lose anyone else. I really feel unable to handle any more loss. I am struggling as it is. I am really finding it difficult to come to terms with all these losses.
If you pray, please pray. If not, send good vibes thoughts to me. I really need them right now. I just hope all of the clients who died lately are now at peace.

I am not going to college today after all

Well so much for getting up early and going to college. I got up at 7:30, I had set my alarm and when it went off I dutifully got up. I got ready,showered, dressed, all ready to go. Then at 9 AM my friend called me. I was due to meet her outside the college at 10. She called to say she wouldnt be able to come in today. She wasnt able to make it, something came up. I dont really trust anyone else in my class to help me get around, as I dont know them well yet. So I am not going in either. It was a WRAP training, so an elective module, not one that we have to complete, so it really doesnt matter if I miss it.
So now that I am not going in, I will go grocery shopping with my mom instead. I was going to do it tomorrow, my sister was going to take me. But now we can walk to the grocery store today, and I can get my exercise in at the same time, so, win win!
Happy Saturday everyone!

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Its back on!

the electricity is back on, finally!

Thank god for that! I hated being so cold and hungry, so I gave in and ate a bowl of cerial, I was able to work on my laptop for a while but then I quit doing that, as I got bored with it.

I think I am going to go to bed soon and read. As soon as I warm up! First I gotta warm up!

I have to be up early tomorrow morning, as I have college all day! Its the second day of our wrap training tomorrow! I am looking forward to it, but I just wish we didnt have to do it all day. I kinda like my weekends to myself, and I am used to having them pretty much free, so it is a big deal to have to go in to college for the whole day.

I will make it, though. I know I will. And hoping I will also learn a lot in the process!

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More loss. Another friendly call client of mine died this past week

So I just found out on the drive to work that another of our clients died. Her name was CAtherine. She had COPD and she had been in hospital since jan 1st. She passed away on wednesday in hospital.
She was only 72. She was one of my favourite clients. She’d been a client of friendly call for about 7 years.
She was always so grateful to get a call and she would constantly tell me how grateful she was and how wonderful I was for doing the job that I do.
I am going to really miss her. I got really friendly with her over the last 7 or 8 months. We built up a great rapport.
We’ve had so many losses lately in friendly call, 3 clients in two weeks. I hope we dont have any more now for a while.
I am kinda shocked that Catherine died so suddenly. She will certainly be a huge loss to all of us.

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At work

Feeling very productive now. Just got to work. My supervisor gave me a ride in to the office so that was nice of her to do that.
Turns out a few more of our clients are no longer on our books. Two of them went to nursing homes. And another man died, but I didn’t know him, I never spoke to him. Seems this is the year for losing clients.
I am late getting here today. Late starting my calls. So I had better make a start on them now before it gets even later. I’ll probably be here until 5 today since I started my shift a half hour late.