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carol anne



is i’m lonely. i’m blue. I feel like I could implode. I feel alone. on my own with the memories. and it hurts. it really bloody hurts.
Its a fact that i’m worthless. a fact that i’m a disaster.
a fact that i’m a mess. worthless, and a mess. doesn’t make for very good combo.
not even six AM. and I lie here pondering everything. my childhood, my teen years. my adulthood. pondering the why’s of it all, why was I abused? why do I have did? why do I have a mental illness?
I sit here in fear pondering it all. As I start to fall?
the fact is I’m scared. I’m so aware. Aware and scared.

reader input wanted

i want to prepare some posts, and I am wondering, is there anything you my readers would like to know, or like me to post about?

If there is, please comment here or email me
and let me know what you’d like to see me write about!

I am all ears! So come on please tell me!

If there is anything you want to know about me but have hnever asked, or if there is anything you’d like to have me post about like a series or my life something in my life that you really would like to know mroe about?

discovering your happiness gave me an idea to do a post on my guide dogs. so thats coming up.

what else guys? there must be other things you’d like me to write about?

let me know!
carol anne


hi guys
i’m almost at 2000 followers! I cant believe it!
Can you get me to 2000?
can you share this post, for me?
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I’d be so grateful!

for those who want to follow my blog maybe, I am 37, blind, I blog about mental health, my therapy journey, i post quotes, recipes, life updates, songs, hilarity.
please follow along if you can!
carol anne

1700 followers! :-) thanks guys!

y’all are the best! thank you thank you guys!
i reached 1700 followers this evening!
i am beyond ecstatic and excited!
this is awesome!
this blog is my outlet, somewhere where I can go and feel safe, safe to write, safe to vent, safe to be me.
thank you all for continued support and liking commenting on my posts.
we all in our system appreciate all of you so much.
we have found a home here. we have found friendly caring awesome compassionate people who get it and get us.
we are able to relate to so many of you in so many ways.
thank you for being awesome and being you!
carol anne