Open morning for college

so this morning I went to an open morning. It was an open morning for the mental health in the community college course I want to start. It was very interesting. I realised after going to it that I definitely have an interest in doing this course.
We learned about the course, the structure of it, what we’d be doing etc. We’ll be covering four modules. Policy and practice, WRAP, the theory of mental illnesses, and community development. There will also be a research skill component in the course.
It starts on 5th december. We’ll do the WRAP module before christmas. WRAP usually costs 200 euro for a two day workshop, but they are offering it in this course as part of the course work. Which I am super glad about as I’ve never done WRAP before.
I filled out the application form and tonight I have to write a personal statement about why I want to do the course and about where I’m coming from etc. I plan on putting in it that I am a service user, that I work on friendly call and that I want to do this course both because I work in the field and work with mental illness related issues and also because as a service user and a person with lived experience of mental health difficulties I am really interested in it.
It looks like I might be successful though and get a place on the course. I am hopeful. There are about 25 places for people on the course.
So good things ahead for me if I do this. I am excited. Cant wait to start. Its a year long course. And at the end you graduate with a level six qualification, a certificate in mental health in the community.