Mid week check in?

Its Wednesday, time for a mid week check in!

How are you all doing? How are you holding up?

Are you getting through the lockdown? Are you going insane yet?
Do let me know how things are going for you!

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whose gonna motivate me?

Cuz I need some ooomph!
I’m so not in the mood to do the rest of this damn learner log!
But then part of me is like, get it over with, dont leave it until tomorrow when you are busy with therapy and work!
Do it now come on come on!
Ok so come on you guys, I need a pep talk!
Whose got some good advice for me?
I’m all ears!
Maybe reading your comments will help me out here, coffee just isnt cutting it!
Lol ❤

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Wp comments going to spam

Hi guys
I am having some issues with wp I think. I think my comments some of them at least that I post on others blogs, are going to peoples spam folders. If you can check to see if my comments are ending up in spam, I’d appreciate it.
Its not cool! I don’t know why wp has so many issues sometimes! Very annoying!
If you can check and then let me know?
some blogs I’ve commented on tonight are
salted caramel
a guy called bloke and K9 doodlepup
the bag lady
my inner mish mash

Please check for me! Thanks!

WP problems!

Is anyone not able to access wordpress? I am having problems logging in. I was logged in and I tried to comment on a post. I couldnt. It wouldnt let me said it was connecting to wordpress but never went any further than that. Then I logged out and now I cant log back in. Ug sigh!
Is anyone else having issues this evening afternoon?

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Is anyone else having to deal with a ton of spam comments that seem to be linked to outlook email accounts? I’ve gotten about 30 since friday! I keep sending the comments to spam, and permanently deleting them, but its a ton of extra work!
Anyone else noticed this happening on your blogs?
Anyone know of a solution? Or where to change certain settings to stop it or moderate every comment or I read somewhere there is a setting for having people fill out their names and stuff before they are able to post a comment?
I need this to stop!
Its so frustrating and annoying!