Tomorrow is…

gonna be a self care day, a mental health day.
I need it. Plus one other main reason for this? I have no money. I’m broke until friday when I get payed. Well technically I am payed tomorrow. But I cant go to the bank until friday when my pa comes and takes me so yeah.
But I really dont mind! I will sit in and I will find something good to watch on net flicks and I will read my book and hopefully finish it.
I will just pamper myself. And enjoy my first full day off.
I will stay in bed late, eat good wholesome and healthy food, enjoy a nice hot shower to make me feel good, I will stay in my pj’s all day long too lol.
I took out chicken curry for my dinner. I looked at my recipe book that Anne marie got me and I decided that when my PA comes on friday I am going to get the ingredients to make chorizo and sweet potato soup. Mmmm doesnt that sound good?
It sounds good to me!
So what are your plans for tomorrow?
carol anne