Altitude sickness

I’ve been reading up on how to avoid getting altitude sickness while visiting Colorado. As you all know I’m going there in just over 3 months time.
I want to avoid it! I do not want to get it if I can help it!
Has any of my readers ever gotten altitude sickness? If so how do you avoid it? What tips do you have for me?
I’m all ears!
I seriously am hoping I wont get sick on my trip! I will just drink plenty of water!
Even if you’ve never been to Colorado, have you been somewhere where there is or was high altitude, and if you have, what did you do to avoid becoming ill?

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thanks guys!

A lotto win!

I just won 60 euro on the lottery!
Yay! I am delighted! I hardly ever win, even though I do it every week!
I am putting another 40 euro to the 60 I won, and buying 100 dollars with it!
Thats spending money for when I go to colorado next may!
I already have 200 dollars saved for my spending money! This is going to make it 300! Yay!
A few more wins like that, and I’ll have tons of spending money!
My plan is to bring about 2000 dollars with me!
I probably wont need that much but its nice to have it!

Face timed with a friend!

Well I didnt get my college work done, but ya know what? I’ll do it tomorrow, I’m not to bothered.
I facetimed my friend sarah, in colorado, and that was fun!
We talked about food, good places to eat, and I told her about some of my adventures I had with my partner jess, when I was visiting the states in the past.
We had a long talk and it was so enjoyable!
And now I am all psyched up again about going to colorado next year!
Once christmas is gone may will come around fast and I will be off traveling! And I just cant wait!
When me and Sarah got done talking I hopped in the shower, and had a nice relaxing shower, afterwords I put on some nice smelling lotion and now I feel great!
Now I am going to make a lemsip and relax for a while before trying to rest!


I told my work colleagues my exciting news!

So I told my work colleagues yesterday that I was off to Colorado next summer!

they were really excited for me! And so jealous too!

My colleague trish was telling everyone about it! She made me laugh because her excitement was palpable, you’d sware it was her who was going!

When I told them I’d be traveling alone, they couldnt believe it!

Another volunteer said I am an inspiration! I told her no, I am not! I just like to be independent and not allow my disability to hold me back!

Trish said I should make a blog about my travels! I didnt tell them I already have a blog! They dont know about my struggles with MH issues.

It was lovely though to go in and be able to share my good news! And the more I shared with them the more excited I got! It was so cool and I just love the feeling of excitement that I get when I think of going next year!

I’m saving up money now for my spending money. I’ll be saving hard for the next few months! I want to have a lot so I can do things, enjoy myself, and not have to worry about how much I have or can spend!


Booked my trip to the USA!

I just got off the phone with the travel agent, I have booked my flights to colorado!
I am going next May! For two weeks!
I leave on May 20th and I come home on June 3rd!
I am flying cork to london heathro, then on to denver, in total its 13 hours of traveling each way!
I have a stop over in London for about 2 and a half hours, before I fly on to denver
I will be getting assistance in all of the airports, the travel agent has already spoken to the airlines for me about that.
I’m flying to London with Aer lingas, and then united airlines for my flight on to denver!
I am super super excited! This is going to be fab!
I cant wait to meet Sarah and I know we’re going to have an amazing time together!
Her mom has already said she’s going to take me to some touristy places in colorado!
So I’ll take lots of pictures and post them!
It is so good to have a trip to look forward to for next summer! And I’m not going too late in summer either, so the weather wont be overly hot but it will just be nice.
This is a great way to start my Saturday!