My first day of college went well!

So our first day of college went well! It was great!
We learned a lot. The wrap training was good!
We have a second day of wrap training in Jan. Its a 12 hour training!
I did have one mishap though. Nitro got a panic attack and I had to leave early with him! He was too hot I think the room was really warm and there was 25 of us in there and 2 lecturers!
But it was ok! As soon as we got home he was ok again!
And I only left with an hour to go of the training.
But I enjoyed it! We did some really cool ice breaker games too! We did this one game where you had to say a word before your name, so like lovely linda, I said sarcastic shirley for mine! Lol.
Overall a fun day though! I am excited to start properly in January! There are four modules in total. The lecturers said that our first module is the hardest, it has 3 assignments for it.
We also have field trips and presentations and stuff to do.
Its going to be a lot of fun and a lot to learn I think!

todays the day I start college!

So todays the day!I start college this morning!
I am so excited! Its 6:30 now. I start at 10 AM.
I slept really good last night which I am delighted about. Means I’ll be able to concentrate really good today!
I am so looking forward to this new venture! I am so excited about getting back into learning again! I love learning!
I plan on having a terrific day!
Wish me luck!


Long tiring day

its been a long tiring day. i ended up napping for most of the afternoon. i didnt even get to the gym. i feel so bad about that. but i was just too tired to go. i didnt go volunteering either. i wasnt in a good headspace today. so i canceled it. brenda didnt mind. she said it was ok for me not to come in. so this morning my pa came. we wrote some christmas cards, and i mailed those. we cleaned the house. had food. and went and got my money out of the ATM. I payed my mom back, I owed her some money since she did a few things for me when I didnt have the money to. after my pa went home i went to mom and dads. i didnt get up to much for the afternoon. it was a duvet day. i went to bed. napped on and off. tried reading but it wasnt happening either. i did text a couple of friends for a while. i heard from my friend denise that she also got a place on the mental health in the community course. so thats good. at least I’ll know someone now. We’ve planned to meet up next week on the day it starts. I feel a lot better now that I have a friend to meet up with on the morning. I had a nice dinner of steak that I’d asked mom to buy for me. I hadnt had steak in ages. It was delicious. I really enjoyed it. My parents dog is sick. He had some sorta stomach bug. He’s been feeling off all day. Poor guy. He’s 12 now so an old dog. I hope he’s going to be ok. This evening we watched the toy show. Its a show that comes on our tv each year where they talk about toys and talk to kids and kids demonstrate the toys. I love it. So do our littles. Of course now they want every toy they saw on the show. lol. Its 1 AM now so bed time. I need to try to sleep as tomorrow we’re going christmas shopping with mom and our sister. Then after that we’ll go for lunch. And then we’re going to glow, a christmas themed market and winter wonderland. It should be fun. I’m excited about going. So I’ll say good night and talk to you tomorrow.
Night, all!


Cuz I want her to be proud of me!

I emailed my therapist. I emailed to tell her my good news!
I wanted to share it with her. But more than that, I want her to be proud of me. I know she will be, so whether she actually responds to my email or not…I will know she got it and read it, and is proud of me!
That is enough. I am happy that I can email her. I am happy to be able to share my great news with the person I trust the most in the world!
She might not respond to me at all, if she does it will be awesome! Im not hoping that sh e will though. If she does, then it will be a huge surprise!
Im kinda a hot mess right now! Im not sure why. I just feel pretty agitated. I am still super excited though about getting a place on the course!
Just gotta try to stay calm! Deep breaths, carol anne!
And coffee, which is probably making me more agitated!

Great news about college!

Hey everyone
Guess what? I have good news!
I got a place on the mental health in the community college course. I am beyond thrilled! I just found out, so you all are the first to know!
It starts next week, next Wednesday. I am so excited! I cannot believe I aced the interview and got a place! I thought it went well but I did not want to get my hopes up too much!
Thanks everyone for all of the good vibes, encouragement, and prayers that I’d be successful!

Your all amazing and I am so grateful for all your kind comments and thoughts!
This is gonna be fabulous! I am really going to throw myself into it! I cant wait to start!

This is a great end to an already fab day!


My interview!

It went well. I am hopeful.
It was very informal. Just a chat really. They asked four questions.
Why do you want to do the course?
What training have you had?
What do you think you’ll get out of doing the course?
And tell us a little about yourself?
I did good answering them all!
I am very proud! Nitro was really well behaved too!
I should know something within the next two weeks. I hope I got a place!
If I did we start on december 5th. We do wrap as our first module. For those who dont know what wrap is it stands for wellness recovery action plan.
We will just have one class before christmas. Then the course starts proper in january.
I really hope I did enough to get on it!
Fingers crossed! Time will tell!


Tomorrow is my interview for college!

tomorrow I have my interview for college. Its at 12:20 in the afternoon. Its a little nerve wracking to have to do this. I am kinda anxious about it. But, all I can do is be me. Be myself. I’m sure it wont be that bad.
I dont know whose interviewing me. I would have asked someone to go with me for morral support but nobody was available. So I guess I’ll just go and see what happens.
I hope it will go well. I’m praying I’ll get a place on the course. Not sure if we’ll be told tomorrow or not. Probably not though.
If you pray please send positive vibes or good thoughts my way.