1 3rd of the way there!

I am 1 3rd of the way through my assignment for college. I will get the second journal entry written later this afternoon, and if I feel up to it I may even finish it this evening, it all depends on how tired I feel though, so now that I am 1 3rd of the way there, it means I can actually go into work today, and not be stressing out about getting my work done!
Yay, so glad about that!
I love it when my stress level is down!

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Good morning, good morning!

Hey everyone
Good morning and happy tuesday!
I hope your all having a lovely start to your day, or if it is night time where you are then I hope you had a very nice day!
I am wide awake. I woke up at 3 AM. I couldnt go back to sleep, so I have been watching tv and listening to the radio. And drinking diet coke.
My relief PA gets here at 9 AM. Its her last day working with me today. And I will be so glad to have my other PA back!
I missed her! Its funny how you get used to working with one particular person, isnt it?
Anyway not much on the agenda today, except to get my assignment for college done and handed in! I need to just sit down for a few hours and tackle it. I never got to it at the weekend, so I need to do it today as it is due in on friday!
Heres hoping! I am not in the mood but I know once I sit down to do it the words will just flow. At least I hope they will. Its journal style entries, so once I can gather my thoughts to write, that will be good.
I am meant to be going volunteering too today. I am not sure if I will go in yet though. If I can get the college work done this morning, then I will go in!
Anyway do let me know in the comments what is on your agenda today!
Have a nice tuesday all!

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No mind to do it

I have to tackle an assignment for college but I really have no mind to do it!

I really really dont want to do it! I am procrastinating bigtime!

I probably wont end up doing it today. I might do a 3rd of it today we’ll see. I have 3 journal entries to write. I know once I start writing the words will flow, at least I am hoping they will anyway. But its just getting started!

This is the last one that I have to do, and I’ve actually had weeks to do it but I didnt get to it!

I am soooo baaaad!

But hoping I can get it done before tuesday, its not due in until friday but I do want it handed in a few days before its actually due to be handed in.

Fingers crossed I can make a start on it soon!

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My sister made burritos for dinner today, she made some for me to have tomorrow! She’s a great cook. I love the food she makes, it was so nice of her to think of me and offer to make some for me.

I know I will enjoy them. My nephew has a match tomorrow, he plays hurling, its a sport that is played in ireland. Well he’s only six, but there is a friendly match on tomorrow morning that he has to go to. So mom and my sister are going to take him, then they are going to go shopping for the afternoon, but I cant go with them as i have to finish an assignment for college thats due this coming week.

However, I might go to my friend Normas house, if I get the assignment done in the morning.. Hoping I do, as I dont want it hanging over me. It is a journal of learning, that has to be 1800 words in length.

Other than that not much going on here. I napped all evening, so now I’ll probably be up for a while. Oh well. Thats ok, its the weekend, I was so tired after work today that I had to nap, I couldnt stay up any longer.

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I am at work! Work is good. Busy but good. I havent stopped since I came in! I have been here since about 1 Pm. Its 3 now. I am finishing up soon though.
All of my clients were in good moods which was nice!
I love when work goes well for me!
I am going back to mom and dads afterwords, and am going to relax for the evening.
I need to do an assignment for college tomorrow. I will do it tomorrow morning, to get it out of the way.
After that I can relax and enjoy my weekend.

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Sleeping when I can!

I napped earlier. I am basically sleeping as and when I can! I dont get much sleep at a time, maybe 2 or 3 hours max. At least that is what I got tonight. I lay down today when I got home from work, after I ate I lay down, that was around 4 PM. I slept for a little while, until maybe 6 PM. Then I woke up and got up, stayed up for a while and watched some tv, lay back down at around 8 PM. I slept again for maybe an hour or so. Now I am wide awake. I suppose I’ll be up for the night now. Or until 5 or 6 AM at least.

I am still having very low mood. It comes and goes. Certain times of the day are worse for me. Early mornings, and late night seem to be the worse times. Late at night is especially hard, I think because I am alone with my thoughts then. Nobodys here except me, at least I have Nitro to keep me company, without him I dont know what I’d do!

I am basically swimming, trying to stay afloat, trying to do my normal everyday things, trying to function as normal. Its really hard. I am glad I made it to work today. That felt good to actually go. I am also really happy with my grade I got on my assignment for college! That was a tough assignment! I am happy with 60 percent. I feel I did better than I thought I did on it!

Well thats about it for now! I am going to go see what I can find around here to do to keep me busy for a while!

Catch you all later peeps!

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My grade is in for one of my assignments that I did in college! Finally it came in!
I got 60 percent. The assignment was an article review.
I am very happy with that result, nobody usually gets higher than 70 percent so 60 is good!
This grade is just one part out of a three part module, so overall I think I did really good on the module!
I passed which I am super proud of!
Feeling good right now!