20 facts about me

I thought I’d do a post where I will tell you 20 facts about me. Lets see how good I am at coming up with facts about myself. Not very good I think! Lol. And there is no one to ask since its the middle of the night!

Ok well, here goes!

1. I’ve had 3 guide dogs in total. 2 females, and nitro is my 3rd dog and my first male dog. My other two were called goldie and Maisie. Goldie was a golden retriever, and she was my first dog. Maisie was a yellow lab. I think female dogs are far more independent than the males. Males are more cuddly, more loyal, and more sensitive in my opinion.
2. I am a good singer. I used to be in stage school as a kid and I loved it. I did tap dancing, speech and drama, and singing. I was in a ton of shows.
3. I’ve been to England, spain, france, and the USA!
4. I don’t like coleslaw! I like what’s in it, but I just don’t like the texture of it in my mouth.
5. I once held a snake around my neck. I was at an animal show and the girl who owned the animals was allowing us to hold them.
6 I also held a lizard, and an owl at the same animal show.
7 I once held a starfish at an acquarium, it was an amazing thing, since I cant see them.
8. I used to collect porceline dolls. I still have a few of them.
9. I also collected reborn dolls for a while. For those who don’t know they are life like dolls, and they are super expensive. I have 3 of them.
10. I am an avid reader. I love escaping into books.
11. I’ve been to Disneyworld in florida, twice. I’ve also been to the Disneyworld in paris twice.
12. I can be very sarcastic. People either love me or hate me for it lol.
13. My favourite quality about me if my sense of humour. People think I am very funny. My partner Jess is always saying how funny I am.
14. I am allergic to cats. My allergy isn’t that bad, but as well as being allergic to them, and sneezing a lot when around them, I just don’t really like cats.
15. I used to collect ty beanie babies. I have given mine away now to my niece, but I had a ton of them, I was really really into them for a while when I was younger.
16. I once had my drink spiked at a teen disco. I was with some friends and someone put something in my drink. I got very ill from it.
17. I’ve had my ovaries removed, I had cysts on them back in 2013. The cysts were the size of melons. I had them on both ovaries. Luckily they weren’t cancerous though.
18. I’ve had my gall bladder out. I had it done through keyhole surgery.
19. I’ve had viral meningitis as a kid, when I was 7. I was in hospital for 2 weeks when I had it. I still have awful memories of that time.
20. I’ve studied childcare, social work, and applied psychology, but I never finished any of those degrees, I only did 2 years of childcare, 2 years of social work, and a year of applied psychology, my mental health always prevented me from finishing the college courses.

So what are some interesting facts about you?


I wish the grade for my journal of learning was out, I’ve been waiting and wating for it to appear, my tutor had told me it might be out last week, if she got around to correcting the journals and if not, it might be this coming week.

So far there’s nothing though. I keep checking on blackboard for it. But nothing yet.

Its causing me to be more than a little anxious. I really want a good grade. I am trying to not think about it too much. I am a little nervous, because I was meant to have 1800 words, but I only did 1400 since I couldnt think of anything else to put in to it.

I hope that is not going to effect my grade too much. I am thinking it might though. I might lose marks for not writing the right number of words.

Oh well. It is what it is I guess. What will be will be.

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Update on college

So finally! Finally I got hold of my coordinator in college! And finally she put up my grade on blackboard!
I eventually had to text her and she answered me, I told her that my grade wasnt up. She told me she’d check when she got back in the office. So she did, and she texted me back to say that it was up there, and had been up there for weeks.
I quickly texted her back telling her I didnt see it. So then she rang me. She talked me through where to look. And there it was. My bad. Thats what having no sight will do, you dont see things and blackboard can be hard to navigate at the best of times even with sight.
I asked her about my overall grade, she said it wouldnt show up as the last part of the first module our learner log hasnt been corrected yet. But she told me for the article review I got a B and for my presenation I got an A and she said I’ll probably get an A for my learner log, all going well, so overall I should have a first class honour in the module.
She said she’s hoping to have the learner log corrected this week, and if not then it wont be done for another two weeks, as she’s out of the office next week on annual leave.
I’m really glad I managed to get through to her today. The feedback I got on my presentation was excellent also. She gave me really constructive feedback.
And I really do hope I get a first class honour at the end of my course. A 2-1 is good too but I’d really love a 1-1.

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I am frustrated with the coordinator of my college course, mental health in the community. she was supposed to put up my grade for a presentation she marked for me back in march, she told me my grade, I got an A on it, but I am waiting for her to put up my feedback and grade on blackboard, so I can see where I am at with my overall grade in the module. She keeps saying she will put it up but then she doesnt do it. She only works 3 days a week, so getting hold of her can be hard. I’ve emailed her tons of times about it, and one or two times she got back to me, saying she’d put it up, but lately, she hasnt gotten back to me at all and its still not up. I am beyond frustrated with her. I hate when someone says they’re doing something and then they dont do it. That annoys me to no end. I hope she’ll put it up soon. Meanwhile I will just have to try to not blow a fuse about it.

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Cat nap

Well I lay down at around 6 this evening. I thought I wont sleep, but I ended up napping, and only when my friend Denise texted me with our result did I wake up. She wanted me to call her, so I did. That woke me up but that was after a 3 hour nap. So now I am wide awake, and its late, I took my meds, my night meds, I am hoping I might go back to sleep soon.
I will try for sleep anyway. If I cant or don’t, it wont be the end of the world. I can lay around tomorrow, I don’t have to be anywhere tomorrow. All I will be doing is reading and relaxing.

I’ve finished!

I got my assignment for college done! Yay!
I just finished it!
I’m thrilled to have it out of the way now!
I was going to leave it until tomorrow to do it, but then I had a spurt of energy so I decided to do it tonight.
And I am so glad I did!
Now its done, and I hope I will get a good grade on it!

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1 3rd of the way there!

I am 1 3rd of the way through my assignment for college. I will get the second journal entry written later this afternoon, and if I feel up to it I may even finish it this evening, it all depends on how tired I feel though, so now that I am 1 3rd of the way there, it means I can actually go into work today, and not be stressing out about getting my work done!
Yay, so glad about that!
I love it when my stress level is down!

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