Still feel bad!

I still feel sick. So I am not going in to college today. I am staying home instead!

I feel so achey and weak!

I am going to dose myself up with a lemsip, which is a UK brand of cold medicine. I will make that, take it and hope I feel better in a few hours.

I have plans to go to the gym this evening with my PA instead of going to slimming world. I hope I can still go. I’m thinking I’ll be ok in a few hours.

I got very little sleep last night too which isn’t helping. I tossed and turned all night and felt really bad.

I have a few hours before mom comes over to pick me up. I am going to her house and spending a few nights there. We’re actually going away this weekend to Killarney in co. Kerry. We’re going there for my nieces 11th birthday, we’re having a girly weekend, mom my sister and me and the two kids. It should be fun!

I am so excited to go! I am going to hopefully feel a lot better by then so I can enjoy myself.

Well off to feed the pup and make my lemsip! Catch ya’ll later!

Lunch time post

A quick post. I’m sitting here, coffee in hand. Just had a bite to eat, quickly, in between appointments. Just had a very hard morning. College was tough today. We were discussing a lot about the brain, emotions, CBT, and anxiety. It was a lot to take in.

My brain is just a little bit fried, lol.

Tiredness is also playing a part. I am completely exhausted but running on auto pilot. I know what is going to happen. I am going to get overtired, and then later tonight when I want to sleep I wont be able to.

I need to run soon. I have an apt with dr. barry at 3. Need to talk to her about our emotional state. How overwhelmed we’ve been lately. About the darks and therapy and contacting abusers. About the loss of some of our clients recently, she doesn’t know about the recent losses of our friendly call clients, she only knows of one of them.

Its going to be a busy apt I think. I am really looking forward to getting her perspective on things.

Now I will sit here and slowly drink my coffee and breathe.

I can do this, I can, I can!

Busy day ahead!

i’ve got a really busy day ahead!

first I’ve got to go to college. Spend all morning there.

come home, have a quick lunch, then go see dr. barry. Hopefully I wont be waiting for hours to see her like I was last time I went there.

then come home from that appointment, have something to eat and then go to slimming world this evening. So its gonna be a super busy day with little down time!

And to top it all off, I’ve had no sleep tonight.

I’m exhausted, but its onwards and upwards for me!
I hope I will be able to stay awake in class!
carol anne



I’m such a featherbrain!

I got a taxi home from college. The driver who brought me home also brought me to college. I know him well.

We were chatting on the way home. His phone rang and he started talking to someone. We got to my house and I hopped out of the car.

He walked me into my front door. And what did I do? I forgot to pay him!

I rang the base but the base operator said he had gone on another job. And he couldn’t come back. So he got no money! I will give it to him when I next see him. But that might be a week or two from today.

God what an idiot! I was so busy chatting! It simply went out of my head, but you’d think you’d remember ya gotta pay the driver wouldn’t you?


Weird night of no sleep

Well I’m awake. 6 AM and I am awake. But then I spent most of the night tossing and turning.

I didn’t get much sleep at all. I kept having weird dreams.

I had to get up early though. I have college at 9:30. I have to be gone out the door at 8:50.

I had to see to Nitro, feed him, let him out, as I am not taking him with me. I’ll only be gone until 1 or there abouts. So he’ll be ok here on his own. I’m sure he’ll jump on my bed and snuggle down and just sleep.

I made coffee. Had to get a nice hot steaming mug of that lovely liquid into me.

At least the weathers cooperating today. Its dry outside. No rain, no cold.

I feel relatively stable this morning. Despite no sleep. I feel good. I feel ready to face today.

So bring it on! College hear I come!

Have a great day everyone!

#JusJoJan prompt january 31st 2019

Your prompt for JusJoJan 2019, January 31st is your favorite thing/part/blog post of last year or last month. Talk about what you did or discovered that gave you happiness and/or success. Have fun!

My favourite part of last month was starting college! For those who dont already know, I started a course this month, I am studying mental health in the community. And I am loving it. I find it so interesting, not least because I am a patient, I have a mental illness, so I am learning a whole lot of new stuff about all aspects of mental illness! From the history of psychiatry, to positive psychology, to learning about the different chapters in the DSM, I even have to do a presentation on one disorder, I am thinking I’ll do mine on complex ptsd, or did. I am not sure yet though. But that was my thought. I really love the course so far though. 3 weeks in and I am itching to learn more already. The course is for a year, and at the end of it I get a certificate in mental health in the community. I am so glad I decided to do this. As I work in friendly call, and work with a lot of clients who have mental health difficulties, not only will it help them, but I am also benefiting, and I am hopeful it will help me too. The positive psychology part of the course is really helping, we also did wrap training, which was amazing. I am now qualified to teach wrap if I chose to do that. Or I will be once I get my certificate.

Do you want to build a snowman?

Well, all my plans that I had today are not going to happen at all.

Weather here is too bad to go out in today.

Snow, and ice, everywhere. Its a winter wonderland outside!

I did get up at 6:30 this morning, thinking I’d be ok, and could go to college. I rang my taxi and booked it. Then I started listening to the radio. And they said the area where my parents live is impassible. So I rang back and canceled my ride.

I might be able to get to dr. barry but I am not sure she’s actually coming in. She lives in the country and so she may not be able to get in at all today. My apt isn’t until the afternoon. I will ring later but I’m taking it for now that I wont see her today.

And I wont be going to slimming world either tonight. Its going to snow heavily again tonight. I don’t think I’ll be able to get a taxi. My parents live somewhere where there is a lot of hills, so a taxi wont get up the hills.

So its a snow day!

I’m going to stay home and enjoy my day of rest!

Even my niece and nephew are off school today. Their school stayed closed until 10:30 but my sister said she’s not driving in that weather. She’s too nervous. So she’s keeping them off school today.

Do you want to build a snowman, anyone?