Well, more bad news due to corona!
My graduation has been canceled! The university took the decision to cancel it. They said it will go ahead in October instead of in april.
I am so disappointed, but I guess its better to be safe than sorry!
Also, my niece’s confirmation was canceled, all confirmations were canceled until further notice. She was meant to make her confirmation on March 31st!
Now we’re not sure when she will make it! Its all very up in the air!


Graduating with honours!

So I’ve just recieved my end of year final result from college, and, I’m so proud! I’m happy to say I’m graduating with honours, I got a 2/1, a second class honour! I am so thrilled! What a proud moment this is for us! All our hard work has payed off! I cant believe we did it! There was times during the past year where I wanted to drop out, but I didnt, and now, now I am so happy I stuck it out. My graduation day on april 2nd will be so special. I cant wait to wear the cap and gown and recieve my cert in mental health in the community! What an incredible start to my Monday! This is the best news ever! Am so, so happy right now!

Problem with my results, so frustrated

so now there is a problem with me getting my end of year results from college. it seems my account is blocked, and I cant access my results. It seems the block is on the account since the last time I was in school, which was in 2013. I dont know why its blocked, but I am unable to access the results for my certificate in mental health in the community, so I had to email the fees office and see if they will remove the block. I got an generic email back saying they were very busy and that I should log a student query which I did, but they said then the email would go to my student email address, and I dont know how to access that. So I am just hoping that they’ll see the first email I wrote to them using my personal email account and that maybe they’ll respond to that. I really am unsure why they put a block on my account, as far because as I am aware all fees were payed at the time, even though I dropped out of that course in 2013.

Its annoying, to say the least. I want to know my overall results. I want to know what I got!

I hope they’ll get back to me soon!

That meeting

So the meeting yesterday with the director of adult education was good.

Me and my friend had a lot to talk about with her. There were so many issues we had to bring up.

We had notes, which we read from. And gave her copies of.

She was horrified and very apologetic and said she wished we hadn’t had such a bad experience with the course.

We told her we felt it wasn’t a reflection on the university or the course, but that it was just a reflection on the staff who ran it and organised it.

We read out an email to her that we received, where the coordinator literally told us if we didn’t go to class our fees wouldn’t be payed, you see, the fees were being payed for us. And the coordinator had said you don’t turn up, they wont pay, but it was an empty threat, as the fees were already fully payed up.

My friend Denise said, when we read out that email to her, her face was a picture! She was raging!

She told us that the coordinator would be brought in for questioning! I doubt we’ll find out what happened, but the fact she’s being brought in is good!

I feel the meeting was a success and I am glad we spoke up!

Now perhaps others will have a better experience than I did!

I also spoke up about the accessibility issues I had, and the fact that a lot of the class notes weren’t put up on canvas, and she was again horrified by this.

She said she was going to look into it for me.

She was a lovely girl, very easy to talk to, very approachable.

I’m glad we went and I think it was definitely so worth it to go.

I’ll make my graduation after all, yay

so I found out this afternoon, that my graduation from college is on April 2nd, at 2 PM. That is great. It means I will make the ceremony. Its on a thursday.

I am so thrilled to be able to attend it. We havent officially been told yet, but at the meeting me and my friend went to this afternoon, the girl we spoke with was able to tell us when the graduation would be.

So its great news! Now at least I know I’ll be there, wearing the cap and gown and graduating. My overall results arent out yet, but they will be soon. I think I’ve gotten a 2/1 which is a second class honour.

An important meeting

I have a very important meeting this afternoon. I’m super anxious about it.

I am going to the local university,to meet the director of adult education to discuss my complaints I had with the college course I did last year.

I had complaints with the coordinator, and there were also access issues with canvas, and I am trying to appeal one of my grades.

My friend Denise is also meeting them with me. We’re hoping that the director will be able to do something about the coordinator. She was very bad about getting back to us, she never answered emails or texts in a timely manner, and she gave us very little support when it came to the course work etc.

Hopefully it will all go well. Either way, I’ll have said my piece. Thats all I wanted, was to be able to say what my issues were, and get it out there.

If anythings done about it after that, its a bonus.


I found out my graduation from college will be held in April. Not sure of the exact date yet but it will definitely be some time in April. I am away one weekend in april, the weekend of my birthday which is the 17th to the 19th. So I hope it wont fall on that weekend, as I desperately want to go to it. My tutor told me that we’ll recieve a letter in the mail shortly, with an invitation to the graduation in it. The invite is for me and two guests. I’ll probably bring my mom and my sister with me. She also said there will be instructions on how to go about hiring the cap and gown. You have to pay to hire those out. I really hope it falls on a weekend that I can do, so I get to go and wear the cap and gown. And get photos. Its important to me to make the ceremony. After all I worked hard in school for a whole year. Now I want to stand on that stage and recieve my certificate and be special for a little while.