Presentation time at college

I have been working all morning on my presentation for college, which I will give on Saturday. Its finally done now. I have to give a presentation which is worth 75 percent of my grade for the module we’re doing, the presentation has to target a specific audience, and we have to use narrative to engage the audience. I am doing mine on depression and my target audience is teens. I used a case study and some research and stats to engage the audience. I also discussed the symptoms and causes of depression, and treatment options. I think the finished product looks good, if I do say so lol. I hope I’ll get a good grade. There is another part to the assignment, we must write a 600 word learner log, which is worth 25 percent of the grade. I havent done that yet though. I’m pretty proud that I got the presentation finished. I was worrying about it. I’m so ready for college to be done. On saturday I’ll be finally done. Yay! I am so excited. Its been a tough year. There was a lot of work in the course. I am glad I did it. I am proud I finished it and will graduate soon and get a certificate in mental health in the community.

At my parents, still anxious and feeling off

I am not doing great this evening. I decided to go to my parents tonight instead of tomorrow. So I am here now.
I’ve had a nice long bubble bath and that felt good. It calmed me and made me feel a little bit better. My anxiety is still quite high. I still feel very off.
I gave my PA the morning off tomorrow. I was meant to go to the beauticians in the morning to get my nails soaked off, and get waxing done. However I rescheduled the apt to next tuesday.
I will go to work tomorrow though. I havent been in work this week at all, so I do need to go in. I think I’ll be ok, although I doubt I’ll sleep tonight, as I slept a lot today. I had planned to go out as there was a group of us from the basement club meeting the old staff members for coffee this evening, but I couldnt go. I just didnt feel like socialising with anyone so I canceled it.
I am sure things will get better over the weekend. I’ll be here at my parents now until Sunday. Mom and my sis and me are going to do a little more christmas shopping on saturday afternoon. That will cheer me up. I love the buzz around town at christmas time.
I do need to finish up an assignment for college too this weekend. Its my final one. Thank god! I will finish it on sunday morning. Then I’ll be done with it and can enjoy the last week of college, yay!
I finish on the 7th! Two more classes and we’re done!

Friday evening ramble

I’ve had a pretty good day. I didnt do much. I just relaxed. Mostly I spent the morning chatting to my mom. We were both on our phones for some of it, both on facebook. My mom is now addicted. She is always on there. I only go on there some days and not on others. I did set myself up with instagram though. I am enjoying it. I usually post photos of nitro and me, or of sayings and quotes. I will post some over the next few weeks of things we do as a family, like for example next week or the week after we’ll go to a local christmas market called glow. Its in cork every december. We’re also going to go to a craft fare that is being run to raise funds for friendly call. We’re also going to see the coca cola truck and take my nephew davin to see santa. So a lot is going to be going on over the next few weeks. I’ll also be finishing up school, I finish on 7th december. That day I have a presentation to give, that finishes up the course for us. Tomorrow mom and me are going into town, we’re going to finish off our christmas shopping for the family. Mom also wants to get me some clothes, she wants me to try stuff on so she can get the right size. So we’re going to make a day of it. We’ll also go for something to eat while we’re out. Today mom made chicken curry for dinner. It was yummy. We had rice and pompadoms with it. I ate way too much, but it was delicious. I am stuffed now though. So how has your day gone? What did you get up to?

Class today

I went in to class but man I didnt want to go! I would have prefered to stay in bed. Its very wet outside. I got soaked. I only stayed for half of the class. I left at 11. The class today was about telling your story and that was interesting. We got to watch a video about a woman who was diagnosed as a schizophrenic at age 17 and the doctors told her she’d never recover and she’d be institutionalised and on meds for life. she didnt listen and she went on to get her doctorate and become a doctor of psychology. It was a great story. Her name is patricia deagan. not sure of spelling but look up voices in recovery on youtube to hear her its fascinating and a great message.

I’m done, I’m done!

Yaaaay! I’m done!
I got my assignment finished!
I got up early, at 6:30 and tackled it!
Now I’m done with it, and I feel elated!
So, so happy, think its time to do a happy dance! Anyone care to join in?

Now I can enjoy my week free from college work! For a little while at least!
This week in class this coming wednesday, we’ll be given our last assignment!
We finish in 5 weeks time!
Just in time for christmas!
Its wonderful to have this one finished now!
When your in the midst of it, you think you’ll never get there, but I always do!
Yay! Thanks everyone for all of the encouragement!
You’ve really helped me and inspired me!


Tossing and turnning all night

I only got a little sleep. I started watching tv at around 11 last night, and I got hooked on some shows. I probably shouldnt have, but I was watching crimes that shook britain, it was an old episode which I hadnt seen, it wasnt creepy or too triggery so I decided to stay up and watch it, that show started at midnight, and lasted for an hour. Then I was flicking channels for a while. I was going to watch sex sent me to the ER on discovery home and health but then the tiredness overtook me. I turned off the tv and fell asleep. I did have a few crazy dreams, but mostly what kept waking me up was my cough. It was horrible and I kept having to get up to get a drink. At around 4 AM I was feeling hungry so I ate a banana. I did manage to go back to sleep for about another hour, but at 6:30 I gave up and got up. Had to see to nitro and now he’s fed and was outside, I have a little time to spare before I need to get ready to go to therapy. I’m thinking I probably shouldnt go into work today. It wouldnt be fair to go in and pass my germs around the office. I’ll ring my supervisor later on this morning to let her know. It will give me the morning once I am back home to finish off my assignment for college. I literally have 400 words left to write and its done. I’ll be oh so glad when its finished. Completed and handed in! Uploaded to canvas! What a relief that will be!


whose gonna motivate me?

Cuz I need some ooomph!
I’m so not in the mood to do the rest of this damn learner log!
But then part of me is like, get it over with, dont leave it until tomorrow when you are busy with therapy and work!
Do it now come on come on!
Ok so come on you guys, I need a pep talk!
Whose got some good advice for me?
I’m all ears!
Maybe reading your comments will help me out here, coffee just isnt cutting it!
Lol ❤