All Done!

I’m done, I’m done!
All of my college work is completed! Yay!
Now I just have to go in there on wednesday, and ace the presentation!
You think I can do it? I think I can!
I’m so pleased that I finally have all of it done and dusted!
I just finished brailling out my notes!
Now I can sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of my sunday!


#Socs: Oh fiddlesticks!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is oh. Use it as a word or find a word that starts with oh. Bonus points if you start and end with oh. Enjoy!

Oh. My. God!
Can I say it again?
Oh. My. God!
I’m just like, will I ever get my assignment done?
Its Saturday! College work is not what I want to be spending my saturday afternoon on!
I’d rather be spending my time with friends!
Or relaxing with a good book!
Instead I am preparing a presentation! Ug sigh!
At least I have pepsi! I had to come over to my own house to prepare the presentation, and I have no milk, so couldnt even make a coffee!
Well as you can imagine I am not best pleased at that fact!
I need coffee! At least there is one good thing, when I am done and go back to mom and dads, mom will have my dinner ready for me!
We’re making cottage pie, topped with turnip! Turnip instead of mashed potato! The healthy route!
Its a slimming world recipe! I am looking forward to trying it out!
Well better get back to work now! Adios for a while!


Oh man I got nothing done, again!

Well today was a right off! I got nothing accomplished! Nothing at all!

It looks like I will be spending my Saturday doing college work! I will also try to get some done tomorrow while I am at work! My supervisor has given me permission to do some of my college work for some of the time I am there!

I did so want to make a start on my assignment today. But then, I got too tired! I sat with my dad and watched tv instead!

What a way to get it done, right?

Ah well! I’m not worried, I will get there! I’m sure by this time next week I’ll be saying, why did I stress so much!

By this time next week it will all be over, my presentation will be done, and I will be excited about going to Killarney for the weekend!

Oh did I mention that? I’m off to Killarney on the 25th with my mom and two aunts! For 3 nights! I cant wait to go!

Its going to be a blast! We’ll have a ball!

So now its just do this assignment, get the presentation done next week, and then chill and enjoy Killarney!

How to destress

what do you do
when your head is in a mess
how to destress
advice, please?
who am I kidding
I should learn
To take my own advice
Now I shall
Take a long
Hot bubble bath
Read my book
and chill out
Tomorrows another day



Life is going along just fine!

I’m a little stressed though. My assignment for college is due in a week. I’ve so much to do.

I need to make a start! Well no, I lie. I have already started on it.

I’ve gotten the introduction done, and my methodology.

That leaves me with 4 parts of it to finish up!

I’ve to present it next wednesday, a 7 minute presentation on friendly call!

You’d thinkn I’d nail it! I work for them! But the hard part, is linking the pieces of our module to the friendly call service!

I’m so overwhelmed thinking about it! I want to do well on it!

I am seriously going to try to finish it today! Seriously!

If not then my supervisor said when I go to work tomorrow, I can finish it in work. How nice of her!

My friend Denise is going to put it on powerpoint for me, since I dont know how to use powerpoint. I’m not good with it.

So all I really need to do is, put the document together on microsoft word, and then braille out my notes for my presentation.

OMG guys! I’m stressed!

Why do I leave everything until the last bloody minute?

At least I slept well! I was so exhausted! I went to bed early and I slept, but then, when I am at my parents I always sleep better than when I am at home!

Ok, breakfast time! Bacon on toast for breakfast, yum!

Then I shall start! We hope!


Friends make this world a better place!

I love my friend Denise! She’s in college with me. She has such a kind, caring manner!
She never fails to always be there to help me out in a pickle!
I am so thankful to her!
Todays crisis, is, I need notes! I cant get on to canvas to access the lecture notes, so D is going to email them to me!
That means I will be able to get going on my assignment yay!
I can actually tackle it and be productive!
And I shall try to finish it today!
All thanks to my lovely, amazing, kind mannered friend!
Friends make this world a better place!


My Saturday!

Hi guys!
How are you all doing on this fine saturday?
I am doing great! I’ve been watching tv with my parents, and now I’m retiring to my room for the rest of the night!

On my way to my bedroom I made a little detour via the kitchen to make a coffee! I needed it! I feel so tired! not tired as in I need sleep and I need it now, but just tired as in, sluggish!

I never did any of my assignment for college today! Ah well! There’s always tomorrow, or Monday! I’m not stressing about it! Life is too short for stress!

I had a nice relaxed saturday, just how I like it!

Now its time to go read my book for a while! Nitro is fast asleep! He’s dreaming and making cute doggy noises!I love when he does that!