Open morning for college

so this morning I went to an open morning. It was an open morning for the mental health in the community college course I want to start. It was very interesting. I realised after going to it that I definitely have an interest in doing this course.
We learned about the course, the structure of it, what we’d be doing etc. We’ll be covering four modules. Policy and practice, WRAP, the theory of mental illnesses, and community development. There will also be a research skill component in the course.
It starts on 5th december. We’ll do the WRAP module before christmas. WRAP usually costs 200 euro for a two day workshop, but they are offering it in this course as part of the course work. Which I am super glad about as I’ve never done WRAP before.
I filled out the application form and tonight I have to write a personal statement about why I want to do the course and about where I’m coming from etc. I plan on putting in it that I am a service user, that I work on friendly call and that I want to do this course both because I work in the field and work with mental illness related issues and also because as a service user and a person with lived experience of mental health difficulties I am really interested in it.
It looks like I might be successful though and get a place on the course. I am hopeful. There are about 25 places for people on the course.
So good things ahead for me if I do this. I am excited. Cant wait to start. Its a year long course. And at the end you graduate with a level six qualification, a certificate in mental health in the community.


Mental health in the community college course

so next week on wednesday morning there is an open morning for a college course I want to do which is starting in january of next year. Its called mental health in the community. It usually costs 1000 euro to do it, but the cork city partnership, thats the organisation that runs friendly call, their running it in the community for free, since they got funding to do that. So I am going to go, and see what its all about. Im hoping I can do it! It sounds very interesting, and in my work with them, I come across a lot of people with mh issues, not to mention I also have mh issues! So I would benefit from it too! And I’d also get a qualification from it, a level 6 qualification! So I am excited to go and see what its all about! I hope I’ll learn some things. And I hope I get a place on the course!
carol anne


exit complete

so my exit from the ILS course is now complete. my course tutor and me have been emailing back and forth for the past two days.
she said there were two forms i needed to sign. she offered to fill them in for me and when i collect the remainder of my belongings tomorrow night on my way to slimming world i can sign them.
one is to transfer my disability payment back to my a=bank account, the other is the exit form to let the people who run the course know I am leaving.
she said she’s put the reason down as health reasons but she said she wouldnt give any other details which I am grateful about.
I told her I may come back again at some point in the future, who knows, i might.
she said she’d miss me!
that was nice of her to say so.
so another chapter in my life is complete. and i still feel good about it.

Career preparation

one of my modules on the ILS course is career preparation. this morning I worked on that module. Its quite detailed. There are a lot of different exercises to fill out for it. I made a personal profile. That was not too hard. I had to talk about my strengths, talents, goals and achievements, qualifications, education, etc. I had to pick out careers that I thought suited my personality and profile. Then I had to answer questions on planning a career. I had to explain terms like career, work, casual work, and so on. I spent about an hour and a half working on th e folder. I got a lot of work done. It was great. If I keep working at the pace I am working at now, I will have the module ready to be handed in for the summer and I should have my certificate for it by mid august. My tutor said hopefully the module will help me figure out where I want to go when I am finished the ILS course, I kinda want to work parttime, but we’ll see. It really depends on if I can find a suitable job, if not then I might do a CE scheme, community employment scheme. That is where you work 20 hours a week somewhere, but you only get payed for the work you do by the government, so it is kinda slave labour because your doing the same work that a full time employee would do but your getting a government payment for it. We’ll see. First I need to do this module, and then research jobs and schemes and stuff.

fast movers!

so today i got a lovely compliment, from one of my instructors at the ils course.
she said, your a fast worker, and a fast mover!
me and another guy on the course were doing a team work exercise together.
its really my exercise but i needed someone to work on it with me, so steven thats the guys name said he’d work on it with me.
last week we started it. and we got so much done!
we finished almost half the exercise!
today we finished another part of it. and our tutor said next week we’ll probably complete it!
its for my work experience module. which is almost complete now yay 😀
what we had to do was research two occupations.
so i chose social work. and steven chose cheffing.
it was fun to research them. then we had to build an information folder about our research.
i did enjoy working with steven. he’s a quiet guy. very unassuming. very helpful and thoughtful.
so yay another job done almost. 😀
so excited to almost have this one under my belt.


I am the only one in class again this morning. I am getting a ton of one to one from my tutors.
Right now I am working on two modules, my work experience module, and my career preparation module.
I’ve been filling out my diary for the work experience module. I have to do 10 weeks worth of diary entries. Its a lot and very repetative.
I just did two entries, and now I am waiting for clodagh my tutor to come down with the career preparation module so we can start it.
At 11 AM I am going on the bus to the local shopping mall, to practice the route with Nitro. That should be fun. It will be nice to get out in the fresh air.

Pretty good monday

so despite the intense therapy session and liz feeling emotional and having flashbacks we had a good day over all.
class was good. i’m almost finished now with my healthy and nutrition module. i have a skills demo coming up in 2 weeks. i have to make a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner for it. Im making a fresh fruit salad with linseed mix on it and natural yogurt for breakfast. for lunch im making a salad and having baby potatos with it and brown soda bread. and for dinner I am making a bean and vegetable casserole. I cant sait to do it. I’m excited to do it because I enjoy cooking.
I was the only one in class today. There was meant to be four of us. but one girl wasnt in, and the other two are part timers so they dont come in on mondays. so i had the full attention of my two tutors. one to one time, which was very nice.
After class I chilled out. Read my book. Ate dinner a healthy dinner of chicken vegetables and potatos. NO dessert. I left the kitchen before the dessert was given out.
Spent most of the evening in my room. We napped for a while because Liz was feeling so bad. She said sleep might help her so i let her sleep. now we’re wide awake though. cant sleep at all. probably will stay up for a while yet. might start a new book. or watch something on netflix.