3 cups of coffee later…

And I think I’m ready to face my day…
I’m up, been up since 1:30 AM, showered, dressed…feel more like myself now…
Its 5:30 now, will feed nitro at 7, let him out, need to book my taxi soon so I can get to my apts…
I think more coffee is in order soon…how many cups of coffee do you need to make it through the day?
Can you survive without it? For those of you who dont drink coffee, what do you drink, or use to get through the day?

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Thankful for coffee

i’m thankful for my coffee. where would I be without it?

I slept well. I went to bed around midnight. It took me a while to drop off to sleep but when I did I slept ok. i did wake up once but that was all.

Now I am sitting here enjoying my cup of coffee and the nice fan blowing cool air on me. Its another hot hot day here in ireland today. Thank god I dont have to go out in it.

I was supposed to be volunteering today but I told them I wouldnt be coming in because I thought I’d have the assessment today for that respite place so I canceled my volunteering shift.

I have a busy day tomorrow so its nice to spend today at home. Tomorrow I see dr. barry, and I am going to the basement club as well.

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3 AM

i just woke up. actually i’ve been kinda awake for the last hour or so. i was just tossing and turning, too hot to sleep.
i’m up for the day now i think. i was a little bit hungry so went to the fridge, i saw strawberries in there that i forgot i had, so I ate some of them.
i got some more of my book read last night. i’m still reading did you hear me crying? by cassie moore. its a good book but its very graphic. it goes into a lot of detail about the abuse she endured. i have 3 hours 50 minutes left of it to read.
my mom is coming over later this morning. she said she’d stay here for a few hours. my sisters dropping her off when she is on her way to work. im looking forward to seeing her.
well ok i think i’ll go make some coffee now. then do a little bit of blog reading.
carol anne

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frum erika

me be so hot it warm here
real warm lik i not sure how hot but real hot
nitro drink lotsa water
so do i i had a big botle of it alredy today
i like wen its suny oteside tho
it make me feel good
do the sun make you feel good to?
we goin out in a litle bit
we goin voluntering
i put perfume on and nice body lotion
it ginger soufflet that what it called the lotion
it real nice it smells so good
ok well i gota go now carol anne gota make coffee yucky
erika i 7

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busy day ahead

today I am going to be busy!
I havent slept tonight. probably becausei slept for hours yesterday after therapy. i cant expect to sleep at night if I am sleeping in the day. but it was ok, i did email, read, and listened to music while I wasnt sleeping.
this morning I have an apt to get my 3 monthly shot. its my trevicta shot. for those who dont know trevicta is invega an antipsychotic, but in a 3 monthly shot, I used to take a monthly shot until dr. barry said this would work better. and it has. I’ve had no side effects from it and I especially like that there is no weight gain on it.
so I have to go do that. It wont take me very long. I’m going to get a taxi there and have the taxi wait for me since I’ll only be five minutes in there.
in the afternoon I go volunteer at the cork city partnership. I’m not full time on friendly call. So I’ll be making calls and checking in on people. I love it. I’ll go there at around 1 PM and stay until 5.
Then I have to go to my friend normas house. We have a training session planned. Not sure yet what we’re going to be doing. But I promised her I’d come over this evening since I didnt do it at the weekend. I’ll stay for about 2 hours. I dont have to pay for a taxi to take me there, my taxi’s are payed for by the partnership, but I might get a lift from one of the staff at the partnership and then just get a taxi home.
I’ll be taking Nitro with me when I go volunteering and to normas house but I wont take him this morning whenI go to get my injection.
I just had an amazing hot shower. I was feeling a little anxious and a bit tense and it really helped with that. I feel all refreshed now. Im not dressed yet though. I just made myself some coffee and am drinking that.
Well thats about it for now. I hope you all have a great day today.
carol anne

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