I love my dads lamb stew

My dad made a gorgeous lamb stew for dinner today. It was just mom and dad and me for dinner today, as my sister went to her partners family. Normally she goes to them one week and then to mom and dads house the following week.

The stew was amazing! I dont know exactly how he does it, but he flavours it with all sorts of things, and it tastes delicious. The meat was so tender. I really enjoyed it. I was totally famished by dinner time so I ate a huge plate of it.

After dinner I got ready and went home to my own house, mom came with me and we picked up her sister on the way also. Now mom and her sister have left and they are going to go shopping for a while. Then tonight moms babysitting for my sister.

I’m going to go make a coffee and then watch the celebrity X factor on tv. I hope its going to be good. I have beenn looking forward to it all day.

Morning time with Nitro!

Just let nitro out for his morning run! He only goes out in the garden, in my back yard, but he loves sniffing around out there! He acts like he’s never been out there haha! He is always exploring and trying to find new things to sniff at! But you know what the worst thing he does is? He eats pooh! Omg guys! Its gross! He doesnt do it a lot but he does do it some. Its so disgusting!

Anyway, its his breakfast time now! He’s wagging his tail with gusto! And I know he’ll eat his breakfast with zest! He’s a lab, after all!

I’m hoping my pa frances can get some cool pictures of him today. I love taking pictures of him. I am going to try to get one of him eating some fruit.

Anyway I should finish up my coffee and then go feed him otherwise he will whimper at me for food!


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Work soon

I’m off to work soon. In about half an hour.

Anthony who drives the bus is going to pick me up. He drives a bus, the bus takes clients to hospital apts, and to other appointments. Since Brenda my supervisor is off today, he’s picking me up.

I cant wait to get into the office to tell my colleague trish that I’m off to colorado next May. She’s going to be so jealous. I bet when she finds out I am traveling on my own she’ll be like Omg!

I’ll work until about 4:30! Then come home, make dinner, which is chicken and rice, and after dinner, I will chillax for the rest of the evening.

For someone whose been up since 2 AM I am doing well! I am not even tired! Probably all the coffee I’ve had, I’ve had about 5 cups of coffee this morning!

Well better get going and get ready for work! Adios!

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#Socs: The taste of coffee!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is -tast-. Find a word that contains tast and use it in your post. Enjoy!


I’m wide awake at 3 AM. I didnt sleep well. Probably because I had a nap in the afternoon yesterday. Well I was not doing anything else, and I hadnt slept well the night before either. So a nap it was.

I got 3 hours of sleep in the afternoon yesterday, and tonight I went to bed at around 10:30 and slept until just after 2 AM.

I doubt I’ll sleep any more now. So what did I go do? I went to my trusted coffee. I made a brew. A cup of smooth coffee. Yum! It tastes delicious! I love how this particular coffee tastes! Its expensive, a jar of it cost me 10 euro but its worth it.

Its pouring down outside. Its so sootheing to listen to the rain. I love it.

I have therapy in a few hours. We’re looking forward to going. We have to tell her we booked our trip to colorado to see Sarah. And we also have to talk about other stuff, allie is going to have some time, as will liz.

Then I am working this afternoon on friendly call. My supervisor is off today so I hope there arent any problems. If there are I suppose I could ring her or just wait until she’s back in the office tomorrow because I work tomorrow also. I wont be on my own so if anything does come up I’m sure I can ask someone else’s opinion about what to do.

Well off to drink this coffee! ❤


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I had a decent nights sleep

I made myself go to bed relatively early. I watched a documentary on tv after the 9 O’clock news. That was over by 10:30 and once it ended I went straight to bed. I didnt think I’d sleep but I surprised myself, I fell asleep almost straight away. I did wake a few times on and off, but overall I slept well. I only woke at around 4 AM. I decided then to get up. So now I am up but I feel a lot better than I did yesterday, the sleep must have did me good. I made a coffee and am drinking it now. It tastes like heaven. I am listening to the radio also. I heard an interview with the author Louise O’neill who wrote the book, asking for it. That was a good book, its about a girl who was raped, its fiction but its an irish author, and a great read. My PA frances will be here at 9 AM. I need to to to the pharmacy to drop off my prescription, and I also have to hand it into the doctors as the pharmacy can only dispense one week worth of it, after that you have to get the rest of it from your GP. I’ll be starting the clonadine tonight. Well I hope I will, I hope the pharmacy will have it in stock.

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#Socs: Chasing away the blues!!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is blue. Talk about the first blue object you see when you sit down to write your post. Have fun!

The object nearest to me thats blue is, my coffee mug!
And I’ve had a lot of coffee today already! I’m all caffinated!
I should be starting an assignment for college but, I’m procrastinating! Whats new! Story of my life hahaha!
I want to have my weekend free! I’m telling myself that I dont really know what I am supposed to do for the assignment, so I should wait until next weekend to start it. Of course I could go read the brief we got and then I’d know!
Thats too much like hard work to me though!
Ok, lets have another coffee? Yes?
In my blue mug to be sure I dont feel blue?
Coffee wards off the blues did you know that? 😀


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Early morning post

Sleep came easily for me tonight! I think because I was so overtired!
I went to bed at 8:30. I read for an hour and then went right to sleep. I woke again at around midnight, and stayed up for about 40 minutes. Then I went back to bed until just after 3 AM.
Now I feel great!
I’ve made a coffee, and now I am listening to the repeat of a talk show on the radio. I love it when I get good sleep!
My PA frances gets here at 9. We dont have to much to do. We’ll probably just do some housework. I was going to go out to get money for the week, but mom offered to get it for me over the weekend, so I decided to wait.
Mom and my sister are taking the kids to a circus this weekend. I’m not going. I was the one who gave them the tickets. I got them free at work. I could’ve gone, but I think it will be too visual and I dont think I’d get any benefit out of it.
On sunday though we’re going to a buddhist centre, for the day. Its a good distance away. Its in west cork. Thats a pretty long drive away. We’ll go and have lunch there and look around. I’ve never been there but my aunt whose also going said the views there are stunning, so maybe I’ll get some good pictures while I am there. I am excited to do that.
I think on saturday when they go to the circus, I’ll go visit my friend Norma. I’ll see. I went to visit her last weekend, so maybe I wont go this weekend, it will all depend on how I feel when I wake up on saturday morning.
I’m supposed to be working today. I might not go in though. I kinda feel like I need a break. Again I’ll see how I feel. Part of me wants to just go. I dont want to let my supervisor down. Or the clients. But partly I feel like I am a little overwhelmed at the prospect of having to listen to clients problems for a few hours straight.
Anyway. Time to go drink my coffee. Catch you all later!

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