i wish

its jaylee. im 9. I wish I was going shopping for dresses tomorrow! I like dresses, they’re so pretty. I want to try on all of the dresses in the store. like lauren is doing. carol anne said if we lose enough weight we might get a dress for laurens confirmation too. I hope we can. I want to look pretty! we have to get rid of our belly first though.

that’s the hard part, our belly is fat. I hate it. we need to do more exercise to get it to go down! exercising is hard but its the only way to get rid of fat, well eating healthy also, but that doesn’t get rid of it.

I hope lauren finds a nice pretty dress. she’s probably gonna try lots of them on. she’s excited to go. I would be too I think.

Moms mothers day present

so mom and me went shopping as planned this morning. i wanted to get her something for mothers day which is tomorrow. we had a good browse around all the different stores in the mall. she looked at a lot of different outfits. she wanted to get something to wear for my cousins wedding which is in june.
after much browsing around she settled on a nice pair of flowery dress pants, a lemon dress top, and a jacket, I am not sure of the colour of that. I also got her a nice bag and a scarf to match those.
I spent almost 100 euro on her. But she’s so worth it! I felt bad as I hadnt gotten her a card. I thought I’d be able to go with my PA to get her one, but then I had canceled my PA for this week, and it just didnt occur to me to ask my sister to pick one up for me. She said it was ok, and that it didnt really matter to her about a card. She said she was very happy with what I did get her.
I’ll have photos to show you tomorrow. I’m saving the photo post of her in her new clothes for when its actually mothers day.
So it was a great shopping trip. We had a lot of fun. And we enjoyed the time spent together looking around the stores too.

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#whatif prompt 24th september

Today’s prompt:

🙇 my favorite hat 🎩

Feel free to respond in your favorite way whether it be a poem, short story, photo, video . . however you best relate to the prompt. Simply post your ideas, create a ping-back and use the hashtag #whatif.

I don’t really wear hats. Sometimes I do wear hats in winter. But normally I don’t wear them.

I use to wear baseball caps a few years ago. It was a phase I went through.

My fave hat is a winter hat. Its fluffy and has tassles on the ends of it. Its so cute. I love wearing it.

I must say though I prefer scars to hats. I do have a nice scarf that matches the hat with the tassles on it. Its really nice and sometimes I wear them both at the same time.

Do you like wearing hats?


Weight loss accomplishment and new clothes

so yesterday when I was going to get my new phone, i decided that I’d bring a coat with me. I decided to try on my jeans jacket, I hadnt worn it in months, before, when I wore it I couldnt tie it because I was too fat and it wouldnt tie on me.
Yesterday though, I was able to comfortably tie it, it fit perfectly and I even had a little breathing room in it. I was so excited! I couldnt believe it! Thats how I can really tell I’ve lost weight now! Clothes that used to not fit, now fit! Yay!
After shopping for my phone, I went to try on some new clothes. I wanted to get something to wear for wednesday nights awards ceremony. I went first to evan’s store, its a plus size clothing store but they do regular sizes too. I couldnt find what I wanted in there, even though I tried on a few tops. None of them fit the way I liked.
So off we went to new look, another clothing store. I tried on a few more tops while in there and a jeans too. A white jeans. The jeans fit but it was still a little tight, so I decided to wait a few more months before I’ll start wearing jeans again. Instead I’ll wear leggings on wednesday night, a white leggings, I did get a nice dress top, one that comes off the shoulder.
So I am very happy. I tried some shoes too but none of the pairs I tried fit me comfortably so I will just wear a pair that I own already. I have really broad feet so I find it hard to buy shoes at the best of times and normally I have to buy really expensive shoes to get a pair that fit me right.
It was a good shopping trip though. I’m happy with the top I bought. I will look lovely for the award ceremony on wednesday night, and thats what matters most.

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