Stupid anxiety

I’m so anxious. I just took my night meds.
I know I won’t be sleeping. I wish I could. I feel wired though. I am shaking too and my heart is pounding.
Dr. Barry said today that I am presenting with very high anxiety for the last couple of months. We talked a little about it and she said for the past year and a half my anxiety symptoms have just gotten worse and worse. She’s right, they definitely have gotten worse.
I wish I wasnt always so anxious. There really is no rhyme or reason to when the anxiety spikes, but I have noticed it spikes more during the evening and night time.
Right now I think I’ll go make a cup of tea. See if that doesnt calm me down.
I might also snuggle with Nitro, he always calms me down. I dread the day when I don’t have him to calm me down.
Hoping the clonadine I took will kick in soon too!
Send me some positive mojo if you can!