I’m impressed with the amount of groups that our psych hospital runs for patients

so i’ve been so impressed with the amount of groups that are run in our psych hospital. there are at least a couple on every day. they run a relaxation group each afternoon, they put a cd on and it guides you through a relaxation exercise for about 20 minutes. Yesterday I went to a guided meditation group, which was kind of similar. They also had mindfulness yesterday, where they did coloring in adult coloring books. Right now they have a music therapist coming in and they are composing a song and going to record it. I havent gone to that workshop yet but this week I probably will. They run a womens group, where women can go get their nails and make up done, and just do general girly things. There are activities like bingo, quizzes, games afternoons all run by the OT’S. Sometimes the OT’s take a group of patients out for a walk and a coffee. There is an inpatient peer support group which I went to this week and which I found to be really good. Sometimes at different times other groups will be run, like distress tolerance, staying well when you leave hospital, different psychology related groups too. There is also AA meetings and a weekly community meeting, and narcotics anonymous meetings for patients.
Overall I think our hospital does a fantastic job of providing good groups for patients to engage in while they are an in patient.

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