todays Busy work shift

i worked a lot today. i worked my own shift, doing my own calls, and then my supervisor rang me, one of the other girls who works was ill, and she was short so she asked me if I’d do her calls as well. So instead of calling about 25 people, I called 50 or so. I was wrecked by the end of it. talking to people is so hard, sometimes. most of my clients were ok, but a few were feeling down and depressed. it was tough to hear them so down and upset. I didnt really know many of them, as they were our morning clients, and I dont normally work mornings, but during the pandemic we are just given a list, and we have to work from that list, I knew one or two of them, but it was hard, as when I didnt know them I wasnt sure what I should be talking about with them. I had to take a nap after work finished. I was totally drained. I work again tomorrow but I will only have my own calls to do then, so thats good, its less pressure. I had last week off of work, because of Nitro being unwell, so I felt refreshed going back to work this week. Sometimes its good to have a few days off to rejuvinate.