Work today was hectic!

work today was good, but very taxing. a client kept phoning the office, over and over.
We had called her, and one of the other volunteers, spend a whole hour on the phone with her. She’s a very needy client. She has complex mental health issues, and thats fine, I mean there is nothing wrong in that, but none of the volunteers are really trained to deal with that sort of thing.
I’m doing my mental health in the community course, so I will be trained in dealing with complex mental health stuff soon, but for now I am winging it.
We had to tell her that we needed to make a lot of other calls, so we couldnt spend a lot of time talking to her after the initial call, which had lasted for an hour.
We felt so bad for her. But she had her daughter coming over. We decided to call her daughter to make sure she was definitely going to visit her, since she’d been quite upset on the phone.
Then I had to call another clients sister, she is the clients contact person to call in an emergency. I had tried to get through to the client, but she wasnt answering her landline or cell phone at all. That is very unusual for her not to answer. Normally she’s always in and she always answers our calls.
I got through to her sister, who said she’d contact the clients son, to make sure she’s ok, my worry was she might have fallen, or be ill, and unable to call someone to let them know. She lives alone, and she is elderly.
I really am hoping she’s ok.
Some days work is really busy. And some days, like today, sometimes its very hectic and it depletes me of energy. I was glad to get home, I am going to relax for the rest of the day now. We have an outing next week, on thursday, we’ll be taking the clients out for afternoon tea. I dont know yet if I am definitely going, but I will if I am able and dont have anything else to do.


worked today

I worked today. it was a good shift.
the office was busy. there were 3 of us in. two new girls started recently. they are still learning the ropes.
they’re nice girls. very friendly.
i had one hard call, a client got very angry saying he needed to go to a hospital apt and he had nobody to go with him, we offer a bus to transport people, my supervisor said she wasnt going to offer that to him though. he fell out with his family, argued with them and she said he’s trying to get us to bring him and he needs to just make up with his family since they’re really ggood to him. so she said she isnt going to offer to take him.
when i told him that he should make up with his family he hung up on me. my supervisor said she spoke to his sister yesterday to ask her if he really doesnt have anyone to take him, and she told her what happpened and that they’d fallen out.
it was a tough call to take. i didnt have any background on him either until the call ended. when i was on it my supervisor asked me who i was talking to and what was going on because she heard me struggling with the call.
I am so glad I have her and that she’s in the office mostly when we’re working. she’s a great support as she knows all of the clients very well, better than I know them at least.
i was in work for 3 hours. i was tired at the end of my shift and when she dropped me home i had some dinner and then napped for a while. i’m glad i went in today. i go in again tomorrow afternoon.

busy work shift

just got home from work. it was a busy afternoon. before i got to the office, my supervisor asked me to go to a ladys house and fix her tv. so we did that. the lady in question had a bad hygiene problem. the house smelled really bad. my supervisor said she wont let anyone help her to clean herself up. so she smells really bad too. it was hard to sit there while my supervisor tried to fix her tv. the smell was over powering. but i did it. and we did fix her tv. after we did that we had to go to a lauderette an dhand in someones bag of laundry, the client in question whose laundry it was was in the hospital. so after we did that we finally got to the office. it was 2:40 by the time we actually got to the office. i had a long list of calls to make, but i got through them all. mostly all of my clients were ok today. one lady did say her knees were hurting real bad, another lady said she feels she’s going downhill, it was sad to hear her say that, this lady is 92 years old. a lovely sweet lady she is. it was nice to get to talk to them all. i had my regular list today, the ones i am used to calling, the ones i know really well. my supervisor is going to be out of the office now for a few days, she told me to email her in the morning and she’ll send me on my list for friday. i’d better not forget to do that. there were two new staff today too, they are going to be making calls, it was an overall great shift. i am exhausted now. i came home, and cooked, and now I am just messing around online. I am going to turn on the tv soon and watch something. then I might read later on this evening.

Work calls

Well my supervisor just texted me. Apparently they’re short staffed for tomorrow in friendly call, so she asked me if I can come in for the afternoon.
I was able to do it for her. I’m not doing anything in the afternoon. So I guess now I am going into work.
Its good because it will give me something to focus on and take my mind off of my mood instability for a few hours.
I told her I need to take Friday off, since I have my cousins wedding next weekend, and on friday I need to get my nails and waxing and tan done.
She said that that was fine, not a problem. I’ll do tomorrow afternoon, and tuesday afternoon.


Work went well today!

had a great shift at friendly call this afternoon! went in around 1:30 or so. another volunteer had done some of my calls for me. so i only had half the amount to do that I’d normally do. All of my clients were in good spirits! One lady had just come out of hospital, she had a mini stroke, she’s doing a lot better now, another of them was in hospital, after being shifted in there on Wednesday, she’d been very ill last week and my supervisor had gone to her house and taken her to the doctor. Other than those two though mostly everyone was ok, and doing well. I was happy to hear it. I got to speak with one lady who I hadnt spoken to in a few months. She’s gone into a nursing home now but she still gets a call each day. Today when I phoned her she picked up, usually she doesnt. So I got to see how she was doing which was so nice. It was so nice to touch base and hear her voice. She got a little confused and kept calling me the wrong name, but I just let it go. I knew she was just confused and its part of her illness. There is a girl on placement in the office at the moment for 12 weeks, a student, she’s studying to be a public health nurse, she’s really nice. She asked me today if I’d be willing to be interviewed for her research she’s doing, I said I would help her out if I can. So over all a good day. I got home around 4 PM, ate dinner and now am going to just chill for the rest of this evening.
carol anne


Volunteering today

so volunteering went well. i had a quiet shift today. i got all my calls done relatively quickly. all of my clients were doing well. one of them was ill, and one was in hospital, but other than that, they all seem to be fine.
some of them are so sweet. one of them said i was his favourite volunteer. he said he liked hearing the sound of my voice.
another one told me to have safe travels this weekend, and she said she was thinking of me last weekend when I had to do college work, the weather last weekend was bad and she said it was a good thing it was bad when I had to work.
the clients always make a point of asking me how i am, if I am busy, what I’m up to for the weekend, etc.
its so sweet. they love to know about me, and I enjoy sharing some stuff about myself with them.
Also today, my supervisor asked me if I could do some extra shifts, she said if she’s short staffed, would it be ok for her to call me, so I told her the days and times I could do, and that I’d be free to come in.
Its nice to know I am needed, and I dont mind having to come in extra days, I enjoy it very much.


Short staffed

I just had a call from my supervisor at friendly call. She aksed me to go in early today. She is out sick and she said they are very short staffed. She’s been out sick for a few days now. She is doing some of the calls from her house, that’s how short staffed they are. She told me she’d send me on a list of my calls soon. I told her that it wasn’t a problem, I can go in an hour earlier. Im not doing anything else so that will be fine. She asked me if I could get a taxi in, as trish cant leave the office to come get me. Not a problem. I already booked it. Now I just need to get myself ready to go. While I was on the phone with her I also made a point of telling her about the other volunteer who was there with me last Friday. She’s constantly letting all of the work to me and others, last week it was just me and her, and trish, but trish’s job isn’t to make calls although she will give a hand if needs be. Anyway last Friday the other girl, the one who doesn’t do her work, she was listening to music on her phone, instead of making calls. So I told Brenda about it. Brenda said she knows she’s doing it and she is going to see what she can do about talking to this girl, she’s done the job for over 5 years, so its possible she’s burnt out. But if she is, she needs to take a step back, not come in and say she’s going to do the work and then leave it all to the rest of us. I am looking forward to going in today. I only got a few hours of sleep but it will be ok. I enjoy my volunteer work. I always look forward to it. It gives me purpose. I love all of the clients. Some of them have a tough life. Some of them have no contact with anyone except us on a daily basis. So I feel its important that they get that call, someone to check in and see they are ok. Safe and ok. I am glad I am that person. Brenda said my list should be with me before the end of the morning. Now am off to get dressed and shower. I’ve already eaten breakfast and let nitro out. So he’s sorted. Now to just get myself ready…