Its disgusting

I’ve just spent 20 minutes unblocking my shower drain with my mom. It was so disgusting. There was so much hair down there. We used a whole bottle of mister muscle drain cleaner on it, it was that bad. There was even some of Nitros hair down there. How that got there I dont know! My mom thinks I brought it in to the bathroom on my feet. I hate cleaning the drain. The smell is awful. I hope I dont have to do it again for a while. It should be fine now for at least another six months. All going well I mean. What a horrible job though! I absolutely hated doing it but it has to be done!

#Socs clean!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is clean/dirty. Use one, use both, use em any way you like. Enjoy and have fun!

I am loving that my house looks so clean. The new relief pa I have she is brilliant. She cleans the house thoroughly. I dont even have to get after her about it. She knows exactly what to do, it helps she has dogs, because she knows that there will be a lot of dog hair to clean up. She automatically does it. She spends ages vacuming, and mopping the floors, making the house smell great! I have this floor cleaner, that smells so good! I love it! It has a lemony smell to it!

As well as a clean house, I too am feeling all clean. I love having a hot shower each morning! Its so refreshing, so healing, I love letting the water run on me, I use face wash, shower gel, and then once out, I lather myself in body butter, and deodrant.

I love that now I have a new electric shower, it is so awesome, and makes a huge difference to my life! As there is no waiting for the water to heat up, I can just get in when I want to!

As one of our alters emily whose 12 says about cleaning, a clean room is a happy room!

And a clean body equals a clean mind, thats what I say!

Until next time, happy Saturday!


Work crisis

There was a bit of a crisis at work today. What happened was a client who my supervisor visits regularly, rang. He said he was in the psych ward, and the psych ward wanted to discharge him, and he had no where to go. He’d had an argument with his family, and they’d thrown him out of the house, so he’d ended up in the psych unit. The family are very disfunctional. There are 3 people living in the house, the mother, whose a raging alcoholic, and her son and daughter, the son is who rang, he’s not in good physical health, and he has mental health issues. The daughter is obese, like morbidly obese, and she cant walk as she has some sort of disability on top of the obesity.
My supervisor visits them every friday, however today, she went into the hospital to the son, got him a new phone as he said he had none, then he asked her if she’d go to his flat, as he had a flat but he hadnt stayed there in a while. He said the flat was full of rubbish, mainly beer cans, and stuff. So my supervisor went over there to clean it for him, as the psych ward agreed to keep him in until tuesday, my supervisor brought one of the other volunteers with her, to help her as she’s supposed to be going on holidays today after she finishes, and so she wanted to get this all done before she leaves.
It was a huge crisis, and it was so huge that my supervisor actually forgot she was to pick me up. It was only when I rang her to ask her if she was on the way that she went oops so sorry, I’ll tell you all about what happened when I get there, which she did.
I dont know what happened after she got back from his flat, as I was gone home before she got back to the office. I hope everything worked out though. Its not even in her job description to do this sort of thing. Its so good of her to do it for him, but she said she’s very fond of the son and daughter, and they’re in a terrible situation, its so sad, and I think she felt sorry for the son.
It is just an awful awful predicament to be in. Then after she got done cleaning the sons flat, she had to visit the daughter, and pretend she hadnt heard from the son, as the son and daughter had had an argument and they arent on speaking terms. What a flipping nightmare!


JusJoJan prompt jan 29th, late but, lets get dirty!

Your prompt for January 29th is the word, dirty!

Now what can I write? Hmmmm. Should I write about how dirty my house is? Ok maybe to others it looks like its relatively clean, but to me, its filthy! I cant wait for my PA to come tomorrow morning and give it a thorough cleaning! That is if she can get here at all, given that we’re having snow and ice and all sorts of wet weather lately.
I should also probably tell you that I am a lazy sod! Yes, I totally own it. I didnt wash my dinner dishes tonight, I left them in the sink! I couldnt be bothered, I just had no mojo to do it. I guess I should have cranked up my music and just tackled them right? Ah well the positive if you can call it that is, there are only a few dishes, not tons of them. So I can get them done pretty quick if I actually set my mind to doing it.
And now after confessing to you all my wonderful readers how dirty my house is, its time to hop in the shower as I feel so dirty, time to enjoy my lovely rose scented shower gel, and body lotion, which I always put on after my shower.
Good night for now peeps. ❤

#SoCs sept 29th

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is dom. Use it as a word, or find a word that starts or ends with it. Have fun!
The first word that popped into my head was…domesticated!
Me, I am not at all domesticated, although, I have learned to do some things over time. Living on my own has taught me a lot!

I have learned that if you leave the dishes, they dont get done! If you dont pick up after yourself, you live in a pigsty!

And I do not like living in a messy house! So I have learned to clean up after myself. 😀

Growing up, my mom and dad didnt teach me a lot of domestic skills. I guess they taught I didnt need to learn them! But I think I did!

In the bording school I went to, we had to do a lot of chores, so that is where I learned most things. I learned to wash dishes, dry dishes, lay a table, sweep floors, etc. I had to, I didnt have any choice in the matter…we had to do them and that was that.

At home I never had to lift a finger. Not until I moved out to live on my own did I have to clean, and then, I grew up fast let me tell ya!

Now though I am glad I can clean, I am glad I can do for myself, yes I do have help, my PA helps me out now, but if I had to do it on my own, I would be able to do most things.



so while I am wide awake at 1 AM I decided to do something productive. So…
I tackled the big mound of dishes I had which I hadnt done in days. I got them all done! Yay!
Thats progress!
I also wiped down all of my work surfaces. I feel better now that thats done. And I felt productive so win win to me!
Now to try to sleep…I’m afraid that wont be a win to me. I shouldnt have napped today for 3 hours. I’m paying for it now. Really need to get my sleep schedule back on track, and sleep at the appropriate times!
Well, if I dont sleep I’ll read! Thats always anoption.
carol anne


Waiting, and waiting…

im waiting for my PA to come. she’ll be here in half an hour.
i want her to clean for me. to be honest she isnt very good at cleaning. she does an ok job i guess but its not like my old PA kristen used to do. Kristen was great. She got everything done and when she vacumed she really gave the place a good going over.
this girl, nuala, doesnt do that. she only vacumes for about 5 minutes. she doesnt attempt to get all of nitros hair off of my rugs. she says she cant. i do know its hard to get the hair off but i dont think she tries that hard.
anyway. i was going to book my taxi to take me to my parents house but decided against it. i decided to just wait and see what time we finish up with the housework at.
i hate waiting. its so boring. i started to watch a show on tv, some crime show but i turned it off 15 minutes in to it.
i was going to read my book but then I never did. I made some coffee and am drinking that now.
carol anne