Question of the day

Do you go to church? If you do is your faith strong or do you struggle with it?

Well for me I didnt go to church regularly, and I havent gone in a very long time actually.

I go for things like confirmations, communions, funerals, etc. But other than that, I dont go at all.

I’m about to change that though. I asked mom tonight if she’d go with me each weekend, she said if she’s free she will. So I said I’d like to try that out for a while, I feel it is time. I’m ready to embrace god and church.

I think this will be interesting! It’ll be interesting to se how we do with it.



I did something uncharacteristic today.

I went to church. The rememberence service for the dead was on today. My aunt died last year, and her name was included in the 100 names of people that have passed away in the past year in our parish.

So I went to it, and I am proud of myself. It wasn’t an easy thing to do.

It was a very lovely service. There was a beautiful choir. Everyone who had lost someone got a candle to light. And all the names of those who died were read out.

I sat transfixed. I thought we’d be triggered. Quite the contrary though, we weren’t. Not in the slightest. I was so amazed by that too.

I even received communion, something I haven’t done in a long time. And I prayed. I prayed for friends. I prayed for family. I prayed for closure and for my continued healing.

At the end of the service I lit a candle for my grandad and gramma. And I said a silent prayer of thanks to them both. I thanked them for allowing me to stay mentally well these last 12 months. For allowing me to stay out of hospital. For allowing me to continue to heal, and for some other stuff, like my weight loss, like my good health, etc.

And now that its over, I am so glad we went.

And now, now I am seriously thinking about going back to church on a regular basis, like each weekend, going to mass, on sunday mornings. I’m seriously really seriously considering it.

For now though, I’m feeling content, I feel good, really good actually. Happy and very content. And very proud that I pushed myself to attend the service tonight.

A perfect saturday

im having a good day. i woke up at the butt crack of dawn. I was so hungry. I went to the kitchen and got a pear, then I promptly fell back to sleep after I ate it.Then of course Nitro woke me up. He wanted out. So I let him out and then got up. Showered and ate breakfast. Mom and me decided to go out. I was going to the gym to do a workout. I did the bike, 2 KM on it. I did the treadmill for 20 minutes too. I didnt lift weights today though. It was a great workout. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt so good afterwords. Exercise really does lift my mood. My mood was a little bit low today. Not sure why, I just felt off. But after my workout I felt good again. My mood picked up. We decided to walk to the gym, even though it was drizzling rain. We were going to get a bus, but we decided we’d have to wait too long for one so we just walked. It only takes 10 or 12 minutes to get to the gym from moms house. AFter my gym workout we went across the street to a local shopping mall. I wanted to do a little bit of christmas shopping. I ended up getting my friend norma some tommy girl perfume. I also got my uncle a gift set. Just a little gift set with body wash and other stuff in it. I got my nephew a birthday present, he’s six on friday. I got him a road blocks set, you know, he’s really into road blocks. Then I wanted to look for some jeans to wear. Its been years since I was able to fit in a pair of jeans. I found some that I loved. I tried two pairs. And one fit really well. So I bought that, and I also got a nice dress top to wear. It was lovely. I thought both the jeans and top would come to 35 euro, but when I went up to pay they only came to 32 euro. So I saved a little on them. I ended up also going in and buying some fruit for the week, some milk, and the ingredients for a chili. We were going to cook this afternoon but mom said she is feeling tired so she asked if it is ok if she waits until tomorrow morning to cook. We got a taxi home. Tonight I have to go to church, there is this mass on for all the people in the parish who have died in the past year. My aunt died last year and so she is included in the mass. So all of the family are going to it. I plan on wearing my new outfit to church. Im kinda apprehensive about going. I dont normally go to church as its triggering to us. I go if I have to, like for funerals, confirmations, etc. But I do need to go tonight to show my respect. So I will do it. I hope it will be ok though. I’m a little worried about it. Other than all that though it has been a great saturday so far.


#SoCs notice

The prompt for this weeks stream of consciousness is notice.
this weekend I cant help but notice how much the church is in the news. its because the pope is visiting Ireland this weekend.
I wont be going to see him, I wont even be watching any of the festivities on tv.
its all over our news though. every time I turn on the tv its there. its a little bit frustrating. only because I am not religious and don’t go to church so I really don’t see the fuss and there is a huge fuss being made about it all.
apparently there is going to be half a million people visiting the phoenix park tomorrow to hear the pope say mass.
I’m just glad I don’t live in Dublin. It would be super hard to get around. And everythings so expensive. They’ve really hiked the prices up just because the pope is visiting.
So my question to you all is, would you go see the pope if he visited your country?

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Aug. 25/18

The royal wedding

so i gave in. i decided to watch the royal wedding.
mom had it on the tv so i really had no choice. well ok i had a choice, i could have walked out of the room. but anyway, i decided to watch it.
it was really good, i enjoyed the singing. the choirs that sang in it were nice.
i’d say there was a massive amount of security there though. there were over 2000 people lining the street and outside the church to watch it on a big screen.
plus then it was also shown on the tv. so really the entire world got to see harry and megan be married. i cant quite fathom that. can you imagine the whole world looking on as you got married?
i dont think i’d like that at all.
mom said the carriage they got into at the end of the church service was beautiful, a horse drawn carriage. i wonder if they showed the royal wedding in the states, since megan is from america?
I’m glad I decided to watch it though. It was very interesting.
Did you watch it? Do you have interest in the royals?
carol anne