Iceskating is not for everyone!

My sister took her kids iceskating today. There is a skating rinc here in our city, it is put up every year in December, until mid january. She’s taken the kids there for a few years now. Lauren likes it, but Davin doesnt. He cant get the hang of skating. His legs keep slipping from underneath him. So he’s not kean on skating. I guess skating isnt for everyone. Davin is just 7. Even Lauren gets fed up of it after a while. So my sister said this is her last year of going. Next year she isnt going to take them.
I remember one time when I was in the states, I went iceskating. It was a few years ago now. Me and Jess we just decided on a whim to go. I never thought that being blind I wouldnt be able to do it. I dont let my disability hold me back. So off I went. Granted skating was very very hard. I fell all over the ice. I must have fallen about 15 times. I was lucky I didnt hurt myself when I fell. I’m glad I experienced what it was like to iceskate though. I had always wanted to try it out.

Up, up!

So at weigh in this morning, I was up 2 pounds! I kinda knew I would be up! I am not too disappointed about it. Considering that its christmas I didnt do too bad at all! Others were up 5 or even 7 pounds! I am glad it was only 2 pounds! I will lose that by next week. Last year I gained 7 pounds at christmas and it took me the best part of six months to lose it! At least this year the 2 pounds will come off within a week! That is my hope anyway! I am glad I went to my two weigh ins over christmas. It really kept me on track and I was more mindful of what I ate and how much I ate. I feel ok about the gain! It wasnt a huge surprise to me and I am feeling ok about it.

Check in with our CPN Sarah!

Yesterday afternoon, our CPN Sarah called. Dr. Barry had made a referral, and asked her to call us over christmas, to check in with us and see how we’re doing. She called yesterday at around 1 O’clock. I wasnt sure when she’d be calling. I missed her first call, as I was at the grocery store with mom, but luckily she called back. I knew it was her when I saw the missed call, as it was a call from a blocked number, and her number is private. At first I thought she wasnt going to phone back, and that maybe she’d wait for another day to call. But she did, and we had a long chat which was really good.

We talked about christmas and how we’d gotten through it. She asked me where I was, and I told her I was at my parents house, and that I was going to be there until the new year. We talked about my sleep, and I told her its still really hit and miss. I’ve been sleeping some, but that I’m taking sleep where I can get it. The night before last, I only slept for 2.5 hours. She asked me if I find the days very long when I am only sleeping for that length of time. I said that I did.

We talked about my weight loss and she congradulated me on that. She said I have great determination lol not sure if thats true, as I ate dessert again yesterday. I’m not so sure I’ll be down at weigh in this monday but we’ll see. She said she doesnt know of anyone who loses weight over christmas like I did. I told her I am going to get serious about exercising in january.

She asked me before she hung up if I needed another call before the sixth, the sixth is when I see dr. barry. I said no, that I thought I’d be ok. I have Eileen, and if I need a check in I can text her. I know Sarah would have called me too if I needed her to. I am thankful for Dr. Barry putting the referral in, because it was good to have as much support at christmas as possible.

I like Sarah, she’s really easy to talk to. When we were talking about exercising more, she told me that in order for her to exercise, she has to pay to go to classes, or otherwise she just wont do it. Her telling me that about herself, made me feel not so bad, that I didnt have any motivation to exercise much this past year. I didnt feel so alone, knowing that even my CPN wont exercise given half a chance.

Her telling me some stuff like that about herself, made me feel somehow closer to her, and I like that I was able to connect with her in that way. It was so nice to feel that connection to her in that way.

So I am glad we had a check in. It made my day much brighter. It helped me to stay grounded, and to get through the post christmas blues a little easier.

Would you rather?

I got these from Tammy B’s blog, tammys reading writing life, so all credit for these questions goes to her!


Be stuck in a elevator with an elf or reindeer?

Definitely with a reindeer! They are such beautiful creatures!

Find Olaf in your garden or Jack Frost?

Oh Olaf! I love Olaf! So do our littles!
Have ham or turkey for Christmas dinner?

Turkey – I love turkey and all the fixinBoth! And we did too this year!
Grow a permanent Santa beard or permanent Antlers?

Antlers would be cool.

and lastly

Untangle 700 Christmas lights or Peel 700 Carrots?

I think I’d rather peel the carrots! I hate untangling lights! Plus, I’m just not good at it!

So what are your answers? I’d love to hear!

We’ve got the same idea hahaha

My sister and me had a similar idea tonight. We both drank some gins. I only had the one, but she was on her second one when she texted me.

It was gin that I’d got for her. I made her up a gift basket for christmas, and I put 4 cans of gin in it.

We were texting each other for a while, since my mom was on the phone with her sister. So I decided I’d text with Laura.

We’ve been texting each other a lot more lately. She even sent me pics of Lauren and davin on christmas morning, opening their gifts.

We have become very close, and I am so grateful for the strong bond we have. It wasnt always that way for us, but as we’ve aged our bond has grown stronger.

I am so so glad, as I only have the one sister, and no brothers. Its nice that we can depend on one another.

Its gin o’clock


Random thoughts post christmas

i’m dreaming of a white christmas
a bright christmas
a quiet christmas
with no interruptions
as i sit reading
no screaming kids
just silence
as i sip
on my coffee
and sit here
having worked a shift
on friendly call
not all my clients answered
so i worry
are they ok?
i say to myself
I’ve done my best
Happy christmas to me
Except now its the 26th
But christmas music still plays on tv
Its nice to hear it
Makes me feel so happy
Anxiety looms though
Not far away
Its right here
Making a home
In my heart and mind
And I try
in vein
to get rid
of my anxious thoughts
and I remember
All the good cheer
and nice christmas
we have had
Together, as a family
Now, thats what keeps me going
I keep thinking
About the nice day yesterday
and I keep hoping
That my anxiety is going to disappear
Really soon