Iceskating is not for everyone!

My sister took her kids iceskating today. There is a skating rinc here in our city, it is put up every year in December, until mid january. She’s taken the kids there for a few years now. Lauren likes it, but Davin doesnt. He cant get the hang of skating. His legs keep slipping from underneath him. So he’s not kean on skating. I guess skating isnt for everyone. Davin is just 7. Even Lauren gets fed up of it after a while. So my sister said this is her last year of going. Next year she isnt going to take them.
I remember one time when I was in the states, I went iceskating. It was a few years ago now. Me and Jess we just decided on a whim to go. I never thought that being blind I wouldnt be able to do it. I dont let my disability hold me back. So off I went. Granted skating was very very hard. I fell all over the ice. I must have fallen about 15 times. I was lucky I didnt hurt myself when I fell. I’m glad I experienced what it was like to iceskate though. I had always wanted to try it out.