So Irritated with amazon

So last night, I decided to go ahead and order a christmas present for my friend sarah’s littles. I went to my trusty amazon. But OMG trying to order it was a flipping nightmare! I tried and tried to input my friends mailing address. Amazon kept asking for me to sign in over and over, and when I did, I kept having to reenter the address, only for it not to actually be there afterwords!
It drove me freakin nuts! I got so frustrated!
Eventually the only thing I could do, and the only way it would let me order the gift, was to go on the webpage on my phone, enter in the info on there, and then I was able to place my order.
I did it eventually! The kids in sarah’s system are now going to be the proud owners of a stuffed ty elephant, named peanut that is royal blue in color!
They knew I was getting this for them, so its not a secret so its ok if I mention what I got them!
They’re calling it a thanksgiving elephant, lol! Thats because it will get to them in time for christmas and in time for thanksgiving!
Actually, it is going to get to them this Thursday!
Has anyone else had trouble on amazons site lately? I’m curious?

Started my christmas shopping, the countdown to christmas has begun!

Mom and I went christmas shopping today. Mom said she’d take me and we could make a start on my christmas presents. I had some money saved, and I was grateful to her for taking me in so I could make a start on it.

I’m extremely happy with all that I got! I’ve nearly all of my presents sorted now. I have only 3 or 4 more people to shop for in my family. After that I’ll be done.

I do have some online friends to buy for but there’s amazon for that. Amazon is great for buying for people who may be living abroad.

I feel really productive now. I cant believe how much I got done! Now I wont be rushing at the last minute to buy gifts! I am ecstatic about that!

The only down side to it was we had a long wait for a taxi to get back home. We waited almost an hour. That was frustrating as it was freezing. I missed the comfort of having my sister with us who drives as she’d normally take us.

Overall though we had a great morning and I am excited to have so much stuff bought now.

I did it!

I did it again guys! Woop woop!

I was down 2 pounds last night when I got weighed! I was so elated! Ecstatic!

That is four pounds I’ve lost in two weeks! Woot woot!

I now weigh 14 stone 7.5 pounds, or 203.5 pounds for my US readers!

Its just fabulous news! I am thrilled to bits!

Now to just keep the momentum going until christmas and on into the new year!

I have 8 weigh ins until christmas! I really want to keep losing! If I lost 1 pound or 2 pounds each week I’d have lost a significant amount of weight by then!

Thats my goal! I got this! I can do it!


All thanks to Leigha!

Another blogger, Leigha has posed some questions, for us all to have a go answering, if we feel like it! I do, so here goes with my answers!

What is your favorite type of writing (poetry, flash fiction, stream of consciousness)?

Stream of consciousness is my favourite type, but I also love to dabble and try my hand at poetry!

If you use prompts, what kind do you like (picture, word, phrase, set number of words, etc)?

I love word prompts, and music ones! I cant see to see pictures, but when people actually take the time to describe the photo prompts for those of us who are blind, its amazing!

What is your favorite pet you have had or want to get?

I really want a rabbit! I do have my boy Nitro, a 9 year old lab!

Since this is close to Halloween, do you like scary movies?

Nope! I’m not a big scary movie fan but I do love a movie with a good twist to it!

Have you ever seen a movie based on a book that was better than the book?

A time to kill! A great book that was but an even better movie!

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Without question, coffee.

If you listen to it, when do you start to play Christmas music?

After December 1st! I usually start on the day we decorate the house! I enjoy christmas music!

Your turn! Come on, you know you want to!


Our night out

So we’re just home from our family night out. It was a great night. The rod stuart tribute act was amazing. He actually sounded exactly like rod stuart. He really got the crowd going. And boy the place was crowded! There were over 350 people there! It was amazing though. I really enjoyed myself. I said I wasnt drinking, and mostly I stuck to that. I did let my sister buy me one Malaboo and coke though at the end of the night, other than that one drink though I drank diet coke. We had a 2 course meal before the tribute act came on stage. It was a christmas night out, so the meal was a christmas meal of turkey and ham, mashed potato, vegetables and stuffing and gravy. It was delicious. We also got dessert which I did eat, the dessert was little mini desserts, one of profita rolls, one was baileys cheese cake, and one was chocolate fudge cake. They did the food presented it really well. I have to say the whole thing was so organised. And at the end of the night mom and me got a taxi within minutes. What I did was I rang a company that knows me, and they sent someone out to us within five mins of me calling. So now we’re home after a thoroughly enjoyable night. It was afab way to end this christmas season.