Christmas eve

Its manic around my house today. My moms been cleaning like a maniac. I’ve been on my phone most of the morning. Between phone calls and being on fb I am wiped out lol. I posted on fb yesterday about my success at the weigh in, and my fb blew up. I got tons of comments which I was so grateful for. People are so kind! Mom is going to her brothers house later on this afternoon to hand out presents, I was going to go but I dont think I will now. I just cant face the rush of going out on christmas eve. I just wanna stay home and relax and chill. My sister just finished work, she’s off now until Jan. 2nd. She came over to moms to wrap the last of her gifts, and then she’s taking my niece in to have her nails done. She’s been pestering her to take her in to get gel nails on. We’re not even cooking today, we’re just going to have soup and sandwiches, I’ve had the radio on all morning, listening to a talk show called the opinion line, on our local radio station 96 fm. It was a christmas special and it was really good. I hope your all having a nice christmas eve whatever your up to. I am sending christmas wishes out to everyone today. Merry christmas from all of us to all of you!

Storming and bad weather!

Hows the weather for your part of the world today?
Ours has been awful. Rain and wind all day. I looked up how many inches of rain we get in ireland each year and seari told me we get 46 inches of rain per year here. Thats some amount of wet weather!
We’ve got a storm warning here and we’ve had it all day since early this morning. It is supposed to be finished at 7 PM but so far its still storming hard!
I got soaked just going in and out of the car being dropped to and from work!
Hopefully some of you have better temps where you are!

Celebrating Christmas, seeing the Coca-Cola truck and taking the kids to see Santer

Today my mum me and my sister went to a local shopping centre. We went to see the Coca-Cola truck the one that’s in all the adverts. We got pictures taken I will show you some pictures below. We also took the kids to see Santer. Photos of that are below as well.

We had a great day, lots of fun 😍😃🤗🦋🌸🌸🤩

A nice day at the craft fare

We had a lovely time this morning at the craft fare. Mom went with me, my aunt was also meant to go but at the last minute she changed her mind, so mom and I went on our own.
There was lots of stalls, it was more packed this year, there were more sellers and there were more people looking also.
I bought a lovely ornament for the christmas tree, made out of glass. Its actually shaped like a christmas tree.
I also bought an angel thats inside a snow globe. And I got a few gift sets and some homemade dog treats.
I met lots of people there that knew me. I even met an old teacher who used to teach me at nursery school. I also met a girl who was a trainer at the guide dog school when I was getting my first dog, she now works at my canine companion which gives dogs to kids with autism.
I bought a load of raffle tickets, I entered 3 raffles. And I won! I won first prize in one of the raffles. I won a big basket filled with makeup and face and body creams. It was so nice to win!
The fare went on for about 2 hours. We had some tea and chatted and looked around, and before we knew it it was finished. When it was over I went to work. It wasnt too busy in the office. I was only in there for about 2 hours.
Overall it w was a lovely day. When I came home I gave Nitro some treats, and he loved them!

Craft fare

This morning I am going to a craft fare. Its in aid of friendly call, so I am going to support them. I am probably not going to buy anything, but I will enter the raffles and try to win something. And you never know, if I see something I love, I will buy it. Last year when I went to this far I bought a lovely glass angel. But it is not required that you have to buy something. All funds raised from the fare go to friendly call. There will be tea and cakes and biscuits too. I think it will be a lovely morning. After the fare is over I have to go next door to the office and work for a few hours. I promised my supervisor I would. And anyway, todays my day to work. So I am all set! I am sure it will be a great day!

Family time

Mom, dad, me
Sitting in front of the tv
Dogs at our feet
Curled up
Sleeping soundly
As we 3
Watch the santa clause movie
Merry Christmas
One and all
Christmas begins in our house
At the start of December
Decorations go up
The Christmas music starts
And lots of Christmas specials
We will all watch
I love
That I still have
My parents in my life
At almost 40
I am blessed
And so grateful
To be able to
Spend quality time
Enjoying the Christmas season
With my family