My christmas shopping is complete!

I’m all done! Finally! Finally I can breathe!
I finished up the last of my christmas shopping today!
I feel free now! I just hope I picked the right gifts for people! I hope the family likes what I chose for them!
I got my sister perfume, a handbag, pajamas, a gift card to get make up that she wants, and a bottle of gyn and a gyn glass that says, is it gyn o’clock yet!
I got mom a gift voucher and some lotto tickets, I got dad socks , and some lotto tickets, chocolate, and I am giving him 50 euro in a card!
I got my niece a pair of unicorn pajamas, earings, and a voucher for a clothing store she likes.
I got my nephew a road blocks set of figures, he’s into those. I also got him some jellybeans.
Today I also got some gifts for clients at friendly call. The friendly call christmas party is this coming wednesday. All of the volunteers had to buy 2 or 3 gifts, small gifts, to bring, we’ll wrap them and then they’ll be handed out on the day to clients.
I got some gift sets, with body wash, shower gel, etc. I also got some ones that have lip glosses and stuff in them.
Mom and me had lunch out too. I had the most delicious pannini! It had turkey, ham, cranberry sauce and stuffing in it. Oh it was heaven!
So we had a good day and got everything done that we needed to do!


Family day out!

so today I went christmas shopping with mom and my sister. we had so much fun. i got some gifts for my neighbour, and my PA amanda. Oh and my sisters partner as well. I’m almost done shopping now for gifts. I have a few more to buy and then I’ll be done. Im hoping to get the rest of the gifts next weekend. But today was fun. We went to a store that sells designer brands of a whole host of things. But they sell them at 60 percent off the marked price. I got most of my gifts in that store. We went to a few other places too though. My sister was buying my niece’s christmas clothes. My niece wanted a mackenzie track suit but it was 100 euro and my sister refused to pay it. So in the end she got some soft of sweatshirt and a leggings. She also got new trainers. So she’s all kitted out now. My sister was also buying some gifts for the people she works for. We all went for lunch as well. I wasnt very mindful of healthy eating today though. I had fried chicken for lunch. I also had a coffee in gloria jeans while mom and my sister shopped for Laurens christmas clothes. I didnt feel like standing around while my niece tried on clothes. I sat down and drank my coffee and browsed on facebook. We were meant to also go to glow, which is a christmas market and winter wonder land. But the lines to get in were massive so we said we’d come back another day. There were so many people in the city today. Crowds and crowds of people. We were lucky to get parking. Luckily I had my disability parking pass which we were able to use. It was a fun day though. I enjoyed it. We left around 1 today and we didnt get back to moms until after 6 this evening. I’m happy now that I got a few more gifts for people. I’m slowly getting through my list of who I need to buy for.


Christmas shopping

I had a lovely day out shopping with mom yesterday. We were christmas shopping mostly. Mom got me some new clothes. That is what she decided my christmas gift would be, well, its what I wanted as well. Since losing weight none of my old clothes are fitting me properly any longer. She’s also paying for my ticket to a special christmas night out we’re having. Yesterday I tried on a ton of new clothes, I had fun trying all the different outfits on, I ended up getting some new leggings, a christmas sweather that says ho ho ho on it, and a sweater. Then we went shopping for my niece and nephew. I didnt end up getting my niece’s present but I know now what I’ll give her, I am probably giving her a voucher for a clothing store, and some little nick nacks too. I got my nephew a road blocks set, he’s really into mine craft and road blocks now. Mom got him mine craft stuff. We had lunch out too, subway, I usually get the italian bread with chicken, bacon, peporoni and south west sauce with spicy cheese. Yesterday though I got a low fat sub, with turkey breast, ham, spicy cheese and south west sauce, not sure what bread it was but it was really good, and you really would never have noticed it was low fat! We got chips with our sandwiches, and drinks also I had a diet pepsi. I sware I think I wont be down any weight this coming week as I had that yesterday, and on friday morning I had another high fat meal too. We’ll see though. After shopping and lunch we went for a coffee in gloria jeans, I got a caramel latte, which was lovely and very delicious. We got a taxi home then. I was exhausted so went to bed and slept for hours. I ended up not getting online at all last night. I woke up early today though. Like, woke up at 6 AM. But am feeling great. And happy to have more of my christmas presents bought. And am totally happy with my gift from mom too.


Random wednesday thoughts

so what can i say about today? well, mine started off bad. i woke with the worst headache ever, i think it was from dehydration, i drank tons and tons of water, that seemed to fix things and make it go away, along with taking a nice long walk around the park for a few laps. i really just felt like going back to bed, but i pushed on through, and i’m glad i did. i managed to work on my career preparation module, i put a resume together, it took me a long time, trying to remember all the dates and years of when i studied, not an easy task. did not realise i’d studied so much until i actually sat down to write the resume. i tried to do a little college work, i’m kinda stressing out, because i have a 2000 word book review due foe next week. the book i am reading is beautiful boy, by david shep, about his sons addiction to meth amphetamine. i have not started reading the book yet. i’ll start tomorrow. hoping to get it read by friday and do the review over the weekend. thats the plan anyways. ate some of the shepherds pie i cooked yesterday for lunch, one of the other girls in my class had some as well, i was trying to use up the left overs so i offered it to my class mates. after lunch me and nitro did the route to the bus stop. he did well today the only thing was he saw another dog and so got a little bit distracted. but he found the bus stop and got his treat, we got back just efore the rain started pouring, which was good. the rest of the afternoon session we just did our own thing, worked on more college stuff,. oh did i tell ou i passed my first module? well i did. digital media. i had my exam yesterday and i passed it and my portfolio. i was thrilled. after class today i went upstairs, called jess “for those who are new to my blog jess is my partner whose in IL, she’s currently in a psych residential facility. we talked and that was fun, she was doing well and had gotten the xmas package i sent her. then i talked to mom, she was going to my niece’s xmas play at her school tonight, i was kinda bummed that i had to miss it. i usually go to it every year. my cousin facebooked me to tell me that she got the xmas presents i sent, and to also tell me mine are on the way, yay presents, cuz who doesnt like presents. i’m also expecting a box from a good friend in the states, cant wait to get that either. tomorrow we’ll be having our xmas party here at abode, thats the name of the centre where my independent living programme is run. anyway there is a big slap up xmas meal, should be nice. then this coming weekend i need to finish up my xmas shopping, all i need to buy is my moms present and a few more bits for my sister. we are also going to go to a xmas market, we go every year, its so much fun. there are food stalls and a real christmasy atmosphere. well thats about it for now guys, hope all of you are having a fantastic wednesday.
Tell me what you did today?
carol anne

Christmas shopping

so this weekend i went xmas shopping with my mom. i planned on buying what i had to buy for people, doing it all in one sweep.

unfortunately though my plans did not work out. i still need to buy for my sister. i ran out of money lol. why?

because, wait, because I needed a new hard drive for my pc to store my movies and music. that took presidence over gifts for people lol. i’m soo selfish.

external hard drives are not cheap either! i payed 60 euro for a 500 gig one. i would have gotten a 1 tb one but those were 89 euro and i didnt have that much to spend on it.

at least all of my movies are on one hard drive now though? and i can use the one tb one i have for my tv shows.

anyway, back to xmas and xmas shopping.

I got gifts for my uncles, my next door neighbour we always exchange gifts between us, my cousins in the UK, I also sent packages to america to two friends, I have a ton of cards for friends that I will be sending next weekend.

I still have a few more online gifts to buy too for people and send direct from good old amazon. cuz yanno amazon has everything!

but yeah it was a great weekend. my back was aching though when we got back to my house. i had to go lay down and leave mom to sit alone in the kitchen lol.
carol anne