Christmas shopping

so this weekend i went xmas shopping with my mom. i planned on buying what i had to buy for people, doing it all in one sweep.

unfortunately though my plans did not work out. i still need to buy for my sister. i ran out of money lol. why?

because, wait, because I needed a new hard drive for my pc to store my movies and music. that took presidence over gifts for people lol. i’m soo selfish.

external hard drives are not cheap either! i payed 60 euro for a 500 gig one. i would have gotten a 1 tb one but those were 89 euro and i didnt have that much to spend on it.

at least all of my movies are on one hard drive now though? and i can use the one tb one i have for my tv shows.

anyway, back to xmas and xmas shopping.

I got gifts for my uncles, my next door neighbour we always exchange gifts between us, my cousins in the UK, I also sent packages to america to two friends, I have a ton of cards for friends that I will be sending next weekend.

I still have a few more online gifts to buy too for people and send direct from good old amazon. cuz yanno amazon has everything!

but yeah it was a great weekend. my back was aching though when we got back to my house. i had to go lay down and leave mom to sit alone in the kitchen lol.
carol anne