Forgot about poor nitro!

I forgot to get a christmas present for Nitro. Now I feel really bad.

I could try to get him one but I doubt I’ll be in the shops again before christmas. I am just hoping my sister got him something, or my mom.

At least I can give him a treat of turkey and ham on christmas day. He will enjoy that. Maybe that can be my gift to him, some nice tasty food from our christmas dinner.

I wanted to get him a doggy christmas stocking. Or a new collar or something. I just forgot with all the rushing around I’ve been doing lately.

Christmas gift list Completed and other updates

My shopping for Christmas is now 100 percent completed! I wrote out cards for my mom and dad today and I put the money I am giving them in them. Now I’m done and so happy to be finished!

I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot this holiday season already! I have bought for everyone on my list. I am organised, or more organised than I have been in a few years. Last year I wasn’t this organised!

I can now enjoy the lead up to Christmas! Next weekend mom and my sis and me and the kids are going to glow, which is a festival here in cork city, its on every year for the month of December, we’ll go and have some food in the food market, go on the big ferris wheel, and then go in to the Christmas winter wonderland that has been created in one of our city parks!

I am so excited about going! Its one of the highlights of Christmas for us each year!

Mom took my sister shopping today for clothes, she’s giving both my sis and me clothes for Christmas, but she will also probably give us a couple of little surprise gifts, she normally does. She wanted my sis to pick out her own clothes, I got to pick out mine last weekend.

I’ve also bought myself a new outfit to wear for the friendly call Christmas party, which is this coming Wednesday. That will be a nice get together. We’ll spend time with the clients, have a meal and some music and stuff. I am planning on getting all dressed up, putting on make up and having a fun filled day! The volunteers and staff from friendly call are planning on going out afterwords, once all of the clients get dropped home. I don’t think I’m going to go with them though. I am not drinking due to dieting, and so I don’t feel up to going into town socialising.

I’ll enjoy the Christmas party though! We’re having a raffle to, and each of our clients will get a gift. All of us the volunteers had to bring in a few gifts each so that there is something for every client.

So that is my little christmasy update! I am a very happy camper tonight! College done and dusted, Christmas gift list complete, what more could I ask for!

More christmas shopping!

So we’ve been out since early this morning doing christmas shopping! I thought I was done but I wasnt. I still had to get gift vouchers for my sister, my niece, and I had to get something for my nephew, I ended up getting him some games for his x box. I got them second hand, since the brand new ones are so expensive! I was able to get him four games for a reasonable price, so I got those, and then I am going to also get him an outfit to wear. I am getting my niece the gift voucher to a clothing store, and a headset for her x box, since she plays online with her cousin. I also got my god father a hoodie to wear, and a gift set one which has shower gel and body spray and stuff in it. I also got myself an outfit to wear, since I have the friendly call christmas dinner on the 11th of December, so I wanted to get something nice to wear to it. I got a beautiful glittery top, and some leggings, and I have some christmas jewelery to go with it. I’m really looking forward to the christmas dinner. Now I’m almost completely finished with my gifts for the family, I just have to pick up my niece’s headset on tuesday, and then I am done. While we were out we went for something to eat, I had a nice bowl of vegetable soup and a turkey sandwich. I also went to the grocery store and got my fruit for the week, so then tomorrow it means I dont have to go get it, and I can just go home after dinner. It was a lovely day though, my aunt came with us, and there was a great atmosphere around the city. We got a taxi home, and the driver was a lovely man. He was very friendly and he reminded me so much of my grandad. It was an all around great day out.

Christmas day 2018

So my sis came to mom and dads earlier with the kiddos and her partner.
We all exchanged gifts! She got me some lovely things!
I got 3 audible credits. Am so happy! I love reading as you all know so I am going to love getting some new books with them!
She also got me a defuser, with some oils, that smell like lavender and lemon, they are from the yanky store. Just what I wanted!
She also got me some spa sanctuary shower gel, body wash, face wash, body lotion, healing foot cream, and perfume!
My sis and I gave mom a gift of a ticket to brendan grace, who is an irish commedian. We got tickets for us too. Well laura got mine as a christmas gift to me. We’re going in february.
I gave the kiddos their presents, they were very happy with what I got them. My niece lauren also got an I phone from santa, she’s 10! She loves it and her head was stuck in the phone the whole time so she barely spoke to us!
We had fun though and thats what matters! Once they all left we ate dinner. We had turkey, ham, vegetables, mashed potato, stuffing, and for dessert christmas pudding and custard!
Yum yum yum!
Its been an incredible day. Laura will be back later on this evening with more gifts, our secret santa gifts. We do a secret santa with her partners family each year. So there is more to open later on!
Mom got me some soap and glory shower gel, body butter, and body sprays! She also got me clothes, and a shaving thing for removing facial hair of which I have some much to my annoyance!
She also got me a ticket to a rod stuart tribute night which we’ll all be going to in january!
I’ve had a brilliant day! Now I am just chilling out! Trying to recovery from all the food I’ve eaten!


Christmas eve 2016

Merry christmas everyone. I cant believe its christmas eve. I’ve had a pretty awesome day.
Last night we went to my aunts for drinks, mom, me and another of my aunts went. We had mulled wine which tasted amazing. It was my first time tasting mulled wine. Got home around 1 AM and went right to bed but did not sleep very well, probably due to all the alcohol I had drank.
Got up at around 9 AM today. Ate breakfast as I waited for a call from the weekend team. Just as I was about to eat my toast the phone rang. It was a nurse I knew called Helen. She barely kept me on the phone, barely asked me anything, it was the quickest check in call I’ve ever had. I simply told her I was at my mom and dads, I’d be there for christmas, that I didnt sleep very well, I didnt say I had been drinking though. She just basically said that if I needed anything over the next couple of days to contact my GP or south doc or the A and E department. She said she’d call me again on Tuesday. She was like, but you probably wont be needing anything, I’m like no, but you never know. Nice of her to assume that just because I’m with my family that I’ll be fine. I hate when people assume things like that.
Had a quiet morning and then in the afternoon my sister and me and my mom went visiting relatives. We visited moms 2 brothers to drop off christmas gifts. We always do it on christmas eve. It used to be that on christmas eve we’d visit my grandad but he died almost 2 years ago now and his son moms brother just lives alone in the house they shared so we went to visit him. It was a good afternoon. We got home around 5 and ate dinner and then my sister had to take the kids to their other nanas house while she went to work. After finishing work she collected the kids toys from moms house. Most of them were here, but lauren is getting a huge dolls house and my sisters partners friend put it together and dropped it to their house earlier today. Davin is getting a big train set and that also had to be put together. They are getting a lot of other toys as well from santa, they are spoiled. Tonight before they left they got to open a present each. The present was from my aunt, and lauren also had one from my cousin who is her god mother. Once the kids left my mom passed out gifts to her neighbours and her neighbours gave her gifts in return. Then we all sat down and watched tv for the evening. I drank a bottle of bux fizz, it was nice. I’m not drunk but I’m merry now. So its been a good day. I gave mom and dad their christmas gifts tonight, I just gave them both money. Mom and dad also exchanged their gifts with each other tonight. I wont open any of mine until tomorrow. I’m like a big kid, well technically I have kids inside so I’m technically still partially a child at heart. I cant wait to wake up in the morning and open all my gifts. I have gifts from mom and dad, my 2 aunts, my neighbour, my cousin, and my sister will bring gifts too later on when she will come for a couple hours before dinner. We are also doing secret santa with my sisters partners family so I’ll have a gift from one of them as well.
Happy christmas everyone. I hope your all having a great christmas eve. I am thinking of all of you tonight.