Today is December 2nd

Its wednesday. I am enjoying a nice relaxing day. I slept well last night, although in the middle of the night I was awake for a few hours, and my mind was racing, and I was very overwhelmed and agitated. I read blogs for a while and turned on the radio which seemed to help.
I spent a quiet morning just reading, I am really liking my new book which is called the convent. I read a few chapters.
My mom came over with my sister, my sister didnt stay as she had to go to work, but mom stayed for about an hour. She did a few bits around the house for me, like putting sheets in the dryer, washing dishes, etc. I would have washed the dishes myself, but she offered to do them which was so nice of her.
I’m still waiting on a few parcels to get here, I am a bit worried about one of them, as it was posted on november 8th, and it still isnt here. Its some dvd’s that I ordered from ebay. I have a tracking number but its for royal mail which doesnt work here, although I think if I went to the royal mail website and entered in the tracking number maybe I’d be able to see where the parcel is. Gosh why didnt I think of that before! I’ll try that and see what happens!
I dont have any appointments today, I’m not seeing Dr. Barry until next week. I am glad I can stay in today.
Its very frosty outside, very icy, and we might get snow before the end of the week. I’d love to go out for a walk, but I have nobody to go with me. So it will have to be the treadmill for me today.
I hope you all have a lovely wednesday, stay well and stay safe!