Eventful morning

My PA Frances was cutting up some melon this morning, she was using a very sharp knife that I bought recently. I told her before she started that it was very sharp, and to be careful with it.
She was busy chatting to me and all of a sudden she yelled out! I was like, are you ok? What is wrong? She’d cut her finger with the knife!
She’s a diabetic and so its not good if she gets a cut. Her finger started bleeding and it wouldnt stop. And well, I had no bandages. Its something I did not think to have in my house!
After today though, the plan is to buy some! Its important to have them handy, in case I or anyone else should need them in an emergency!
She wrapped some kitchen towels around her hand, and she continued on with what she was doing. I asked her if she wanted me to ask my next door neighbour if she had a bandage, but she said no, that she’d get one when she got home.
I hope she did, and hopefully her finger will heal quickly although with the diabetes I doubt it will.