Mid day ramble

I’ve had a quiet morning. I just cooked breakfast, I made sausages with toast. Then I watched an episode of evil online, and I was sorting out media files on my hard drive. Thats a work in progress. I decided to take a shower because I figured it would make me feel good, and it did. I put a nice ginger body spray on after it and ginger souflet body lotion. Its a lovely day here today, but I dont think I’ll go outside. I might, I’m not sure what I’ll do yet. I was thinking about going out in my back garden and reading my book, and bringing Nitro out there with me also. I’m nervous of insects and bees, but I might just try to spend even a half an hour out there. I’ve decided to treat us to a chinese meal for dinner, I’ll get it delivered. It can be an easter treat. I’m gonna go on facebook for a while now and see what the gossip is on there, catch up with family and friends. I hope your all having a nice saturday.
carol anne