Tomorrow I can chill out, yay!

So tomorrow is going to be a chill day. I am so relieved! I’ve been so busy lately. I need a day or two to just chill out!

My moms going to come over for an hour or two and I am going to help her with her forms for disability, she says I am good at wording things, she needs to say how her COPD is effecting her life, and she wants me to help her word it correctly.

She’s bringing me lunch, some soup and a sandwich. Its homemade soup yum yum! She’s also cooking some chicken for me and seasoning it with hot korean pepper spices! I love them! I will have that for dinner with a baked potato.

I will have my PA coming in the evening tomorrow. She’ll just do some housework. Other than those two things, I can have a chill day, I will enjoy my relaxation time!

I napped again today, but that is fine, as no plans tomorrow or on thursday, so that gives me a little leeway to get my sleep back in order.

Me and Nitro are enjoying some quiet time now. I watched an episode of my 600 pound life on tv, it was so sad. The lady who was on it was 640 pounds, and she was trying to get weight loss surgery to help her lose some weight. She was only 34 years old.

Then I started watching abducted in plain sight, a documentary on net flicks, a true crime documentary. I only watched half of it, and will watch the other half tomorrow evening.

I will also watch operation transformation tomorrow evening, after my PA leaves. Ok well, I am off to make some tea! Emily wants a cup of tea and then we will read for a little while!

How to destress

what do you do
when your head is in a mess
how to destress
advice, please?
who am I kidding
I should learn
To take my own advice
Now I shall
Take a long
Hot bubble bath
Read my book
and chill out
Tomorrows another day


Welcome to my world!

Napping feels so good! I didnt end up going to my appointment! I stayed home and decided it could wait. I’ll go next week maybe! Instead of rushing around and trying to be there for 3 PM I stayed home, and I napped. And it was bliss. Welcome to my world!
Self care, yay! I love self care!
I needed to take care of us too, since Liz wasnt doing well this morning. So I made it my business to be kind to us, and to her, too.
She’s doing a lot better now though. Thank god for that! I hate when she’s doing badly, it scares me, as she is so strong, and I get scared if she’s feeling bad that she’ll do something impulsive!
She didnt though. So the plan now for me for the rest of this evening, is to take a nice warm shower, and then watch a little tv and or read for a while.


Happy Saturday to all!

Happy Saturday everyone! Good morning!
I hope you all have a fantastic day today! What are your plans?
Mine are well…not much at all!
I might go out, weather permitting, I am thinking of maybe going to the beach and walking on the beach. That way I get in my exercise! But we shall see! First the weather needs to cooperate!
If I don’t do that and if the weather is bad, I will just chill out at home well at my mom and dads!
Either way it is going to be a very relaxed day!
And I slept well too so yay! So happy!
I hope you all enjoy your Saturday! And whatever you do, have fun!