My mom and aunt came over, and my aunt brought her 2 year old grandson with her. And I’ve realised, that I’d never have the energy to look after a 2 year old! They are so lively! I got dizzy just watching my aunt run around after him! Lol. He’s into everything. Luckily I have a box of cars under my bed from when my nephew was little and so I gave those to him. He liked them but he was wanting to pick up all of my nick nacks, and I had to swiftly move my Ipod out of reach from his little curious hands!
He was fascinated by Nitro! Poor nitro got relegated to the bedroom because kyron was eating, and I didnt want him feeding nitro. Nitro was not a bit impressed. Kyron didnt eat all of his sausages, so Nitro got what he left on his plate. Then mom gave me a bunch of cut up carrots for nitro so he got those as well.
They left my house 10 minutes ago. Now I need a nap, lol. I’m not going to take one but I could do with one.
How do people have 2 and 3 and even 4 young kids, and are able to look after them all, I can see now how exhausting it must be!