Post share. Revenge of eve:An open letter to her daughter #1

Check out this wonderful post! Eve shares her love for her daughter, a touching and very powerful letter!


Having children

A friend of mine just wrote a post about having kids. I have been thinking on it. I am childless but not by choice. I am childless due to having no ovaries. I am also childless due to being a lesbian and unable to have kids in the natural way. If I had ovaries, and I was straight, I think I’d have kids. I’ve always wanted kids. I could adopt or foster kids, but due to my mental illnesses I doubt I’d be allowed. I think the social services are very strict on that. I’ve never tried though. I could do IVF but its far too expensive to try it. I desperately wish I had kids, though. I’ve always longed to be a mom. I do question my parenting skills though. I am not sure I would make a good mom. I find it desperately hard to mother my littles so I think mothering a child would be super hard for me. I wish I could give it a go though. I ache to be a mom. I long for it. I do have my niece and nephew who I love dearly. I am not their mom though. But I do give them ample love and affection. I dote on them. At least I can be a mom to my furbaby. That counts. I love him and dote on him too. I also think my blindness would prevent me from having kids, since I think I would be watched closely if I did have a child. I don’t particularly agree with this stance since my friends are blind and have kids, in fact my best friend has two, but then she has a sighted partner so that helps. I feel like my chance to have a child was kinda robbed from me. Because I didn’t have a choice as to whether my ovaries were removed, they had to be for medical reasons.

finishing up one of my modules on the independent living skills course

so I just got some good news! I thought I was way behind on my work experience module, and I found out I am not!
Yay! I am so glad!
I have the majority of the module finished. I just have to write my thank you letter to my employer, and my reflections on my work experience process. I cant do those though until I’ve finished my work experience. I also have to finish the diary I am keeping about my work experience.
I have 7 weeks of my work experience completed now. Cant believe I’ve been there 7 weeks already!
I am meant to do 10 weeks in total.
I will probably do longer if Anita is happy to keep me on. But after 10 weeks I can do the rest of the stuff that i need to do to finish up the module.
There is also a team work exercise that needs to be completed but I cant complete that unless one of my class mates is in to help me because we’re meant to work in teams to do it.
So yeah progress is being made and I am happy!

This kid is awesome! 9 year old cora harkin sings dont rain on my parade

This little girl, from Ireland, is amazing. She was on Irelands got talent last night. This is a different video of her not the Irelands got talent one, but she sang the same song in this video as she sang last night. 9 years old I think she’s gonna be the next superstar!


I never went to my work experience today.
I felt like crap in the morning. So I told my tutor and she said I should go home early. So that is what I did.
I emailed Anita and told her I wouldnt be in because I felt ill and I did not want to pass it on to the kids.
I had a sore throat, a headache, and felt all shaky and agitated and irritable.
so i decided to go to moms house for the morning. i got better though as the morning progressed.
i wasnt pleased i had to miss work experience. i’d rather not miss it but i guess if im sick then i have to miss it.
I hope Anita doesnt think I’m unreliable. I’ve missed two fridays now but the other friday was because of the bus driver not being able to take me.

there is a new passworded post

this is just a heads up that there is a new passworded post about my work experience.
i give these heads up for those who might use the wp reader as passworded posts dont show in the reader. so if you want to check it out you’ll have to visit the blog site.
the password is the same as always…for those wanting to check out my passworded posts email me at
for the pw.
carol anne

Get to know us. Whose who?

Whose in your immediate family?

so in my family there is myself, mom and dad, and I have one sister, named laura. my sister is 28, and I am almost 38.

my mom had me when she was 17, she is 55 now. my dad is 65.

I have one niece and one nephew, davin is my nephew, he’s five, and lauren is my niece, she’s almost 10.

My sister has a partner named davin senior. They are engaged…dont know though when they are getting married.

carol anne