#One liner wednesday, halloween special!

Its halloween tomorrow! I hate halloween! I think I’ll hide out with my book, a hot chocolate, and turn out my lights and hope no littlies come to my door!
I’m the halloween grinch, lol!
Anyone else hate tricker treaters?


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My nephew had 10 teeth out on Tuesday! He’s only 6. They were his baby teetth. They wouldn’t fall out, and were caught in his gums. So he had to have them pulled out. He was meant to have 8 of them out, but when the dentist went in she said there were two more that were very loose so she took those as well.

It was hell for him at the dentist. He was so upset. He didn’t like the gas and air. He said it tasted awful. It took 3 tries for them to get him to take it. In the end they had to sedate him because he was so distressed and he wouldn’t lie down to take it.

Mom went to the dentist with my sister, and thank goodness she did. My sister, upon seeing Davin so upset, got very upset too. She also got frustrated, and being both upset and frustrated at the same time is not a good mix. In the end my mom went in to the operating theatre with him and settled him down, and my sister went to get a coffee.

When he came out of the anaesthetic, he was very upset because they’d taken all of his teeth, he kept breaking down crying, and saying he was gummy and where were his teeth, he wanted them back, poor little guy!

He’s been off school since Tuesday but thankfully he hasn’t been in too much pain. His adult teeth are coming down, but they’ll take a month or two to grow fully in. In the meantime he has no teeth, and he’s so traumatised over that. I saw him today and he kept saying to me, I wish I could get my teeth back!

A car conversation with my niece

So this is the conversation that took place in the car between my 11 year old niece Lauren and I yesterday.

Lauren: Can you see colors? Or what do you see?
Me: No, I cant see any colors.
Lauren: So its all black?
Me: Well no, its not black either. I know when its dark and bright, but thats just something in my brain that makes it like that, its not actually my eyes showing me that.
Lauren: But why?
Me: Well I have no backs to my eyes. I was born without them.
Lauren: But cant you get new backs?
Me: Unfortunately not sweetie. You have to grow with them, you cant replace them.
Lauren: But cant you get surgery?
Me: Well if I had millions of bucks I would.
Lauren: But can you actually get surgery to fix your eyes?
Me: I dunno hun, I doubt it.
Lauren: I’d hate to not be able to see.
Me: Oh I dont mind, why would you hate it?
Lauren: I’d be so paranoid not being able to see.

Bless her. The innocence of it. Its the first time she’s really spoken to me about my blindness, besides asking a few questions about it when she was younger.

She must have been thinking about it. She’s at that age now, where she wants answers to everything.

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Baby Josh update sad sad news

I just found out some sad news about baby josh, my cousins little boy. He’ll be three weeks old on Tuesday. They did the heel test, that babies get when they’re born, 3 times now, and on Monday they’ll be doing it a fourth time. The reason being that his bloods and that test, showed up some abnormalities with his thyroid gland, the levels of something are extremely high, and doctors have said due to this he is going to have a lot of issues. He could be severely brain damaged, he could be blind, deaf, he also has the most severe level of downs syndrome possible. The tests for that already came back positive. If he’s severely brain damaged, he probably wont survive, but the doctors really aren’t sure, his digestive system is also effected, when he takes a feed, he is exhausted, and sleeps for a long time, the mere fact of taking the bottle exhausts him. The doctors have said that if any of us are going to come into contact with him that we need to have the flu jab. They’re going to put him on medication for 3 weeks, to try to calm down the levels of whatever it is in his thyroid gland that’s high. Then, after 3 weeks he has to go to Dublin, to the big childrens hospital up there for a deep scan, a scan where they’ll put radiation into his neck. Its really sad news. I’m heartbroken for my cousin. If you pray please pray for their family, either way the outcome for him wont be great, no matter what happens. All we can do now is hope. Hope for the best for him.
Prayers and supportive thoughts would be very much appreciated.
Thanks guys!

Why dogs are better than kids

It doesn’t take 45 minutes to get a dog ready to go outside in the winter.

Dogs cannot lie.

Dogs never resist nap time.

You don’t need to get extra phone lines for a dog.

Dogs don’t pester you about getting a kid.

Dogs don’t care if the peas have been touched by the mashed potatoes.

Dogs are housebroken by the time they are 12 weeks old.

Your dog is not embarrassed if you sing in public.

Average cost of sending a dog to school: $42

Average cost of sending a kid: $103,000

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A new baby in the family

This morning, we welcomed a new baby into our family, my cousin Christine had a baby boy. She is calling him Josh. He weighed in at 6 lb 8 oz. Isn’t he beautiful? She had an emergency Caesarian section after her waters broke last night late in the evening. Mum and baby are both healthy and doing well.