#3tc October 19th

Your 3 things today are:



When I was 9 years old my mom contracted tuberculosis from my uncle. She didnt have a bad dose, but she required antibiotics for a few months to get rid of it.

Because she had it, I had to get a BCG jab, at least, that is what I think it was called.

Its the jab to ward off tubercolosis.

I remember being super nervous. I got it in the bording school I was at, I remember the principle taking me into a little office. There was a nurse in there and she wasnt very friendly.

She definitely didnt know how to relate to kids. I was an inquisitive 9 year old, who wanted to know everything that was happening to me. She told me zilch, nothing. She just grabbed the needle and stuck it in my arm 3 times.

3 times!

It was so painful! And my arm came up in 3 lumps, and to this day you can still feel them a little bit if you feel around for long enough.

From that day onwards I hated needles of any kind. And even now, I’m on a shot which I have to get every 3 months, its for psychiatric symptoms, but I always, always tell the nurse to please tell me before she puts the needle in.

Luckily she does. I havent had a bad experience with needles since that time, thank goodness, it did scar me for life though.