dancing with the stars

hi im eve and im 10.
im watching dancing with the stars
its the irish version of it
my dads watchin it too so hes telling me about it
what the contestants are doin and stuff
i wish i can dance good like them
but i cant
im a pretty sucky dancer
i also love the show dancing on ice
its a UK show
and dance moms
thats a good show to but the moms on it are sometimes very strict with their kids and i dont like that
does anyone else like dance shows and watch them?


don like the dark

hihi i sydra i four
i not like the dark
it dark and i scared
i sad too
i jus wish i had someone here
i no like be by myself
it too scary
i realy glad nitros here
he wil keep me safe
he a good doggy
i love him
sydra i four


I did something awful. I’m so ashamed of what just happened.
I was sleeping soundly. I went to bed at 11 pm and I went into a deep sleep.
well, I just woke up, soaked. I had peed in my sleep. I never ever do that!
I am so ashamed. So embarrassed.
I had to take off my wet pajamas and hang it up. I hope the staff wont say anything. The sheets are wet now.
This has hpappened before when little insiders were out. We have had accidents and have not been able to hold it. All I can think is a very young insider was out when this happened.
Its not a pleasant experience.
Just feeling bad right now.
carol anne


evening ramble

so the storm hasnt hit yet. we’re still waiting.

it is still snowing outside. i went to the door to let nitro out and i almost froze. we have temps of minus 4 with a wind chill of minus 8.

that is bloody freezing for ireland. normally in winter we will get 1 degree c or 2 degrees c but not usually in the negative.

i suppose its ok though as i am wrapped up warm in my pajamas and have the tv on, binge watching trashy soap operas lol.

there is a documentary coming on at 9 where pearce morgan interviews a serial killer, might watch that. it sounds interesting to me.

i am feeling some anxiety tonight about the pending storm. i just hope the power wont go out. otherwise i’m really screwed. and i’ll be sooo bored. so hoping it doesnt happen.

i’m nervous about bad weather at the best of times. the kids are nervous too. they hate storms. they keep asking me when will it be over.

well better go for now. catch you all later.
carol anne


played in the snow

I goed outside in the snow
it feels very soft
very fluffy and soft
I like it
I not stay out ther too long
cuz it cold
but I did played wif nitro in the snow
he not impressed
he want go back inside
I kno his paws get sore if he ote ther to long
so we no stay oteside to long
only bout five minutes
then we both ran back insid agin
wher it nise and warm
adelle I four


i am lernin a new song

hihi peple
it me darina
an ges wat
i am learnin a new song
it perfect by ed sheeran
i going learn it
then do a video
yu al be sited now?
i am
i lik tu sing
i lik tu mak videos to
it fun
i jus gona lern firs vers of it
so wach ote for a new video
darina i six


me skard

i fraid i fraid of tha dark
i sad i want eileen
i want her hug me
i need her i need a hug
i sad an skard
i cryin
i no lik nit tim
i no lik bad peple in my head
and in my dreems
i no like it!