Hotdogs and burgers for breakfast

This is Darina and gess what?

We getted hotdogs for breakfast this morning.

From sonic. And we got them at 8:30 in the morning.

And burgers too!

It be neat! I love sonic’s hotdogs.

We gotted a single burger on a bun and it had chili on it and cheese and pickles and mayo and ketchup and we couldn’t even finish ours.

We got too full up!

We also had cherry lime aid. I loves that stuff.

Then me and Michael gets to talkin in email and we decide wees gonna watch a show and so we watched pick of the litter cuz Carol Anne had that on her hard drive.

It was about guide dogs and how them train and become guide dogs.

It real good.

We loved hearing about all the dogs.

Hopes everyone had a nice afternoon.


Darina ballerina