Classic from little darina

Darina one of our child alters, is six years old.

She can be extremely funny.

This morning she said to me, wide eyed, and oh so serious:

You know how in therapy eileen always talks to people about whats wrong?


Yes, I said.

Well what about the insiders who arent sad? What about us?

Do happy ones get to talk to?

Of course, I said, with a smile.

Everyone is welcome to talk, remember eileen said that.

Oh yeah, she said, but I just thought the happy kids were forgotten about cuz we dont gots problems.

Lol. She’s so cute.


FOWC with Fandango — Classic

yay we gots a treat

i so hapy
carol anne said we can get take out food
so she got us a chili cheese burger
and chili cheese fries
and onion rings
yum yum yum
thay was sooo good
now im finishin ar pepsi
carol anne said we can has a treet night one night a week
i reel hapy bout that
she said it can bes thursday nit
and it dont alwas gots ta bes food nether
somtims it can bes a muvee
or mabe wes can get a new fing
lik a new toy or somfin
she says well see
we be jus tryin dis ote
i rel hapy tonite
an i liks dat feling
darina ballerna

frum darina ballerna, some joks

here ar som joks fir ya!
hops yu liks dem!
darina, age six

What do you call a tea drinking wizard? A sorcerer.

Why did spider man pick his nose? To get rid of the green goblin.

When does eating birthday cake cause heartburn? When you forget to blow out the candles.

What do you call a singing computer? Adele.

What does a house ware? An address.

hihi! it is darina ballerina!

hi hi hi!
how ala ya bes?
i havnt writed here in loong time!
did ya al mis me?
ya’nno what?
we gots ta drink coke zero! ders no sugar in it
i prefir pepsi but mabe tomoro carol anne wil let me get pepsi
wes is goin groceree shopin then
im esited to go to colorado
it is gona be so cool ta meet my frends in sarahs system
sarah has did lik us
and shes blind to lik we are
and her insiders som of them ar kids
and thay ar my frinds
and i cant wait ta meet them!
and kno wat else?
i cant wait ta see eileen and dr. barry again!
its ben hard not seein them!
eileens gona read ta us and dat wil be so neat
we wil wrap up in her soft blanket
and shell read ta us
i love dat
it is so cool and shes a gud reader!
wel i betta go now!
see yas soon guys!
love and pooh bear hugs,
darina ballerina!
im six yars old!

Texted Eileen!

Hihihii everybody!
Well I sended our therapist a text! I had to I was just feeling so sad! She said if we need her to just text her! So I did! Heres what I said in the message to her!

Hi Eileen, its Em. I am so sad! I wish you were here! I need you so bad right now!
Do you think we can have a phone check in today?
I miss you so, so much!
Everything feels so hard!
Butterfly hugs,
Love you,

I hope she responds to me today. I know as soon as she can, she will. She never forgets. So I hope we can talk soon!

snails and worms eww gross!

its lexi. im six in case yu forgoted. anyways gess wat? nitro brot a snail in ar house! he musta brot it in on his paws. tha snail was in ar bedroom, ewww. our pa got him out, she pic him up and fro him out in tha garden. i so glad! i not like snails! thems gross!
so glad hes gone now! then kno wat else? we letted nitro out jus now and when he came in a worm came in wif him too!
ewww! its so so gross!
worms ar nasty!
i onlie likes gummy worms!
wel i gots ta go now cuz tha bigs wants ta wach somfin on tv!
love lexi six

Thankees to Sarah!

ar frend sarah sended us a suprise in tha mail!
i so so sited!
it a book! bout bein brave!
tha book is part of a series
we gots anothir book by tha sam author
we gots the one called in my heart
and now dis one bout being brave
and eileen gonna read it ta us
i gona email her to tell her we got a new book!
a new one fir her ta read!
it is so nise wen her can read ta us
i love it!
she lets us record her readin ta us too!
so now we gonna have her readin a new book!
yay yay!
so happy!
taylor six