im feeling very worried
I don’t know if Eileen got home safely
she was supposed to be home from England today
I wrote her earlier tonight but she hasn’t responded
I hope she did get home safe
I will be anxious until I know if shes safe
I worry about her
I worry about her plane and when she is up there in the air
do you think she’s home safe?
I hope she responds tomorrow
its hard not knowing
I just want to know she’s ok!
butterfly hugs
Em age 12


Hi guys. How are you all? We had pizza for lunch. That was cool.

We are leaving soon to go to the airport. It’s been nice seeing all our relatives. Looking forward to going home though to.

I’m glad we got to have pizza for lunch. We are thinking of coming back here in the summer. We are planning a trip again in August or September. I can’t wait.

Well I better run. Talk to you all later. Hopefully the flight home will be smooth. I’m nervous about it. I don’t like flying.

she makes me feel safe

hhihihii everybody
its me em
im feeling good tonight
i just emailed eileen
i telled her she maked me feel safe today
and it felt good and i liked being in therapy today
the session was good
i feel like she gets us and she helps us so much
protects us and loves us and validates us
i love her for all that
i love her cuz shes so kind
and warm and caring and gentle and thoughtful
and shes realy caring and a good therapist too
my dark insiders are calmer tonight
they are scared about eileen maybe leaving us
i told her to maybe tell them she isnt going to do that
she did tell us today but they are still doubtful about it
i think they find it hard to trust
but they are working on it
it just takes a long time
cuz we’ve been hurt so much by people in the past
who said they would be there and werent leaving
and then they just did
and that hurted so much
im so thankful for eileen
shes my best therapist ever
i hope we’ll be seeing her for a real long time
i think so
im happy about that
im also happy we get a fluffy blanket in her office now
i love it
its all cosy and comfy and warm and makes me feel safe
and her holding me made me feel safe to
butterfly hugs
loves you,
emily age 12

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its me allie! im having a bit of anger tonight. i think its dumb that eileens gotta go to england next week! not fair! i want her here! i dont want her to go away! i will miss her and i feel angry and sad! angry at the college for making her go! i wish we’d gotten to see her today. that would have made me happy! im angry too that we didnt get to see her! i guess im having a few tears and a bit of a melt down tonight. who cares! i have them a lot. i realy wanna break something right now. i just feel bad! bad and sad and mad! ug i hate this! it sucks!
allie 9

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How many pillows?

Another old #whatif prompt from october 15th, but our littles wanted to do this one!

Todays prompt:

how many pillows . .?

Feel free to respond in your favorite way whether it be a poem, short story, photo, video . . however you best relate to the prompt. Simply post your ideas, create a ping-back and use the hashtag #whatif.


it darina ballerna
im six in case yu forgoted
so how many pilow i can fro at you carol anne?
lots an lots!
i fink mabe six!
i wil fro them all at yu and den yu can fro them bak at me!
and we’ll hav a pilow fite
yay! 😛 I’d love that!
i love pilo fites
dems my favorit fing to do for fun!
1, 2, 3 go!
fro them!
pilow fite here i come!
hahahaha 😀
im gona win! it fun fun fun!
whose next to fro them?
darina ballerna age six

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i got wings!

carol anne say we can has chiken wings! yummy!
i luv them!
we had bbq kind. mmmm! sooo goood!
we was hav bad day so it gud we got a treet
i lik treets
yay 😛
darina ballerna blarina jellybina! i six
hahhaha dats my nicnam!

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