Mom medical update

so yesterday my mom went back to the doctor. the doctor had some bad news for her. she drew her a diagram of her lungs. the doctor said we all have 3 sacks on our right lung, and two on our left. and the middle sack on moms right lung has collapsed. doctor said she wasn’t sure if it was from her COPD, it might be. But it could be an underlying issue, like cancer, or some other lung damage. She wont be sure until she does another x-ray. So mom is booked in for an x-ray on December 23rd. If the x-ray shows that the lung isn’t healed, and the collapsed part is still showing, then she will have to go for an emergency CT scan. She was meant to have a lung function test yesterday but the doctor said because she’s just getting over a lung infection she’d leave the lung function test for another few weeks. We’re all very nervous about the outcome of this next x-ray. I’m particularly worried about what if its cancer or some serious condition…what then. I need my mom for so much. She helps me in so many ways, I don’t want to lose her. I know cancer is curable and if it is cancer they may have caught it early. But still, I’m sad and upset and very worried. All I can do now is hope and pray that she’ll be ok. She has a good outlook though, she said we’ll just have to take what is dealt to us as a family and go from there. She’s calm on the outside at least. Not sure how much of that is to reassure us me and my sister though… I know she wont want us to worry about her.