Sunday writing prompt 15th November-coping

Michael’s challenge for us this week is writing about how you cope with the situations you face in life, be they real or fantasy.
In these days there seem to be a never ending series of situations about which we have to cope.
Health, politics, poverty, work, sport.etc

Go where the prompt leads you and have fun.

I havent had the easiest of lives. I was born 13 weeks premature, so even at the beginning of my life, I had challenges to overcome. And I did. I had poor health for much of my childhood, but I overcame all of that. I faced adversity and abuse, plus there was also my blindness, I was lucky, my mom was incredibly supportive, she has always been that way. She would do anything for me, as she said, its what mothers do, its called a mothers love. When I was being abused I felt so alone, going home at the weekends was tough too, my dad was drinking heavily at the time, so it was me and my mom, as my sister wasnt born until I was 9. As I grew up and entered my teens, I faced more challenges, being bullied at school, that led me to have a bit of a mental health crisis, and at sixteen I ended up suicidal and I tried to end things. After that my mental health got worse, I was hospitalised at 17 and diagnosed with PTSD and started therapy and was later diagnosed with did. How do I cope with my mental health? I journal, I talk to people, talking helps, always remember there is always someone willing to listen, whether its virtually, or in person, someone is always there. I have to remember, its ok not to be ok. I am human. I cant always be positive or upbeat, but I try to be when I can. I work hard at healing and try my best to be positive. And most of the time I succeed. I also write a lot. Writing is a release for me. I write poems, and I blog. That really helps me. My blog buddies are my second family. I know so many wonderful people online both on my blog and in my did support group that I run. I suppose we all have some challenges to face, nobody escapes life unscathed, there is always some challenge to cope with.