Birthday lunch

My sister turned 34 yesterday. She was working yesterday so she didn’t celebrate then.

Instead, she took mom, dad and me to her house this afternoon for a birthday lunch.

The weather is beautiful here today. We’re getting temps of up to 26 C!

We drove to my sisters house around 2 PM.

She made a lovely lunch of fries, salad and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, with red onion.

Then, mom had also bought my sister a Cadbury’s flake birthday cake, which was very delicious. It was also very luscious though.

After lunch, we sat outside in the garden for 2 hours.

It was a very lovely afternoon, but now, I am exhausted, but I think it is the heat that is draining me.

I came home and I had to lay on my bed with the fan on me for about 40 minutes.

My sister got lots of nice presents, including money from me. I didn’t know what to buy her so I decided, the best thing to do was give her the money and let her buy something nice for herself with it.

This weekend, on Sunday, she’s having a barbecue, and inviting all of the family on both sides, so it will be mayhem at her house.

I’m excited though. I love barbecued food.

And our weather is set to be extremely hot for the next 10 days.

Today was the hottest day of the summer so far.