I turned the big 40!

Its my birthday today, I am 40! Omg! I am 40! I cant believe that! I still remember when my mom turned 40, I was 23 then. We had a party for her at my aunts house and I still remember it like it was yesterday!
So well, what am I doing for my birthday? I am celebrating it differently to how I originally planned, due to the coronavirus. We’d originally planned a weekend in killarney with all the family, and we were going to have a big party and all. But we’ve put those plans on hold now until all of this is over and done with.
Instead we’ll have a birthday cake, and some drinks, with our parents. We got some lovely presents, including over 150 euro in birthday money, which we’ll use to treat ourselves to a few things, like getting our nails done, a pedicure, etc once the coronavirus stuff ends and lockdown is over.
We got some very expensive perfume from our sister, some audible credits from our friend norma, and norma is also going to come over some time soon too and we’ll have a special birthday dinner, it may just be a few weeks from now that we do it. We’ve been so spoiled, and so many people have wished us a happy birthday on fb too. Its so lovely and we are very touched by all the love thats been shown to us.
Thanks everyone for making our birthday so special. We love you all.
❤ ❤

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