A new baby in the family

This morning, we welcomed a new baby into our family, my cousin Christine had a baby boy. She is calling him Josh. He weighed in at 6 lb 8 oz. Isn’t he beautiful? She had an emergency Caesarian section after her waters broke last night late in the evening. Mum and baby are both healthy and doing well.

Bizarre holidays for May 11th

The weird and wacky holidays that are celebrated on may 11th are…

Eat What You Want Day
Fintastic Friday: Giving Sharks a Voice
Hostess CupCake Day
Military Spouse Appreciation Day
National Public Gardens Day
National Twilight Zone Day
Provider Appreciation Day

Stronger than bpd

There was a great question posed in the book Stronger Than BPD. The book read, “Think about something that occurred in your life that at the time felt immensely difficult and perhaps even insurmountable. Recall how your inner strength and resiliency allowed you to ride out the storms. Celebrate that the situation, no matter how difficult or upsetting had some Silver Lining that created meaning.”

I have had many difficulties in life. I am going to celebrate the fact I got through them. I came out the other side. That something worth celebrating.