Not asleep

I am wide awake. Its gone past 2 AM here. Despite my being up at 7:30 this morning, I cant sleep tonight. I cant settle. I read for a while, I read 3 chapters of my book, I’m reading the new cathy glass book. And I love it so far. Now I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel wired. My mind is so full. Full of whirling thoughts. If only I could stop the buzzing. That would feel so good. I may go make a cup of berry tea. That may just do the trick and calm me down. Heres hoping.

New book!

I’m super excited! A new cathy glass book is out today!
Its called where is mummy gone, and is about an 8 year old child that cathy fosters.
It looks really good! I cant wait to read it!
I will review it once I am done!
I bet I’ll finish it in one day! I always finish her books really quickly!
I am addicted ha ha!
carol anne


Book review:A long way from home by Cathy glass

So I just finished the book a long way from home by Cathy Glass. A wonderful read. Different from most of her other foster care memoirs, this is Annas story. A story about a little girl adopted from an orphanage who came into foster care after being diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder and when her behaviour became unmanageable for her parents.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a poignant read. Deeply moving, very sad in places, but also full of hope.
The summary for the book follows.

The true story of two-year-old Anna, abandoned by her natural parents, left alone in a neglected orphanage.

Elaine and Ian had travelled halfway round the world to adopt little Anna. She couldn’t have been more wanted, loved and cherished. So why was she now in foster care and living with me? It didn’t make sense.

Until I learned what had happened…

Dressed only in nappies and ragged T-shirts, the children were incarcerated in their cots. Their large eyes stared out blankly from emaciated faces. Some were obviously disabled, others not, but all were badly undernourished. Flies circled around the broken ceiling fans and buzzed against the grids covering the windows. The only toys were a few balls and a handful of building bricks, but no child played with them. The silence was deafening and unnatural. Not one of the 30 or so infants cried, let alone spoke.

This book can be gotten from audible, its also available on kindle. and in paperback. It is Cathy glass’s latest foster care memoir.

Cant sleep…

so its 11:30. And I cant sleep. sigh. I knew this was going to happen.
I didnt even nap today. I was up at 8 this morning actually.
Why is it I can only get one or two nights of good sleep. I so wish I didnt struggle so much with sleep. It makes life very difficult.
I think I’ll go read for a while. I have 2 hours left of my audio book a long way from home, by cathy glass. Its a good read if your interested I highly recommend her books.
carol anne

Book review. Cruel to be kind by Cathy Glass

Just finished an amazing foster care memoir by Cathy glass.

This is her latest book, just released last week. Its called cruel to be kind.

This is Max’s story. Max was six when he came to live with Cathy. His mother was in hospital and he’d been left at home alone so was temporarily brought into care.

When Cathy first met him she got a shock because he was very obese. Much of the book centres on his obesity. He was six and weighed 119 pounds.

The book is sad in many places. His mother and sisters are also very obese. Throughout the book he goes on a diet but when he has contact at home he doesn’t stick to it, however he does lose some weight.

I’m not going to say exactly what happens in the book because I don’t want to give too much away but it is a very very good read, parts of the book are very sad and tragic but parts of it are also very uplifting.

The book is available on audible and in print and on kindle.

I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. I was totally addicted as I am with all of Cathys books.

I will say the book has a very positive ending.

Quiet saturday

I slept really well last night. I decided to go to bed at 9 PM and read for a while. I ended up reading for 2 hours. The new Cathy Glass book is amazing! I’m already 11 chapters in to it. Its really good, a page turner.
Today I got up late. I woke when my dad came in to let nitro out and I gto up and ate breakfast but then went back to bed for a while. I didn’t have any plans for today so I didn’t have any reason not to.
I’m going to my uncles birthday party tonight. He was 40 yesterday, the family are throwing him a party tonight. It will be just family at it. It will be in his house. I’m not going to drink though because I am watching my weight.
Tomorrow I have plans to visit my friend rose. I’ll go in the afternoon after dinner, we usually have dinner early on Sunday. My sister had asked me to help her get her pictures off of her phone, and I already did that yesterday. It took a while. Half of her pictures were on I cloud and the rest were on her phone. She wanted me to put all of them onto a USB key.
I forgot to mention here the other day that my dad got another letter from the hospital, he has to go in next Thursday, to get another bowel examination, the same one that they did not do the last time because of the meds he was on.
They’ve decided now that they can do it so he has to go in at 1:30 on Thursday afternoon to have it done. He’s pleased that they decided they can now do it. Hopefully it will be a success and he’ll only have about 2 weeks to wait once its done before he sees the gastro doc again to see what treatment they’ll put him on.
Also moms brothers wife has bone cancer and she is not doing well at all. They’ve decided that she needs pain management so nurses are going to come into her home to sort that out, right now her husband that’s moms brother is trying to organise it. she was having kemo but they stopped that because her platelets are low and her blood cells the white ones are abnormal also. I think things are not looking good for her at all. Its very sad as she was only diagnosed a few weeks ago.

I’m glad tomorrow starts the weekend

i’m having a good evening. I had a phone check in with eileen, that was lovely. we talked about my upset over me thinking i had a break from therapy coming up. now that i dont i am very relieved. i told eileen as much. i told her i felt so panicked thinking i wouldnt be going to therapy and knowing i wouldnt be seeing her. i said it felt like that when i did go back that she wouldnt be there. she said that it sounds like some very young parts are activated, and they are desperately afraid that something bad will happen to her while we are on respite. she reassured us that it wouldnt and she’d be fine and she told me if i needed to text her that i could.
i’m at mom and dads house now. i’ll be here until i go to respite on monday. mom picked me up at around 6 this evening from my own house. she’d been taking my dads brother to the ear nose and throat hospital so on the way back she picked me up. saved me money on a taxi so i was thrilled. my home help had come at 5, i was having an omlette for dinner. it was a bit of a rush to get it made and eaten before my mom arrived. i managed though, the omlette had cheese and bacon in it. it was delicious.
i read that the weather here for tomorrow is supposed to be warm and sunny. i hope thats true because if it is i’ll take nitro outside in the garden, and while we’re out there I’ll read. I got a new book today called the darkness within by lisa stone. lisa stone is also known as cathy glass. she is writing under another name i think so as not to mix up her genres of books. cathys books are memoirs and are true life accounts of foster children she’s looked after. this book is fiction i believe and is a crime novel. i havent actually read the synopsis. I just bought the book because I love cathy and so I thought if she’s written it I’d like it even if she is using a penname.