Book review: /A family torn apart by Cathy Glass

I just finished reading another excellent foster care memoir…the latest release from UK foster carer Cathy Glass.


Angie, 6, and sister Polly, 4, are utterly distraught when they arrive to stay with foster carer Cathy Glass. Their older half-sister Ashleigh has accused their father of rape, and the two young sisters have been removed from home to keep them safe.

Cathy tries to comfort the girls, but they are inconsolable. They just want their mummy and daddy, who they love dearly.

The girls appear to have been well looked after, but as they settle and start to talk of life at home, it becomes clear something is badly wrong. Then a chance remark sets in motion a chain of events that eventually changes everything.

This book was a real page turner!

It had loads of twists and turns!

I highly recommend this book! You won’t be disappointed!

Cathy once again has done an amazing job! The care she gives her foster children is first class!

This book was deeply relatable, and I did not see the ending coming!

I give it five stars!

A must read! Go buy a copy!

Its available on audible, and on kindle and in paperback.