a kitty cat

it is darina
gess wat?
thers a kitty cat ote side ar window
i not sure if hes a boy r a gurl
but the kittys miaowing
makin a big noise
it skard me a litle
until i figur ote its a kitty doin it
den i was ok agin and wasint skard
i fink da kitty cats siting on ar window sill
it onlee bes 4 20 in da mornin
so hes up late or shes up late
i not sure which it is ha ha
or mabe it is dat dey ar up erly
lik us haha
and ya knos wat else
im rely bummed
cuz carol anne said we gots ta drink watr
no coke
jus watr and eat fruit for brekfast
i lik fruit but i don lik ta hav ta bes healthy all da time
dats stupid
darina ballerina i six