I eventually slept, got about 5 hours, didnt fall asleep until after 6 AM. I woke up with a headache, but went back to bed after breakfast for another 2 hours, and its gone now thank god!

Mom has left to go camping this morning She left a few minutes ago. She’ll be gone until monday, my sister is also gone with the kids, and some of my sisters partners family are also gone. I dont go, as campings not really my thing. But I dd say I might try it once, just to see if I would like it. We’ll see. I didnt do it this time though.

I just texted Eileen to see what the update is, whether her family member is ok, and to see when she might be coming home. She hasnt gotten back to me yet, but she will when she has a chance, so when I know more I will update further.

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A restful afternoon

So I was going to go to my friend Normas house this afternoon. I had planned on it but then at the last minute, I decided that the weather was too bad, so I decided I’d wait until tomorrow to go visit her. Instead, I layed down and rested in the afternoon after dad and I had dinner. I rested for about 3 hours. I woke up all confused. I thought it was night time! It was only 6:30 PM though! Has that ever happened to you that you thought it was a later time than it actually was? I am glad I got some rest. I must have needed it as I slept soundly. It was nice and it felt good. I talked to my mom again on the phone, they are enjoying their trip a lot. When I talked to her she was having dinner, and today herself and my sister went on two long walks around lakes that are nearby their campsite. So that’s my mini update. Nothing else planned this evening, other than reading my new book, which so far is really good.

Morning ramble

I am feeling good this morning. I feel good because I was able to go back to sleep, even though I woke up at 5 AM! I only stayed up for half an hour, then I went back to bed, and I slept until 9 AM! Yay! Sleeping in was good! It felt nice to be able to do that!
I had a nice breakfast and am now just messing around online, on twitter, reading blogs, I made coffee, it is delicious!
Life feels good! And I got trhough the summer solstice too so yay! I managed to get through it in one piece! For that, I am so grateful!
I talked to my mom this morning, she said it hasn’t rained yet at the campsite, I’d say we’ll have some rain later on today though, as its very cloudy outside and the sky looks dark too.
Mom is enjoying her trip. She said if it doesn’t rain she’s going to go walking this morning.
My friend Norma rang me, she is in a good mood. She just rang for a chat. Its nice to have friends who do that. I am so glad I do.
I have no plans today, just going to chill, relax, just do nothing, enjoy my free time. May have a bath later, for some self care, may read, I started a new book, just a child by Sammy woodhouse. Its good. I am on chapter 3 now.

Camping trip

Mom and my sister have gone camping for the weekend. I didnt go. Camping isnt really my thing. I dont think I’d enjoy it. I think I’d be too nervous about insects, and about eating outside and sleeping outside.
But they’ve gone, and I hope they’ll have fun. The weather doesnt look too good though. Its supposed to rain tomorrow and sunday, all day and evening. They’ve gone to a campsite with some of my sisters partners family.
So its just me and my dad for the weekend. I just got here an hour ago. We’ve eaten, and now I’m just doing my own thing, relaxing in the bedroom while dad watches tv.He’s in a pretty good mood which is good. He’s easier to get along with when he’s not being whiny or a control freak.

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Rain, rain!

Its absolutely pouring outside. Heavy, heavy rain.

I sure am glad I am not out in it! I rang my mom, its raining heavily where they are also. They had a fire going and are playing music and stuff, but they had to go in to the gazebo, since the rain got so heavy. My sisters partner just ordered pizzas, and they are beling delivered to the campsite.

Mom is having a few drinks, and she sounds tipsy, but not overly drunk. I’m glad they’re all having fun.

As for me, I had a nap earlier, it was nice. I slept for about 2 hours. It was restful sleep.

I am still feeling ok, good even. My mood is happy. I am enjoying the weekend. Feels nice.

I don’t have any plans for tomorrow either. I will just take it as it comes, see how the day goes. I think I will lie in tomorrow morning.

I hope your all having a good weekend too.

My sister almost killed a pig!

Well, I just got off the phone to my sister! She’s in shock!
She almost killed a piglet! No kidding, she did!
They were having a barbecue, and she had leftover food, including bones from ribs. She went to the piglet enclosure and threw the food in to the baby pigs. Well they started eating the food, and then a part of the bone got stuck in one of the piglets throats, and he was choking!
My sister panicked, and ran to get the farmer, but the farmer was only laughing, he told her not to worry, that pigs can eat anything, except teeth!
The pig was ok, he didn’t die, but my sister is not the better of it now!
She came back to where the rest of the family were and she was hysterical! She told me if she’d have killed the baby piglet that she wouldn’t have stayed there, she’d have come back home tomorrow!
I am so glad the little piggys ok!
Apparently the pigs are only a few weeks old!
My sis is a real animal lover, so I can imagine how terrified and panicked she was thinking the pig might die!
I’m just glad he didn’t die! That would have been devastating!

Afternoon thoughts

I made some tea. That seemed to help my anxiety. I feel less anxious now.
I talked to mom on the phone earlier. She’s having a fun time camping. Its cold and raining some. But they are all still having fun. They had a cooked breakfast, and they are going to BBQ tonight. Well if the rain holds off that is.
The kids are enjoying themselves too. They’re on a farm, so there is a lot for the kiddos to do.
As for me and my dad, we’re getting along. He hasn’t driven me batty yet lol. He’s actually been extremely nice to me. He said he’ll make me a fruit salad as soon as his show is over. He even waited for my meds to arrive, and when they did he answered the door and took them instead of me having to go to the door and make niceties with the delivery guy.
Now I have the Prozac and will start taking it tomorrow. And then the fun begins. We’ll see how good it is and if it actually does anything for my depression. I really hope it will!