Therapy today: Walking and talking

Today in therapy we did something a little different. We were really anxious when we got there, at first we tried to ground ourselves, and eileen tried to soothe us, and calm us.
But then she had workmen outside doing some work in her back yard. They were really noisy. And all the noise was making us even more upset. We were getting more and more triggered, and our senses were on overload.
So Eileen said lets go for a walk. We were like what? A walk? And she was like yeah, come on, we’ll walk, and talk!
So that is what we did! We listened to the birds, we picked flowers, we talked, and we walked.
It was so nice. It was a beautiful sunny morning, and having Eileen with us was just, amazing. Now when we are scared or upset, we can remember being out walking with eileen, and how safe she made us feel.
On our way back to her office, we stopped at her lavender bush, and she picked us a stalk of lavender, we were afraid to go near it because the bees like lavender and we were scared in case there would be any bees on it.
Eileen was like, you arent friends with the bees?
And we’re like no way! You can be friends with all of the bees!
It was a lovely session, and by the time it ended we were much calmer. I hope we get to walk again at some point, I must say, Eileen comes up with some great ideas.