Thank you, dr. Barry

Dear Dr. Barry, thank you

We want to thank you for so many things. There is so much we are so grateful for. Here is a sample of just a few things that stand out to us about you and what an incredible doctor you truly are.

Thank you for accepting our did diagnosis without question, it means so much to us. So many in the past have been so hurtful and refused to even work with us. I can honestly say the past 2 and a half years have been the best relationship Ive ever had with a psychiatrist. Thats all down to you and the rapport you worked so hard with us to build up.

Thank you for never rushing us. Every week, you give us your time, you dont rush us out the door. You always without fail ask us at the end of every session if there is anything else wed like to talk about with you before we finish up. That means so much to us. We feel heard and listened to and validated.

Thank you for being so understanding and easy to talk to. You make the hard things easy to talk about because you know just what questions to ask, you know when to gently push us for more info and when to stop and say no, enough is enough. You are amazing the way you just seem to be able to get things when we dont have the words to tell you.

Thank you for being real and allowing your emotions to show. That really means so much to us. It allows us to form a deeper connection with you. Knowing little snippets of your life is helpful. I know some professionals think that they should never tell their clients anything but it really is helpful to know that you have a life outside of being a doctor, you are a parent etc. It makes us feel closer to you in some way.

Thank you for always being honest with us. We love that about you. Also thank you for challenging us sometimes. I hope we have been as honest with you as youve been with us. We really do try to be. Its easy to open up to you. You have a genuine and compassionate way about you that is so easy to warm to.

In summary, thank you for being you. We still want you to adopt us some day, even though we do realise you cant do that, we can wish though right? You are such an incredible person and we are glad that youve come into our lives. Your kids are lucky to have such an amazing, kind, caring and compassionate gentle and genuine mother. We are lucky to have you as our consultant. Thank you for everything.


Carol anne and all of us