#JusJoJan prompt: busy!

I got busy tonight exercising! I decided to just go for it! Get on that treadmill and go go go!

So that’s exactly what I did!

I did a 15 minute intensive workout, and man was I hot after it!

But I felt great! It got my blood pumping!

My hope is that I can exercise every day this week. That’s the goal anyway. Whether I’ll actually accomplish it or not remains to be seen.

It definitely helped with my anxiety though to get on the treadmill! I pounded it and was able to release some of my anxious feelings!

I’m so happy now that I actually did that. Feels fantastic!

Daily Prompt – JusJoJan the 26th, 2020

Oasis of quiet

my little oasis of quiet
as I sit here
all dressed and ready
to spring out the door
when my taxi arrives
but in this moment
all is peaceful
i am one with the world
I am happy
Free from pain
In my little oasis
I enjoy the moment
Before my busy day


Monday looks like this

Busy, busy, busy!
In the morning I have therapy. That will probably be eventful. I am looking forward to it though. I am glad to be seeing Eileen.
In the afternoon I am working on friendly call. I work from 1:30 until 5. I will be calling clients that I havent talked to before. So we’ll have to see how that will go. I will need to try to get familiarised with their situations and stories.
I will eat dinner when I come home, I dont have to cook, thanks to my awesome mom, she prepared chicken for me this weekend, seasoned it and cooked it so all I have to do is heat it up, and I’ll have some rice with that which only takes 3 minutes to nuke in the microwave.
After all that I am going to chill for the evening. I deserve to do that right? If only I could get my sleep pattern back to normal, or some semblence of normality I’d be all set.

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A busy Tuesday ahead!

I woke up at 3:30 after only 3 hours of sleep. At least I did get 3 hours though. I’m glad of that much.

I have a busy tuesday ahead of me.

This morning my PA comes at 9. We’re not going out, we’re just going to do some housework.

She is here until 11:30. I will have a few hours at home then, before going to work in the afternoon. I work from about 1:45 in the afternoon until around 4 or 4:30.

I have to remember that I have some chocolate to bring to my supervisor, they’re from a client, who is also my friend, norma. She gave my supervisor some chocolates because she helped her to obtain a panic alarm and she wanted to thank her. So I said I’d take them to her as my supervisor was unable to get to her house today to pick them up.

After work I will come home for about an hour, before its time to go to my slimming world group. The group starts at 5:30. I hope I am down this week. I think its looking like I will be. Fingers crossed anyway. I’m very hopeful.

It will be after 7 PM before I eat dinner and sit down to relax for the rest of the evening.

I probably could have done with some more sleep, but oh well. I’ll be ok. I need to go and shower now. It will help brush the cobwebs out of my eyes.


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A busy friday ahead!

I slept for a long time! I was just totally shattered!
I slept for the entire afternoon and evening yesterday! I only woke up to let nitro out and eat some fruit! Other than those few minutes I slept like a log!
I finally woke at 2 AM! And am up now for the day!
I am going to take a nice hot shower soon. I feel icky! I hate feeling so gross so a shower will be good!
My PA comes at 9 AM! We arent going out though. We’ll just do housework. I have a kinda busy day ahead of me today though
I am going to mom and dads for the weekend, like I normally do. But I am going to get my nails done today. I am getting shilac on them!
Mom is taking me! I am also getting waxing done. I am getting my lip, eyebrows and chin waxed!
I am also having a colour put in my hair, moms going to put it in for me!
So with all that the day will probably fly by!

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The rest of this week

the rest of my week looks very busy. i have appointments on two days. i also have to work two days. tomorrow i am working, and I will also work friday. on wednesday i see dr. barry. and on thursday i have a mentoring apt in the morning. I’ll also go to slimming world on Wednesday evening. i’m glad i’ll be busy. busy is good. i prefer to stay busy. it gives me some distraction. tomorrow morning my pa will come, and i need to go to the grocery store to buy my fruit for the week as I am almost out of fruit. I will also buy more water too. so its all go here the next couple of days. I hope I am ready for the challenge.

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I slept well again, yay!

I slept well again last night! I think the meds are working! I take haldol now at night, along with prazosin, and epilim and keppra, and meds for diabetes, which I dont have but my doctor refuses to let me come off of them!
I think the prazosin and haldol are helping me sleep much better! After two nights of taking them I am feeling the difference already! I love it! It doesnt take me long to fall asleep once I take them! I read my book last night for an hour, then I settled in and was able to fall asleep quickly!
I slept from around midnight until 6:30 AM! Unheard of for me mostly!
So now I am well rested! And I am feeling good! My mood is a little brighter too!
Its raining here, raining hard. I was going to go to my friends house today in the afternoon but now I’m thinking I wont go. My mom is coming home from her camping trip today, this afternoon.
I think I will just spend another day relaxing, and enjoy the rest of my weekend, before another busy week ahead.

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