Oasis of quiet

my little oasis of quiet
as I sit here
all dressed and ready
to spring out the door
when my taxi arrives
but in this moment
all is peaceful
i am one with the world
I am happy
Free from pain
In my little oasis
I enjoy the moment
Before my busy day


Monday looks like this

Busy, busy, busy!
In the morning I have therapy. That will probably be eventful. I am looking forward to it though. I am glad to be seeing Eileen.
In the afternoon I am working on friendly call. I work from 1:30 until 5. I will be calling clients that I havent talked to before. So we’ll have to see how that will go. I will need to try to get familiarised with their situations and stories.
I will eat dinner when I come home, I dont have to cook, thanks to my awesome mom, she prepared chicken for me this weekend, seasoned it and cooked it so all I have to do is heat it up, and I’ll have some rice with that which only takes 3 minutes to nuke in the microwave.
After all that I am going to chill for the evening. I deserve to do that right? If only I could get my sleep pattern back to normal, or some semblence of normality I’d be all set.

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Monday ramble

My Monday has been quite busy. I was drained after therapy, but I had to wait to nap as mom and my sister were dropping me home, and mom was staying for a while to cut my grass. She stayed for about an hour. They left at around 2 Pm to go pick up the kids from school. I crawled into bed then with the intention of napping for just an hour. I did that, I woke at about 3:15, fed nitro and let him out and then decided I was still sleep deprived as I only slept for 3 hours last night. So I went back to bed until around 6 PM.
When I woke I felt so refreshed. I am wide awake now though. I know I’d have been better off if I just fought the sleepiness, but I had nothing going on this afternoon so it was ok to nap. My supervisor did text me to come in today to work on friendly call, but I didn’t get the text until I was already at home.
I just got done having some dinner, at almost 11 PM at night. I wasn’t hungry earlier so just ate some fruit then. I just made a baked potato, baked beans and some chicken. It was delicious!
Tomorrow I will be super busy. In the morning I have an apt at the beauty salon to get my nails soaked off and get waxing done. I’m not getting new nails on tomorrow, I need to take a break as my nails are weak, so I need to buy strengthener to strengthen them. After the apt at the beauticians I have to go get weighed in. I usually don’t go until the evening on Tuesdays, but there is filming of a tv show going on this week where our class normally takes place, so the times for weighing in are changed.
I am hopeful of a good result at weigh in tomorrow!
Then in the afternoon I am working, I work from about 2 Pm until 5 PM.
So a busy day ahead for me tomorrow!
Now I am going to go read my book I am reading the new Maggie Hartley book and loving it!
Its really good! I am on chapter 8 of it now!

busy tuesday

todays gonna be quite busy.
i have my volunteering in the afternoon. I am excited to go as I havent been in 3 weeks.
Everyone in the office will think something has happened to me!
I bet I get a great reception when I go in!
After volunteering I will just have enough time to come home, feed nitro and have a quick snack before my mom and sis will pick me up to go see mama mia 2.
fun times! the kids are super excited to go to see it!
At least my morning will be quiet enough. I can chill out at home.

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Up early and having a ramble :-)

I woke up at 2:40 AM. I couldnt believe the time. I felt refreshed though. I had taken my meds at 9 last night and about half an hour after I took them I was barely able to function so went to bed. I take a sleeping tablet halcion. It is really working for me which I am glad about. So when I went to bed I immediately fell asleep. Which is good since there was a lot of internal chaos going on last night in our system. We see dr. Barry this morning. I am looking forward to that. I havent seen her since we came out of hospital 10 days ago. It will be good to catch up. I wont see her next week because I’ll be on respite then. Mom is calling to my house later this morning. We have that routine going that she always comes on Wednesdays for a couple hours. I was going to go to an art group at the basement club today but I am not sure if I will or not. I want to, but money is a barrier. I need to get taxis and I seem to be spending a lot on them and I never seem to have enough money to cover all of the taxi’s. I have a singing lesson today also which I am going too. So yeah it is gonna be a busy day.