Phone session with my CPN Sarah

Sarah finally called me. It was after 5 PM when she called. Her call came in as an unknown number, so I almost didnt answer it. When I told her she’d called on a private number she apologised, and said she didnt mean to do that.
I told her everything. I told her about how I am feeling, about the anxiety and overwhelm, low mood, agitation, and emotional instability. She listened and she was very understanding.
I told her about Emilys struggles with eating. We had a long chat about Emily and I told her she’d purged on Friday evening, but that there hadnt been any more purging over the weekend, just restricting. Sarah said to try to get some nutritious food into our body, as if we arent eating everything is going to be 10 times worse. I know she’s right. But its so difficult, Emily is not wanting food to go into our body.
I told her that all we’d eaten today was a banana, a yogurt, an apple, and 2 mandarins.
She encouraged me to drink lots of fluid, and try to eat something to keep my blood sugars up. She knows its emily whose having the eating issues. She encouraged me to call Eileen tomorrow if things arent any better, and she said she’d be documenting everything so that when I go to see dr. barry on Wednesday she’d know what was going on for me.
I said I appreciated that as its hard to keep explaining everything over and over to people. I mean, I will have a good long talk to Dr. Barry on Wednesday but it will be easier if she knows some of what is happening for me already before I talk to her.
Sarah said that she’d talk to dr. Barry after I see her on Wednesday to see how I am doing. She is so kind and caring. She really is a lovely nurse.
I am glad I have her support. She’s been a bit of a life saver lately, I don’t think I’d have gotten through the last few weeks without her support.