Check in with our CPN and coping with intense anxiety

So our CPN Sarah called us this afternoon. I knew she’d be calling, and I was expecting her call.
It came at around 6 PM.
She said she was calling to check on us. I told her our anxiety had gotten bad at around 4 PM, so I was reading. I was actually reading when she called me.
She said I was doing good to distract my mind when the anxiety hit. I told her I am getting very little sleep about an hour or 2 a night now. I started taking haldol last night and I am hoping that will start helping over the next few nights.
She said it would take some time to work, but I already knew that.
In the meantime she encouraged me to utilise what supports I could. So when she got off the phone I decided to take a bath.
I went to my parents this afternoon and I will be here until sunday. I ran a bath and I used one of my lush bubble bars in it, and oh man it was sooo good! I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The anxiety has lessened a little now. I do think the combo of reading, and the bubble bath helped a lot.
Sarah said she’d phone me again next week, on thursday, as I will see dr. barry on Monday coming, and I will have the weekend team over the weekend for extra support too.