Long covid

Long covid is very prevalent.

I’ve been lucky, I had covid in March 2022, but I had no long term side effects afterwards.

I feel blessed.

I know a few people who had it and are still suffering now months later.

My PA Trish had covid twice.

She now suffers from muscle cramps in her legs, and severe exhaustion.

Frances, my other PA had it also.

She now has shortness of breath, and constantly has to use an inhaler.

I also have another friend who had it and now has severe brain fog and memory issues.

Whoever thinks long covid isn’t a real thing, think again!

I heard an interview with a man on the radio this morning, and he said he had covid and when he recovered, he then got diagnosed with COPD!

He never had breathing issues before he got covid.

It’s a really scary thing I think!

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