Mom passed her pulmonary screening

So my mom had to have a pulmonary screening this morning. This was to see if she was a candidate for the educational classes that they are running for people with COPD. The classes will be helping her with breathing exercises, and education around her condition.

I’m happy to say she passed the screening. They had her do a 20 minute walk to see if she was a candidate. She said it was hard after the first 10 minutes, she got slower as she walked, but she managed to walk for the whole 20 minutes.

The classes aren’t starting until the first week in April. They will be twice a week for 8 weeks.

She will have to pay for a cab to take her there and back, that is going to be expensive, its 15 euro each way, so it will work out at 60 euros a week.

She said she’ll manage, she wants to do the classes, she thinks it’ll be really beneficial for her health, and I do agree it will.

I am going to ask her if she’d like me to go with her for support. I don’t know if I can, if the hospital will allow it but I’ll ask her and see what she says.

I’m just delighted she passed the screening, and that she’s eligible to do the classes.