5000 steps!

Thats how many steps I got in this morning on my walk. I went out walking with my PA frances, We were out for about an hour. The morning was beautiful, it wasnt cold, it was a lovely crisp morning, the air was very fresh, and I breathed it in with pleasure.
Nitro also enjoyed his walk, his tail was wagging and wagging, at first he was speeding along, pulling me after him. After a little while his pace slowed, the excitement of being out seeming to disappear.
By the time we arrived back home he was exhausted, and so was I!
Being out really gave me a boost though. Mentally I felt amazing when I got back home. I was so thirsty when I returned, that I drank a whole 20 ounce bottle of sprite.
I’m walking for a lot longer now, and getting a lot more steps in. On tuesday when we went out I only got 2500 steps in, today I doubled that.
I’m really pleased with my efforts!