Breathe, just breathe

That is what Eileen would tell me now if I talked to her. I am feeling overwhelmed. Anxious, and emotionally unstable.
God, what a mess I am! My head is all over the place. I need a good pep talk.
Instead I am listening to music, and I found a song I am so relating to right now.

Love this song so much!
Sent it on to Eileen, I know she’ll appreciate it.


I practice grounding
I should be good at it now
I’ve had a lot of reason
to practice it this evening
I stamp my feet
put on music
take a shower
all things
to help me cope
with the immense feelings
i am experiencing
In the hope that
one or all
of these distraction techniques
will allow me
to be able
to breathe
and calm down

Quiet day ahead

I have a quiet day ahead!

I am thrilled! Nothing to do but just stay home. Enjoy the peace.

I love days like this. I can just relax, and breathe.

I rescheduled my apt to see my resource worker for the blind. We rescheduled it for next week.

Today is going to be my rest day as tomorrow I am super busy again.


Relax and recharge

Relax and refuse to let worry and stress rule your life. There is always a solution to every problem. Things will work out for you when you take time to relax, refresh, restore and recharge your soul.
Lailah Gifty Akita