My volunteer shift on friendly call

I had a good shift today on friendly call. There were 3 of us making the calls. One of the other volunteers might as well have not been there though, she was just chatting to the office staff, and not bothering to actually make calls, and then, when she did make a couple of calls, she only stayed on the phone about 1 minute with each client. Not good at all in my opinion, that is not how we were trained to make calls! When the receptionist challenged her, she said she felt overwhelmed, but really, there is no need to become overwhelmed, if you do the job right!
Anyway, i got on really good. I called about 30 people. Most of whom were in, and so I was able to chat to them. Most of them were doing good, having a pleasant afternoon, most of them had things they were doing or people visiting them for the afternoon etc. Which is what I like to see!
I spent around 2 hours making the calls. Trish who is the receptionist, she picked me up from my moms to bring me to the office today, and she also dropped me home afterwords. Very sweet of her to do that I think!
I’m extremely happy with how the shift went. I love busy afternoons!


Video courtesy of summer shines studio and blog…

Summer shines blog is spreading awareness of suicide and mental illness, by writing hand written notes of inspiration, to let people know they are not alone in their struggles, watch her latest 9 minute film for more details.

Blog share. On the borderline, lydias blog

Lydia is a 21 year old from the UK, blogging about her life with bpd, and fibromyalgia.
Check out her blog, its brand new and I would encourage you all to give her a shout out and a follow!


Blog share. Light across the borderline

I’ve got another new blog to share with you all. Lauryns blog is awesome. Its about living with bpd. I hope you’ll all go and check out her blog, say hey and give her a follow!

Blog share. BPD mama lex

hi guys 🙂
Tonight I have another great blog to share with you all. This is a new blog to me and a new blogger. Her name is lex and she has been diagnosed with bpd, ptsd, depression and panic disorder. She is just starting out with blogging and I am sure she’d appreciate it if you took the time to visit her and give her a follow 😀
her blog link is

Go over and say hey! 😀
carol anne