Blog share. Light across the borderline

I’ve got another new blog to share with you all. Lauryns blog is awesome. Its about living with bpd. I hope you’ll all go and check out her blog, say hey and give her a follow!

Blog share. BPD mama lex

hi guys 🙂
Tonight I have another great blog to share with you all. This is a new blog to me and a new blogger. Her name is lex and she has been diagnosed with bpd, ptsd, depression and panic disorder. She is just starting out with blogging and I am sure she’d appreciate it if you took the time to visit her and give her a follow 😀
her blog link is

Go over and say hey! 😀
carol anne

They Say Mental Illness is an Invisible Disease

A wonderful poem written by sue of my loud bipolar whispers. Check it out!

via They Say Mental Illness is an Invisible Disease

Stronger than bpd

There was a great question posed in the book Stronger Than BPD. The book read, “Think about something that occurred in your life that at the time felt immensely difficult and perhaps even insurmountable. Recall how your inner strength and resiliency allowed you to ride out the storms. Celebrate that the situation, no matter how difficult or upsetting had some Silver Lining that created meaning.”

I have had many difficulties in life. I am going to celebrate the fact I got through them. I came out the other side. That something worth celebrating.

tired this evening

so after class i came upstairs to my room, fed nitro, made coffee, and then i went online for a bit. then i decided to nap. i feel so drained after therapy.
nothing unusual there. i always feel that way after a hard session. so i napped for about 45 mins. one of the staff woke me up to ask me what i wanted for dinner, i told her, then she closed my windows and left, i fell back to sleep for another 20 minutes.
i’ve eaten dinner now. still feel exhausted. dont want to sleep any more though or i wont sleep tonight.


well i know i said earlier i was gonna stay up. but in the end i didnt. i went back to bed. my head started hurting and i was really triggered with not being able to breathe. i stayed up for like an hour or so and then i figured i’d make an attempt to try to go back to sleep again. and it worked. well when i say it worked i tossed and turned and my phone kept blinging with notifications but i did sleep. then at 5 AM my friend rose texted me, and then rang me. she’s in a little bit of a crisis at the moment. she has bpd and anxiety and depression, amixture of all 3. she needed someone to talk to. i didnt really mind as i was just lying there awake anyway so its not like she woke me up. we talked for an hour. i hope it helped her. now i’ve just made coffee and got dressed even though its only 6 AM. at least my nose is clear right now, its not all plugged up. i hope it stays that way for a while. i have some time before breakfast as breakfast isnt until 8 AM. I will just go online and then at 7 let nitro out and feed him and stuff. i hope you’ve all had a pretty good evening and night, and if its still night for you I hope your trying to sleep.
carol anne