Song of the day. Breathe 2 AM

As its almost 2 AM here I thought in honour of my late night I’d post this song that I love.
carol anne


Ways that depression and anxiety can cause physical pain

An article from the mighty, talking about ways in which depression and anxiety can cause physical pain.


hanging out with my friend

so our friend just left. we had fun hanging out. we got take out food and just sat chatting. we got pizza, mexican kind, it was yummy. the kids didnt like it but i let them get fries, with garlic mayo and cheese on top. they were thrilled to get a treat. and i was like, all my hard work went out the window! but they deserve a treat. we have the rest of the week to be healthy. and you only live once, right? anyway. it was a nice way to spend a saturday evening. now that she’s gone i plan on vegging out in my bedroom. reading for a while, am going to snuggle under my duvet to do that. its been a good day.
carol anne

Hugs to all

If you need a hug, heres one for you.

If your struggling, talk to someone. Reach out.

You are worth it. You deserve help.

To all of my friends, and to any new readers, you are not alone. The struggle is very real. Know that i care. I am here. And I send you a hug today.
❤ xox

busy busy wednesday

yeah so, halloween is over. thank fucking god. i ended up taking some haldol and i actually managed a few hours of sleep which is good all things considered. i’ll take a couple hours, even if it was broken sleep. i eventually got up at 7 because nitro was whining to go out. i have a busy wednesday ahead. i was meant to see mark this morning but i canceled yesterday, because i have to wait for the postman to bring a cheque to me. my apt with mark was at 8\:15. he didnt mind that i canceled, he said he’d phone me this morning to catch up. i hope the postman comes early, because my apt with dr. barry is at 10, and i want to get there on time. after i see dr barry i have to pick my mom up and then we have to go to the credit union and then on to the vets to buy dog food. i’m completely out of dog food now. after we get the dog food mom is coming to my house for a couple of hours. she’s taking me this afternoon to get my flu shot. i’ll have lunch before going, this is my second attempt to try and get my flu shot. the first one was canceled due to storm ophelia. the nurse at my gp’s will give me the shot. i just hope i dont have weird side effects from it. so by the time all that is done its going to be close to 5 PM. i am making sure i have had plenty of coffee this morning to get me through today lol. because, caffeine is my friend!