No show!

Thats me today for college, a no show!

I just dont feel up to going in!

the classes we’ve had recently just havent really interested me that much, I think because the lecturer is not that good at teaching the material and I find it hard to pay attention to him!

Also a lot of the people in the class keep asking questions about our assignment that have already been covered, and so its pretty boring, as the same questions keep coming up!

I’m not going to miss a whole lot today if I dont go in!

I will just stay home instead and relax for the morning! I’ve been up since 4 AM!


my internet was down all day!

so i’ve had no internet all day! it went off around 1 Pm. i was so bored! at first i never noticed it had gone off. i only noticed after about 2 hours. i thought it was just my laptop giving me problems at first, since i’d had a few problems with the computer last night.

i tried everything but nope it wouldnt work! so eventually i checked my phone, and yeah, the mobile data was off! i reset the network, i tried turning the mobile data off and on again, i tried everything I could think of to fix it but still there was nothing!
so i just had to be without it. omg guys! have you tried it? being without the internet i mean? what did we ever do without it! when there was no online world, what did we do then? i’ve never watched so much tv! i watched it for hours, because there was literally nothing else to do!

i dont have wifi at mom and dads, I use my data and use my phones hotspot to connect to the computer! so well I am not sure if the wifi would have even worked either!

I tried calling my providers customer service line, but I got a recording, that said we’re having a major system outage! Go figure! Probably shoulda done that first, right guys? But I didnt! Oh well!

I just waited…and waited…and waited for it to come back on! And finally! Finally after many hours, it did! Yay! I’ve never been so happy! Its great! Now I feel normal again!

Lol I am addicted, what can I say!
carol anne


Its so damn quiet here in the office

well guys im sitting here in the office, and its so quiet.
there is very little to do. My supervisor is out at a meeting. I’ve never been so bored.
I guess it works as I am tired. I wanted an easy day and I got it.
I guess I should be thankful.